Top Ten Reasons to Believe Aliens Exist

The Top Ten Reasons to Believe Aliens Exist

1 The number of galaxies

The first half of this list is essentially the Drake Equation. But how can you use the Bible as science? - PositronWildhawk

I ate 72 potatoes today, what's your point, boi?

Scientists have proven with telescopes, that there are MILLIONS OF GALAXIES OUT THERE!

2 The number of stars in an average galaxy
3 The number of stars in the universe
4 The number of stars that have planetary systems
5 The number of planets capable of supporting life
6 The Bible is a full and complete documentation of aliens
7 The Angels are the real Aliens
8 The pyramids and other landmarks
9 Area 51

Do aliens live in there? Things from other planets cannot reach here.

10 The "WOW" Signal

Always fascinated me. I believe life is out there, this universe is so huge and complex and our chunk in it is so impossibly small... I don't want to think that we are the only life in the entire universe, because... That's scary and depressing! - keycha1n

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11 We can't be alone in the universe
12 Neil Armstrong said as he stepped on the Moon,''They're watching us'' in his own words and Steven Greer talked the 6th man on the Moon who said he saw giant alien ships on the Moon

It's true, Dr. Steven Greer claimed he talked to 6th man on the Moon, who told him that he SAW GIANT ALIEN SHIPS! If you want to see for yourself, just google ''Neil Armstrong They're watching us'', it's the first article that pops up. Plus, the article that said this also has tons of links to videos and other articles about it. One of them was a Youtube video that is ''BLOCKED IN THIS COUNTRY'' probably by the Government, who doesn't want us to know the truth:ALIENS DO EXIST!

13 Neil Armstrong said ''They're parked on the side of the crater, they're watching us''
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