Top 10 Reasons Call of Duty is Not Good Anymore

DISCLAIMER: This list wasn't meant to offend anybody, if you like or hate the game, message me your thoughts and I'll gladly reply.

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1 The games are almost the same thing
2 The fanbase is furious
3 It made kids very disrespectful

The game it self isn't bad, but the fan base is bad.

4 It's too futuristic

Infinite Warfare which trailer is the 2nd most disliked video on YouTube is criticized for being too futuristic.

Too much technology
Looks like halo

5 There is a lot of Trash-Talking people in the servers
6 The hackers are everywhere
7 Multiplayer Trolls
8 Most of the games were laggy and inconsistent
9 Some people take the game seriously

Not to mention they act like all their games are made by god

10 Bad storylines

The Contenders

11 People have lost respect during the years
12 Squeakers
13 The best games don't have multiplayer bots so you have to play with jerks
14 Quickscopers and noscopers
15 People always use the overpowered guns
16 The story is just foolish
17 Camo isn't even camo

What is diamond, gold,and dark matter doing there what about regular camo

18 Bossy zombies players
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1. The games are almost the same thing
2. It's too futuristic
3. The fanbase is furious
1. It made kids very disrespectful
2. The games are almost the same thing
3. The fanbase is furious


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