Top 10 Reasons the "Bernie or Bust" Movement is Ridiculous


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1 It's helping Trump more than it is Hillary

I'm sure every "Bernie-or-Buster" would rather have Hillary in the White House than Trump. Unfortunatly, they will not vote for anyone with the smallest ideological differences. - seafowlomicron

2 Sanders endorsed Hillary, making it so even his most loyal supporters should support her

Eh, I mean I'd probably vote Hillary (I don't think I'd be enthusiastic about it at all - but if it came down to it, she's not downright racist) however, I see what they're trying to do with Bernie or Bust. It's true that Trump would do an awful job (or do nothing, depending on if the vide pres is actually going to take both foreign and domestic policy), and that maybe being impeached would have a greater societal impact than Hillary. I don't know man... - keycha1n

...that is, except for the "Bernie or Bust" crowd. - seafowlomicron

3 They wish for the impossible

Bernie Sanders is mathematically eliminated, folks. Clinton was voted as your nominee by a margin of more than 3 million votes. - seafowlomicron

4 They are the ones that are economically in the most need of a Clinton presidency V 1 Comment
5 Why let a valuable right to vote go to waste?

When you vote you have just as much power as the rich and famous. There are some countries where people envy our right to vote. The Founding Farthers worked hard to make sure every citizen could vote. Why let such a valuable right go to waste? Two things that "Bernie-or-Busters" should think about: Think of the terrible world in which we have a Presedent Trump. Even if Hillary disagrees with you on some things, a Clinton presidency would be a zillion times better than a Trump one. - seafowlomicron

6 Third parties are not the answer

The Bernie Sanders movement is stupid. It's also incredibly unrealistic. Free colleges? Not happening. Free money? Not happening. - Therandom

Why did Bush win the 2000 election? Two words: third parties. However, polls show that if it wasn't for the third parties, Bush wouldn't have won. - seafowlomicron

This is retarded. Guess who was a third party candidate? ABE LINCOLN. Was he not the answer? - Caleb9000

7 Trump is a bigot

Many "Bernie-or-Busters" actually know they are helping Trump. However, Trump's racism/sexism/homophobia is not what the Sanders campaign was about. Any intelligent former Bernie supporter with a heart for minorities would be insane to not vote for Hillary. - seafowlomicron

8 Many of them supported Hillary before they heard of Sanders
9 Why would anyone, besides Trump supporters, want to risk a Trump presidency?
10 They call "Bernie or Bust" a "movement" even though it is actually a counter movement
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1. It's helping Trump more than it is Hillary
2. Sanders endorsed Hillary, making it so even his most loyal supporters should support her
3. They wish for the impossible



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