Top 10 Reasons Captain America Is Better Than Iron Man


The Top Ten

1 Has Better Movies

I mainly like the first Iron Man film. It died after that. - PositronWildhawk

There has not been a forgettable Cap movie. The First Avenger was great, and the Winter Soldier was my favorite in the entire MCU. Iron Man was incredible, but it's sequels were kind of forgettable(3 being better than 2, but still)

Spiderman will kick both of their sorry asses any anyway.

2 Is Stronger

Everything special about him came from a serum. Without that serum he's be a 90 pound weakling. - Dale

3 Has Better Villains
4 Defeats His Enemies

Iron Man needs help from Pepper and War Machine / Iron Patriot - YanRocky

And Captain America cannot beat Iron Man without Bucky The Winter Soldier - wriddhak

5 Iron Man Is Overrated
6 Has a Better Logo
7 Is Underrated
8 Is Better Dressed
9 Has a Unique Fighting Style
10 Iron Man Is a Copy of Cyborg

Well, no one cares, because let's face it, Iron Man was done way better

What? Cybord is half robot when iron man is a sum an with a suit. - Triceratops

The Contenders

11 He's Friendlier than Iron Man
12 He Doesn't Need Tech to Defeat His Enemies
13 He's More Heroic
14 Better Moral Compass
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