Top Ten Reasons Cartoon Network Is the Best Kids Network

This list shows why cartoon network is at the top of the food chain

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1 Good Shows

There's Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball and Steven Universe, those are the only good shows on Cartoon Network now.

The Amazing World of Gumball>Teen Titans No! Enough said.

That more accurately describes Cartoon Network before it went downhill. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

March 2017: TTG is rumored to end after Season 4, TAWOG might have it's last season looming, WBB just got a yes for season 3, RS got cancelled or ended in January, AD is gonna die out in '18 and TTG is hogging screentime

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2 Any Age Can Watch It

Regular Show is actually only for teens and adults, it lets them take drugs and curse, which is why.

Regular Show is a show for kids. But teens and adults like it too!

Not really, it's more adult style than something for kids, Don't you realize that the shows are rated T.V.-PG?

3 Shows Are Not Repetitively Annoying

Uncle grandpa, Clarence and teen titans go are repetitively annoying so this is a disagreement

I disagree, but I am not gonna judge you.

4 They Have Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Gumball

Adventure time is awesome because marceline is perfect

Man, you have no concept in cartoons do you?

5 Can't Get Sick of Its Shows

Teen Toddlers No!, Uncle Grandpa, and Clarence are exceptions.

Nope I get sick of clarence re runs

Having to watch at least 20 episodes of Teen titans go before a good show like Steven universe,the amazing world of gumball etc is extremely annoying and repettive - Killertax99

6 No Realistic Shows
7 Lovable Characters

Clarence and robin are hated characters

I love all modern CN characters except for Belson, Ms. Baker, Starla, and Ice King.

8 They Try to Stop Bullying

False they made it even worse

9 Non-Annoying Commercials

I disagree with you. Some commercials are so repetitive that I find them really annoying.

10 Maturity

Clarence acts like a retarf and uses annoying words

The Contenders

11 Cool bumpers in the Canadian version of Cartoon Network

Look at them on YouTube and see for yourself compared to the American CN bumpers

12 No Dirty Jokes

No sponsorship shows, I have a big chance.

13 Good Humor

Actually, I like animals and Minecraft better

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