Top Ten Reasons Britgirl Is the Best User of TheTopTens Ever

The Top Ten Reasons Britgirl Is the Best User of TheTopTens Ever

1 She has a heart of gold

It is more precious than even the most expensive diamonds out there. - Britboy

In the only thing I can sense...there's no such thing is golden heart only a normal heart that everybody has - CerealGuy

Danteem is better! This list is offensive to him!

Danteem is worse. He hates King of the Hill.

2 She's nice

Very nice - Userguy44

3 She is supportive

I appreciate how much you like Britgirl but this list is kinda CREEPY. Not to be mean. - OriginalVisionary

Not like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Presidents and many more - McKing1003

Yes, she hangs by your side - micahisthebest

Not so close to Tito,Dubcek and many people in my case... - CerealGuy

4 She has captured the hearts of many

This includes my heart. Love you Tina, hope you love me back. - Britboy

You captured my heart and inspired me. With all my heart, You proudly will always be truly a sister to me. - kontrahinsunu

Can you visitors stop stalking us users? - FerrariDude64

BriToby, do you have a crush in Britgirl?

If so, ?

5 She's funny
6 She doesn't hate on any other users
7 She is not mean spirited
8 She enjoys farts

It's one of the quirkiest things about this beautiful girl. - Britboy

What? Does her fart jokes seduce you? Creepy as heck... - DapperPickle

How do you know this that IS CREEPY - Batmaniscole

9 Her current boyfriend

Keyson is an amazing guy, and if anyone were to date him besides me, he would be the only one I'd agree t date her. - Britboy

10 She has a good taste in music

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11 She is willing to be friends with anyone
12 She is honest
13 She is able to handle creepy lists about her made by stalker accounts

Like you, maybe?

This is so ironic, it is painful. -.-

14 She doesn't want visitors stalking her
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