Top Ten Reasons to Believe That Princess Peach Is a Canadian

There are beliefs that Princess Peach has a Canadian nationality. Of course, Princess Peach's main home is the overrated Mushroom Kingdom (which needs to be referred to as the Washroom Kingdom) where she was born. Princess Peach is whom we believe is from Greater Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Top Ten

1 Her Personality

It's not nice anyways. She can't figure skate, she falls all the time, she's light and she is not even independent! I think she's a sex doll now!

Not all canadians are nice, that's just a stereotype, albeit a non-offensive one. - HeavyDonkeyKong

2 Her Yellow Hair

What's the nbig deal that she has yellow hair?!? - HeavyDonkeyKong

3 Her North American Accent
4 Her Occupation to Do Canadian Sports
5 Princess Peach Prefers Canada Over All Other Realistic Countries
6 Her Habit of Figure Skating

She does skate like a dork - yunafreya648

7 Her Accent
8 She Does Ice Skating Sports
9 She Plays Sports Like a Canadian
10 She Wears Red & White

That's her Fire Peach outfit!

No she wears pink! She from Germany I think.

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