Top Ten Reasons That Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Everybody likes pets but none of them are better than the legend of the cat. Here are the top ten reasons that cats are better than dogs

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Cat's are cuter than dogs

What dog people think dogs are like: My dog will die for me! He has never ever been angry at me! I give him so many treats and toys! He is never tired! I can wake him up a 12:00 am and he'll be ready to play! He defended me from robbers by just barking at them! Then he grabbed a knife and stabbed them!

I'm sorry, but all pets are individuals. My dogs honestly will just run around when I come home then just go outside for the rest of the day. I can grab a laser pointer and my cats will run around day and night.

If you think that cats just scratch and hiss at you, then you clearly either have a lack of experience or don't know how to interact with them properly, in which case I feel sorry for the cats because they would only do that if you've really upset them!

Finally someone said it! almost every cat breed is cute, but only a few dog breeds are, the most of them is not cute, they have wrinkles all over they face, is that cute?

You Pepole who wrote comments like dogs are stupid are really stupid there selves. Who would think cats are cuter then dogs. You people just got me really mad! Who would want a hissing screaming monster for a pet

Cats purr

Cats only purr when you give them affection. They love you, when I was younger, my cat used to try and scratch me as a kitten because I was rough on her. But I was young then. So NOW I understand you need to be gentle to these precious little adorable things so the don't bite or scratch you. I agree on some of your things about cats are bad but the aren't. They were from Egypt. Gods held them in the highest esteem. I hope your understanding me

THIS LIST IS THE DUMBEST THING ON EARTH. Cats and dogs are equal in reality, but people grow up with different experiences. Like me, I had two dogs and two cats. I prefer cats over dogs because I interacted with the cats more. (My cats are hypoallergenic the dogs aren't) but yeah, this list was probably made to start drama and get attention, but the truth they're equal! Some people like dogs, some will like cats and that's FINE!

Cats pure so! They only pure when they get cat food. Dogs show affection to! They lick you and love you. Underline thing is DOGS LOVE YOU CATS don't

Oh yes, because my dogs don't purr and just nuzzle against me that must mean cats are bettter and they despise me. Everyone shows affection in their own way.

Cat's don't wake you up at 6 in the morning

My dogs wake up at about 7 am. (they are not old dogs either), but when they wake up they don't wake me up, they just quietly sit in there crates and wait for me to take them out.They have waited without making a sound for almost 2 hours once. when I was sick, and my dad was going to take them out but forgot. My friends cat woke us up at a sleepover at 3:30 a.m. for no reason. She climbed all over us and scratched our faces and hissed. She wasn't sick (we checked), she wasn't hungry (we checked), and she wasn't thirsty (we checked). After she had woken us up she just walked out too.

No... They don't.
They wake you up at 5 in the morning cause they are hungry or want to be let outside.
Believe me, I have a beautiful cat, and a dog, but the cat always wakes me up, while there isn't a peep from the dog until I wake up.

It's a good thing that Dogs do. They want you to have a full, beautiful day to enjoy. The only reason Cats don't is because they don't value you, and don't care how long they go without you. Dogs love you.

Cats never do this because they don't bark at 6 AM. Someone in my neighborhood that has a dog that is just so annoying that's why cats are awesome

Cat's are less violent than dogs

The only reason why so many people are arguing about dogs is that dogs have a very good reputation. The stereotypical dog is sweet, kind, never poops on the floor, and will carry their owner over a pit of molten lava. The stereotypical cat, however, is lazy, mean, and sits alone all day thinking of how it will take it's next victim.

Yup. Real dog, can bite, can play, barely can do tricks except sit, runs a lot, makes a mess, funny.

Real cat, cute, weird, crazy, fun, funny, adorable,

Cats are hissing monsters! My neighbors cats and every a cat I know always scrapes and hisses. Have you people read bad kitty. My dogs never ever groweled in her life! My old dog only growled to protect us. Cats don't care about you and they hiss not to protect you but to protect them selves

Cats do have claws but they just have little cuts. Dogs can actually kill humans. If you have played Call of Duty Black Ops 1,2
And Ghosts you'll see that they are killstreaks that kill the other players.

Cat bites are very dangerous. And also, yes, Dogs can kill humans, but they DON'T. Why do you think they are man's best friend? Sorry, but bad list.

This is not proof if you see some cats can be just as mean. If you look in the news or the paper a dog attack doesn't happen everyday

They aren't noisy

The barks of a dog can get so annoying, how could you live with that! Cats meows are cute and low.

Cat's rule the internet

Yeah right. Last time I checked the Internet and the stores there where way more dogs then cats. And what about boo. He's way more popular then any stupid cat

Cats rule the internet, because all the dog people are outside with their dogs, while all the cat people are inside on the internet.

So what? I have no general prefeence, but cats might as well be stealing the attention of the dogs on the internet. Dogs are equally cute, loyal and loving.

Cats ruel the internet to memes to funny videos to vines all ads up to being the ruler of the interwebs. And there is also trolling the cats which preety much counts as funny videos

The warrior cats series

Just because of a book doesn't make them better then another, they're both equal, both are cute, Dogs are for people that are active and cats are for people sitting around at home. End of Story

I'm gonna admit it.. This series is the reason why I like cats better than dogs.. The series is kind of trash, but nostalgia?!

No. Nobody heard of the Survivor Dog series because it probably sucks.

Warriors the bettter then Survivors, but Survivors doesn't suck, loser.

Easier to take care of

Way easier to take care of, they even are potty trained!

They are independent

Cats are cheaper than dogs

SHUT UP PEOPLE! Dogs are "worth more" because they are like robot slaves that drool on the floor and beg for your attention! They could NEVER, EVER, EVER survive on their own. They would just cry for their owner until they starved to death. Cats, however, have dignity. They have independence, and they actually have different personalities other than "dur give me food and petz please" I'm sorry that I exploded, I just am sick and tired of all the cat hate and abuse, and I truly, deeply feel that cats are superior to dogs and every other species on this god-forsaken planet. Good. Bye.

So?! Dogs are worth all of that money! You should be willing to pay 700$ for a dog. Even though they are worth like, 1,000,000,000,000,000- It is too big of a number for me to type. They're named Man's best friend for a reason.

Marxcute19 I am not a furry. I do not know what about this rant has made you think that I am a furry, but I can assure you that I am not one.

Way cheaper. I watched a documentary on it once, dogs on average are 5 times more expensive than cats.

Owning a cat may reduce your risk of dying from a heart attack.

This is a twisted version of he truth, made for desperate Cat Lovers. It's a proven study that it's DOGS that make you less likely to die from a Heart Attack.

OH YEA, well Having a dog may reduce your risk of dying of cancer!

Okay, you obviously are a biased person who loves dogs too much.

Obviously, you are way more biased than whoever you are talking to. Dogs are better, the is no competition. Get over it.

Your face is a twisted version made desperate for dog lovers

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You don't have to walk them like dogs

I have the worst dog ever. I was trying to walk her and she wouldn't go b/c she was afraid of the garbage truck, and then after it left I went for like five minutes and then she went number two. She wanted to go back then b/c she was scared but the poop bag had a hole in it but she wouldn't go back so that I could clean up the poo that was in the middle of the road. Then I brought her back the house and I was, like, fuming. Then I went and cleaned up the poo and I was, like, totally embarrassed. I will never walk her again!

You're just lazy. You don't even deserve the undying friendship and faithfulness of a Dog if you won't even bother to spend valuable time with them. What's the point of having a Dog that LOVES you if you don't like then at all, right? Better get a Cat, lazy people, that hates you anyway, and takes care of itself (an animal bathing itself in its saliva is the best thing I see each day! And the best thing I smell! ~Crazy Cat Lady {NOT ME}). It even hunts for itself! Innit awesome!? That food you spent money on, going to waste because your little-miss-perfect Queen cat doesn't like it. A Dog? He loves you for you, not for the things you have or the hints you can afford.

Dogs you have to walk them in the morning, afternoon, and night while cats either watch the outside or do whatever outside and dogs sometimes walking them sometimes tires you out.

I wouldn't really mind walking a dog, but there would be days where I just wouldn't want to, but I'd have to.

Better hosts

Dogs can burn in hell.

Actully, You can go to heck.

Usually people are more scared of dogs

This is insanely true. I definitely don't hate dogs but literally all the experiences I’ve had with dogs have been negative, and I get extremely nervous around them because of that. I know several people who are scared of dogs.

Cats stat more alert than dogs

Not the dogs fault.

Not true at all

Cats are less dangerous

You never owned a Dog.

Also, Cats will always aim for your eyes. There have been cases where people grew blind because of their cat.

Yeah, but there are cases of dogs mauling and killing their owners.

Lol nice one, BlueberryCatfish!

You don't have to pick up cat's poop

Oh yeah, sure. You don't have to. You know, you CAN just leave the Cat's terribly awful smelling business inside the litter box in your house. Feel free. And also, Cats' pee smells TERRIBLE and you can't get rid of it. But, sure! Get a Cat!

Ya, but the litter box makes the house stink! It only takes two weeks of training to train your dog to poop and pee outside. When they are inside and need to go potty, they just bark at the door telling the owner to open it.

If you clean the litter box every day or two, as you should, it should not stink, as kitty litter has anti-odor properties. It also helps to keep it in a unpopular room in the house.

This is way false sure they may pee on the floor but you can train me to go outside. Who wants cat poop in a box in they're house

When you are walking with your dog you always hape to pick up their shiezer (shiezer is my way of saying poop) or you are that lazy owner who always leaves their crap on the sidewalk while cats have their litter boxes.

Cats live longer

True, outdoor dogs have shorter lives than outdoor cats because cats are more agile in escaping cars and such

You don't find toys of cats all over your house

I like finding Dog Toys all over the house! But if you don't, then don't get 1000 toys and then complain! It's you who bought them, right? And plus, you CAN'T say that you, as a kid, didn't leave a message. You can't. Dogs have a childish spirit. It's what makes them unique. Don't complain about it.

But you find dead birds and mice I don't mind having dog toys everywhere, but I'll pass on the road kill.

Cats litteraly when they are palying with their toys hide them in certain areas to protect their toys from incoming cats etc. while dogs just leave them everywhere

The real problem is that dogs leave disgusting chewed up and spat up toys everywhere

Cats are amazing therapy animals

Because they are so peaceful

Yep so peaceful

Cats chase vermin

Can be super helpful, except that they will get worms.

That's bad vermin are cute 🐀

Cats have 9 lives

Uhm.. They have only one simple life just like everybody else.
But say you where on a roof (of a little shack or hut.) You threw both cat and dog
Out the window. The cat would land on it's paws. The dog would fall like a human would. So cats seemimngly live 9 times. But only live once. It's like a superpower!

At least they SEEM like they have nine lives. Did you know that cats if they fall from a tall height( maybe normal house ceiling height. ) They are able to turn around and land on their paws absorbing the fall.

Cats have 9 lives period. That 9 lives really comes in handy dogs the usual 1 life

This is a myth. Cats have ONE life. So you have to take care of them.

Realistically, Cats have 1 life. But, yeah, this is a cool myth to be known as x3

Cats have a smaller carbon footprint than dogs

So? Not for Chiuaua's

Purrs sound better than yaps

Most definitely, I have dogs and cats, and love both equally. But sometimes I just need to shut my dog in the laundry room because of her excessive barking.

Cats are smarter

Nope, wrong. Dogs are smarter. They can sense when you're down, when you're happy, when you want to be left alone, etc. They can also actually understand your commands, they can smell cancer in humans, and they know that some Cats WILL NOT HESITATE to claw out their eyes if they get too close to each other, especially if the Dog is small, like a Maltese. Dogs can also smell and dig out bombs and explosives. Cats? Nope. Maybe it's because they're stupid, or its because they just simply hate everyone but themselves, and maybe SOME other animal or two. But more likely, it's both. Sorry if you consider me a hater, but this was bubbling inside me for so long and now that I FINALLY found a way to let it out, I did. I'm probably overreacting.

It's simply because a majority of people can't understand cat's body language. Everyone knows about dogs wagging their tails when they're happy, and tails drooping when a dog is sad.

Just because something is domesticated does not make it smarter. Do you even WANT to know how many times I have had to say that? "They can learn tricks." Cats can too. I taught my cat to shake my hand, stay (Only if he's not being stubborn) and almost to roll over, and it isn't even a certain breed. Dogs have been dumbed down by humans, while cats have independence and pride. So what if they attack you? They have a reason to be threatened, while a dog follows the order of whoever buys it first. Just because something has a bigger brain does not mean that it is smarter, it means that it can hold more information. A Neanderthal has a bigger brain than a human according to science, but did they have civilization? No. Did they known how to cure diseases? No. Having a larger brain only means that you can hold more information. Plus, we are talking about EVERY breed of dog, not only big ones. You know, the dogs that were bred with close family members. Hey, remember when everyone in Rome ...more

My cats can
-Be gentle
-Come when called
-Come to a whistle

Cats are very smart. Many dogs are smart, but others are quite dim. I like dogs that are owned by responsible people and are therefore well-trained and controlled. However, cats need no such training to be useful and safe around people. I agree with some other reasons on this list. If some idiot doesn't like cats, that person will never have to worry about cats bothering him or her. Dogs, however, tend to display a variety of nuisance behaviors that will inevitably affect everyone around them, whether that be barking, aggression, pooping, destruction of property, etc.

WAY SMARTER. Everyone acts like dogs are smarter but that ain’t true. Dogs blindly follow you and don’t think. Cats are stubborn and do their own thing, they know they are superior to dogs

You'll never find cat poop in public

You will, there's wild cats and whats wrong with poop? I will you urinenate and poo every day!

I saw cat poop in my backyard

Now you wont

Cats have better books

None of you ever cared to look up Dog books, did you? You can't prove they have better books if you don't even know the Dog books. I tried reading Warriors, not so into it. I LOVED "All because of Winn-Dixie". I recommend it, it's about a Dog, and a Girl that rescued him. It proves the awesomeness of Dogs.

Warrior cat series is amazing. But I think that dogs have more books than cats do. My personal favorite dog book being 'The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein.

So? Not like CATS rought the books, have you serched up Where the red fern grows? OR Winn- Dixie? OR old yeller? HUH, Stop caring for Warriors because when cats die in the series, you call that good book, what bout Survivors?

If you read like me cats for me have better books dogs are usually kids books but cats have longer ones. The Warriors books are a great example usally around 300 pages (I reccomend those books)

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