Top 10 Reasons Black Ops 3 Sucks

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1 Multiplayer is broken.

Every map is small. Spawn points are either easy to abuse or in the ass of the one guy who is trying to play the game as the stealth mission to reveal his opponents flaws that it should be. This ruins his gameplay and ruins his element of surprise while rewarding his allies that committed suicide by conforming to run and gun tactics and punishing him for not doing so as well.

BO3 sucks, futuristic weapons and floating in the air. They took everything that was good out of the game.

This game is so big, even if you download multiplayer only, the lag is severe. It's a beautiful game, I'll give you that, but there's a lot of lag. Not to mention how broken the gameplay is. Instant deaths, and the wall running. At least you had a fair chance on boots-on-the-ground gameplay. - troll999999999

I agree. The game's core is so rotten I feel inclined to just hang myself. I hate these futuristic games, and I personally feel that this game ruins the face of Call of Duty. The gameplay is so terrible with this futuristic movement, and the pay to win supply drops don't help with the fact that anyone who spends money on this game, will overpower you.

2 Campaign has nothing to do with previous Black Ops campaigns.

What about Alex and David Mason? What about Woods? Besides a small reference to Cordis Die, it's as if the other two titles never existed. - MartedAndReborn

3 It isn't Call of Duty.

Call of Duty is founded on classical infantry combat taken from history. But Call of Duty is conforming to Titanfall's movement system, Halo's melee system, and every over game's grasp for the future. There aren't even real weapons other than the Garand! - MartedAndReborn


4 It's corny

The game is rated M, but it is obviously aimed at 8-12 year old boys who want to feel BA. The specialist dialogue, taunts, and gestures make you want to vomit. "With these upgrades, you never stood a chance." What the heck. - MartedAndReborn

5 It's another futuristic title.

Something we all loved about Call of Duty was that it was based on our own history in some respect. But ever since Titanfall came out, Call of Duty has jumped on the bandwagon and forgotten why we loved it in the first place. - MartedAndReborn

6 The zombies feel repetitive.

It seems obvious that Treyarch is clinging to the Origins concept, and simply changing the story, environment, and order of operations to keep us interested. - MartedAndReborn

7 The weapons are generic.

All the weapons make a "tinking" noise and seem to only differ in size, and amount of recoil. They are all fictional weapons other than the Garand, which you can't even get without tons of luck. - MartedAndReborn

8 It steals from other games.

It's an obvious mix of Titanfall, Halo, and other specialist-based games. - MartedAndReborn

9 Too balanced.

With practically no quick scoping and only two semi-auto primaries, all the guns are too balanced and make the dynamic of the game droll and boring. There is no learning to be done. Step in and shoot, nothing unique here! - MartedAndReborn

10 Specialists are a stupid idea.

Giving away score streaks for free to every person in the lobby just provided another type of annoying player. Now campers have a new friend called "specialist-spammers". All of the extra overpowered junk just creates a jumbled mess of chaos. - MartedAndReborn

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11 Too many supply drops

Jeez, camos and other skins don't affect your kd ratio. It won't kill you to open supply drops.

Call Of Supply Drops isn't a good game! a good game is where there's no supply drops to make everything unfair to players who only get like 50 camos a day from supply drops! now some people say "well we have money to use on Call of Duty points noob! " well even if the "noob" has money maybe he shouldn't waste money on a supply drops only to try to get a sucky M16 that the "noob" will only use once before reailzing that the M16 sucks and then the "noob" will see people with the PPSH-41 domating FFA while the "noob" fails with a M16!

12 There's nothing different compared to the last Call of Duty

Yes! Call of Duty:AW was just too unrealistic, stick with a timeline bro!

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