Something Weird

I hear knocking from within my walls all the time, like you hit the wall from the inside. I hear them all the time. It can't be a person, because I usually hear them at night when everyone is asleep. And they come from behind my bookshelf or the unoccupied attic I am afraid to go into, where behind by bookshelf wall is the side of the house, where no human can go.

I saw a man in this house at the bottom of the steps, who was a ghost for sure. His hair was longer, he was wearing black clothes, and he had pale skin. My step dad was taller then the man I saw, and his hair was shorter. Now the man was not my dad, because my dad had brown hair while this man he reddish blond hair. And his eyes were not brown like my dads, they were blue. And his hair was curly while my dad had straight hair. Nor was this man my moms late uncle, because her uncle had longer darker hair then this man. I know I saw this man, and I remember exactly what he looked like.

My curtains ruffle for no reason. Like when you walk by them fast they ruffle. They ruffle when I lay on my bed and am not moving fast. Sometimes stuff happens in series. Like once when my book shelf busted open, my lights flickered, and I heard the punches from the inside of the wall. Doors randomly slam. And the weirdest of all, we often have fidget spinners on the table, and they spin when we are discussing important stuff like how my brother got lice or how my brother is repeating.

I also feel cold spots, and in the cold spots I feel fingers on me, cold fingers like after you dip your hands in a cooler. They are always in certain spots. I randomly hear shrill women's screaming, after after the walls are punched. I feel like this man is haunting the house. I also hear his footsteps occasionally, they sound like thump and slowly afterwards another thump. Loud, but they have space between them.

My old house also had a paranormal history. My mom had a uncle who died in the 1980s of diabetes coma. He was a known ghost in my old house. Only children around 3 or 4 saw him, and they would scream after wards, and they would say "Bob" when asked who was there. At least 5 kids saw Bob. My mom saw a phsyic about where he was and it was said he follows us, yet he is not the reddish blonde man.

There is another ghost, a man who died young of alcohol and had a history of drugs, my father, Joey. He died in 2007. He was a father of 8, the youngest is me. Two of my brothers saw him, I never did. He never loved me, he died when he could have prevented his own death. They say he yelled at the. Yelling people is something my dad loved. He yelled at me as a kid for breaking the shower hose. I think he didn't bother me because I was his own child, my two brothers were not.

When a relative of my mom's said she took care of my moms grandma pans would clank loudly from the other room when no one was in there.

I believe in ghosts and this all true. Please don't call me crazy.


I still don't understand why won't Ghostbusters leave their number for people to call them?! For real though, since you strongly believe those are ghost, you may ask someone (a priest or paranormal investigators) to help you out. A little advice : I saw enough haunted house documentaries to know that you shouldn't decorate or re-build parts of the house. It pisses them off and they become more dangerous. - UltimateHybridX

I believe this, it’s way too specific to be lies or delusions.
And yes, I believe in ghosts. - visitor