Reasons Bowser Needs His Own Game


The Top Ten

1 The others have their own games except him

Mario, Luigi, Wario, Peach even the little mushroom thing has his own game. Bowser deserves justice! - WendyIsQueen

2 He would make a great protagonist

Think about the potential here, and app of his might and powers can be used. - WendyIsQueen

3 People want him to get his own game.

A lot of his fans would like a Bowser game, thanks. - WendyIsQueen

4 So he can stomp on Toads

It's not fair that Mario and Luigi massacre goombas. Bowser would avenge them by stomping on Toads. - WendyIsQueen

5 The boss battles

You would fight Luigi, Yoshi, Rosalina, Peach, Waluigi, Wario and Mario as the final boss. No fillers allowed so that means no Daisy. - WendyIsQueen

6 Kamek can be his Toad equivalent

Kamek can play the useless little npc that Toad usually gets. - WendyIsQueen

7 Bowser Jr. as the damsel in distress

Mario and peach kidnap Bowser Jr. and bowser has to save him. - WendyIsQueen

8 The koopalings as the sidekicks

So I can play as Wendy because she's great. - WendyIsQueen

9 So Bowser's minions can help you

His minions can help or cheer for you when you defeat Mario's crew. - WendyIsQueen

10 That way we see things from his perspective

We get to know first hand why he does the things he does - WendyIsQueen

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