Reasons Canada Is Better Than The United States

I live in Canada, and It is FAR better than the USA. Here are my Top 10 reasons why Canada's better than USA.

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21 Fewer Terrorist Attacks

Yeah, we wern't ever attacked by terrorists and had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Plus, when people traveling to New York got stuck in the airport for 3 days, us Canadians took them inside our houses and let them sleep there.

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22 Better Politics

True! At least politicians are trying to help the country for its common good. The United states are only thinking about the allmighty dollar. Americans will always vote for the same rich capitalists who really don't care about them. Just look at racist greedy crazy Donald Trump and his billionaire staff!

No Donald Trump or Clinton

USA is a jerk.

Canada is the best country in the world. sorry did I offended the branwashed out their? sorry but we will not take america's crap anymore. canada is the best. americas the worst. deal with it.

23 Better Food

Less antibiotics less pesticides less herbicides

24 More Fun
25 More Respected

It's a widely known traveller's tip for Americans, when you go to another country, wear a Canadian flag pin instead of an American one and you won't be scoffed at by the citizens.

Please don't. If Americans wear the Canadian flag and do stupid things overseas than you are bringing shame to our country, even though you have no ties to it. - godlygodgod

26 Waterproof Money

We'll have an economy while people will be suffering without an economy in Atlantis- er I mean Atlanta, after the Great Big Storm.

Holding our own in a great big storm!
In a great big storm!
In a great big storm!
In a great big storm! - SteW

27 It's Like Europe

HA HA 39 reasons and USA only has 13. Beat that you obnoxious American dumbass uneducated brats.


It's not like Europe, it's really not like Europe.
Except maybe Quebec. - godlygodgod

28 More Mountains
29 Nicer Cities

Hundreds of beautiful skyscrapers, modern architecture and things to do!

30 More Accepting

The majority of People in Canada don't care what sexual orientation or religion you are!

31 More Diverse
32 Less Aggressive

We keep our heads in the sand in Canada and do not cause trouble. The US is always worried about terrorists and Nukes and oil but We never worry about that. We just keep our heads down and say the US is bad for policing the world. The world should just cooperate. Meanwhile, Canada will hide and talk about USA and laugh at "Obamacare" that costs Americans ten times as much as not having insurance at all! HAHA

33 Less Religious

So true, I went down to Florida in the car and I saw so many religious signs while in Canada I've never seen any. - Ahami6

34 More Classy People

Eih! :) and More Stronger and Funnier as well!

35 More European
36 Less Work
37 Less Gangsters & Drug Dealers
38 Prettier Flag
39 Less Racist
40 They Support LGBT People More
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