Top 10 Reasons Big Brother Is Better Than Linkin Park


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1 Nobody listens to rock music

I listen to Rock music so this claim is false. And this list I swear it's more cringer than my old account's "Top 10 Reasons Metal Fans Are Worse Than Pop Fans" which I regret making. But this list is just so moronic to the core. And if you think no one listens to Rock music I'm afraid you best be mistaken. People have different taste musically. For a hypocrite like you not really surprising. I hate Linkin Park but at least I have better reasons then this list which is so half-assed.

How dare you say that about rock!? Especially about Linkin Park!? That band is amazing! - Jeff_The_Killer

That's a stupid reason to not like Linkin Park.

People do - ParkerFang

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2 Big Brother s more entertaining

What kind of comparison is this?! - TheKirbyCreeper999

I don't understand comparison lists...

3 More memes on Big Brother

How would they put memes in a song. Idiotic. - SammySpore

What are you talking about? Do you know how many memes LP have started? - 445956

4 There's More Big Brother Episodes Than Linkin Park Songs
5 Everyone in the world has heard of Big Brother

Actually, no. No-one in my island has ever heard of "Big Brother" whatever it is. - Spokane

Whats Big Brother? I don't have a Big Brother

I know tons of people who don't know big brother - TheKirbyCreeper999


6 It's easier to be on Big Brother than be in Linkin Park

Be very afraid of people who make dumb lists like these, people. Be very, very afraid. - PositronWildhawk

7 Big Brother contestants are funnier than Linkin Park members

Well, Linkin Park isn't supposed to be funny, dumbass

8 Linkin Park's only in it for the money, Big Brother's in it to donate profits to charity

Linkin Park donated hundreds of dollars in his charity album, while "Big Brother" I did research, and they have NEVER donated anything before. - Spokane

No. Really, it's the other way around - TheKirbyCreeper999

LP donated millions after the hurricane katrina incident, you don't know your stuff fo you

9 Big Brother is something people enjoy

Big Brother sucks

10 Julie Chen is a better singer than Linkin Park members

These lists make me want to kill myself

no - wrests

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