Top Ten Reasons Being a Teenager Sucks


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1 School is 6-8 hours of pure torture per day

School? "Child labor"? Arceus, get your act together before you make a bewildering statement like that. - Swellow

School is an unpaid full time job for minors. Sounds like child labor. - Kaboom

2 You still need to live with your parents

Unless you have been abused by your parents or the like, be thankful you live under a roof. That's one right people still struggle for. - Swellow

I am truly tired of living with my parents. My mom told me that she would've dropped me off at the side of the highway to get rid of me if it was legal. - Kaboom

3 Too much homework

How are you going to improve your grades, then? You want to get into university and finish off your education that could land you with a job? Homework is a necessity that helps people improve their grades. I'm sure you weren't thinking when putting this item onto the list. - Swellow

Homework is a violation of free will, a basic human right. - Kaboom

4 You get bullied if you don't have a phone

Actually, if you don't have a phone, then you are less likely to be cyberbullied - TwilightKitsune

Sometimes. - EliHbk

5 Many fellow teens hate, know nothing about, or have never heard of anime
6 You have to be around jerks all day
7 Fellow teens mostly listen to horrible mainstream pop and overrated rock songs

Most of the time I hear them listen to horrible bland rap music.

8 Parents are too involved in your life

You don't realise how lucky you are. Who do you turn to at the first sign of trouble? Your first heartbreak,'s selfishness. You want them around as long as it suits you. You are still a teenager, you need them (however annoying they can be sometimes) In fact, you'll find as you get older, you'll need them even more. - Britgirl

I definitely do not turn to my parents for help. The one time I did, their advice and help made the problem WORSE. - Kaboom

They ban me from having friends.
They interfere with my homework time.
They give me extra chores when I already have 10 hours of homework.
They try to hug and kiss me in public. - Kaboom

9 Parents say, "Your pay for going to school is this house, your food, etc."

That would be like working at Mcdonalds and they pay you with happy meals. That's not pay. Parents provide this for their children anyway, so school is really just working for free. Never listen to your parents, kids. - Kaboom

Exactly, that's their excuse for no presents, etc, too! - EliHbk

10 Siblings are jealous and therefore, more evil

They think that all teenagers are evil, and they are 3 times as annoying as usual. - Kaboom

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11 Fellow teens say stuff like "Metallica sucks" and "KoRn is cutting music, dork"
12 You must be put through the pain of Justin Bieber 24/7
13 You barley have time to have fun
14 You can't get a good job (if you can get one at all) and are therefore forced to rely on your parents for absolutely everything even though they know you want nothing to do with them

Meanwhile, children are making shoes for sports companies and getting as little as 30 bucks. Also, school is not a job. Get your facts right. - Swellow

True,! - EliHbk

My parents call me lazy because I do not have a full time job.
1. School is technically a full time job and I do more work than they do. (My mom's job is sitting in a classroom doing whatever she wants, my dad's job is sitting at a desk with a laptop.)
2. It is not my fault I am 13 and therefore can't get a job. - Kaboom

15 People always talk to you about gross stuff
16 Unpopular kids trying to be popular

They just bug everyone to try to be their friend. Why don't they realize that this is why they are so unpopular. - Kaboom

17 No girlfriends/boyfriends

I am not allowed to have friends at all. - Kaboom

18 It's hard to find a person to be a good friend with
19 You can't go out in the night

Kaboom is not so bad your mom kiss you in public and I want to change mom

20 Fellow teens don't know what racism and sexism actually are
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1. You have to be around jerks all day
2. Many fellow teens hate, know nothing about, or have never heard of anime
3. Fellow teens mostly listen to horrible mainstream pop and overrated rock songs
1. You still need to live with your parents
2. School is 6-8 hours of pure torture per day
3. Too much homework



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