Top Ten Reasons That Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Everybody likes pets but none of them are better than the legend of the cat. Here are the top ten reasons that cats are better than dogs

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1 Cat's are cuter than dogs

If you think that cats just scratch and hiss at you, then you clearly either have a lack of experience or don't know how to interact with them properly, in which case I feel sorry for the cats because they would only do that if you've really upset them!

I think dogs are better than cats, only because dogs will not scratch and hiss at you.. dogs do play with you, and they were given the name "Man's Best Friend" for a reason. - KingofPawns

Cats play with you too, you know. Also, dogs can be much more dangerous than cats, in the aspect that their jaws could crush a babies skull. Not hating on dogs, but get your facts right about cats. "Man's Best Friend doesn't matter here. If you like them just because they're more social than cats, (cats can be quite social too) and if you think cats are just scratch and hiss at you all the time, you better do some researching. - dopfui

Car and kittens hiss and scratch, but when I try to pet my dog, she always tries to bite me when I done absolutely nothing! (I have a cat who is 8, a kitten who is 6 months old, and a dog who is 7.)


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2 Cats purr

THIS LIST IS THE DUMBEST THING ON EARTH. Cats and dogs are equal in reality, but people grow up with different experiences. Like me, I had two dogs and two cats. I prefer cats over dogs because I interacted with the cats more. (My cats are hypoallergenic the dogs aren't) but yeah, this list was probably made to start drama and get attention, but the truth they're equal! Some people like dogs, some will like cats and that's FINE!

Cats only purr when you give them affection. They love you, when I was younger, my cat used to try and scratch me as a kitten because I was rough on her. But I was young then. So NOW I understand you need to be gentle to these precious little adorable things so the don't bite or scratch you. I agree on some of your things about cats are bad but the aren't. They were from Egypt. Gods held them in the highest esteem. I hope your understanding me

The sweet purr of a cat is one of the best reason that cats are a awesome pet while dogs just wag their tail seriously? - Nato_D9

Dogs wag their tails, Cats purr. We all have ways of showing affection. Get over it. - Blight

So? Dogs let out a happy yelp! - Gingerbobo

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3 They aren't noisy

Dis... agree - Gingerbobo

4 Easier to take care of
5 Better hosts
6 Usually people are more scared of dogs

Not true at all - Solacress

7 The warrior cats series

I'm gonna admit it.. This series is the reason why I like cats better than dogs.. The series is kind of trash, but nostalgia?!

My username. Enough said. - RiverClanRocks

No. Nobody heard of the Survivor Dog series because it probably sucks.

Eww not this series of books again

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8 Cats live longer
9 Cat's don't wake you up at 6 in the morning

You obviously don't own a cat like mine who I swear to god has a watch! Alarm set to 6am! "

It's a good thing that Dogs do. They want you to have a full, beautiful day to enjoy. The only reason Cats don't is because they don't value you, and don't care how long they go without you. Dogs love you.

Cats never do this because they don't bark at 6 AM. Someone in my neighborhood that has a dog that is just so annoying that's why cats are awesome - Nato_D9

My dog never wakes me up - Gingerbobo

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10 Owning a cat may reduce your risk of dying from a heart attack.

This is a twisted version of he truth, made for desperate Cat Lovers. It's a proven study that it's DOGS that make you less likely to die from a Heart Attack.

OH YEA, well Having a dog may reduce your risk of dying of cancer! - Gingerbobo

Your face is a twisted version made desperate for dog lovers

Look! I am a cat person and I love cats, but I also like dogs.EQUALLY GOOD!

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11 Cat's rule the internet

Cats rule the internet, because all the dog people are outside with their dogs, while all the cat people are inside on the internet.

Actually, when we have Tar dar sauce, we also have Doge. - SamuiNeko

Yeah right. Last time I checked the Internet and the stores there where way more dogs then cats. And what about boo. He's way more popular then any stupid cat

No, be realistic and Cats go out too. - Gingerbobo

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12 Cats have a smaller carbon footprint than dogs

So? Not for Chiuaua's - Gingerbobo

13 Cats chase vermin
14 Cats are less dangerous

You never owned a Dog.

Also, Cats will always aim for your eyes. There have been cases where people grew blind because of their cat.

15 Cat's are less violent than dogs

The only reason why so many people are arguing about dogs is that dogs have a very good reputation. The stereotypical dog is sweet, kind, never poops on the floor, and will carry their owner over a pit of molten lava. The stereotypical cat, however, is lazy, mean, and sits alone all day thinking of how it will take it's next victim. - ClovertheAverageCat

Yup. Real dog, can bite, can play, barely can do tricks except sit, runs a lot, makes a mess, funny.

Real cat, cute, weird, crazy, fun, funny, adorable, - DijaUnicorn

This is not proof if you see some cats can be just as mean. If you look in the news or the paper a dog attack doesn't happen everyday

DOGS ARE ONLY VIOLENT TO YOU IF YOU'RE VIOLENT TO THEM! Cats, hough, are violent to you of you want to spend time with them or pet them, or even for no reason.

My cat will never scratch you. I'm not joking, I poked his stomach, a body part that cats protect fiercely, and he just looked at me. - ClovertheAverageCat

NO, Cats scratch but dogs bite okay? - Gingerbobo

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16 Cats are amazing therapy animals

Because they are so peaceful


17 Purrs sound better than yaps

Not really... - Gingerbobo

18 Cats are cheaper than dogs

So?! Dogs are worth all of that money! You should be willing to pay 700$ for a dog. Even though they are worth like, 1,000,000,000,000,000- It is too big of a number for me to type. They're named Man's best friend for a reason.

Because dogs are better quality.

Exactly! Cats are CHEAPER, like not the money kind, but the real kind. Cheaper, as in something that just sits around all day and begs to be petted. - DragonLists

They are cheaper because they are worth less.

Acually, some Cats cost 100000. - Gingerbobo

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19 You'll never find cat poop in public

You will, there's wild cats and whats wrong with poop? I will you urinenate and poo every day! - Gingerbobo

Will you?

Now you wont

20 You don't have to walk them like dogs

I have the worst dog ever. I was trying to walk her and she wouldn't go b/c she was afraid of the garbage truck, and then after it left I went for like five minutes and then she went number two. She wanted to go back then b/c she was scared but the poop bag had a hole in it but she wouldn't go back so that I could clean up the poo that was in the middle of the road. Then I brought her back the house and I was, like, fuming. Then I went and cleaned up the poo and I was, like, totally embarrassed. I will never walk her again!

Dogs you have to walk them in the morning, afternoon, and night while cats either watch the outside or do whatever outside and dogs sometimes walking them sometimes tires you out. - Nato_D9

Walking yo dog gets in the way of your schedule.

You're just lazy. You don't even deserve the undying friendship and faithfulness of a Dog if you won't even bother to spend valuable time with them. What's the point of having a Dog that LOVES you if you don't like then at all, right? Better get a Cat, lazy people, that hates you anyway, and takes care of itself (an animal bathing itself in its saliva is the best thing I see each day! And the best thing I smell! ~Crazy Cat Lady {NOT ME}). It even hunts for itself! Innit awesome!? That food you spent money on, going to waste because your little-miss-perfect Queen cat doesn't like it. A Dog? He loves you for you, not for the things you have or the hints you can afford.

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21 You don't have to pick up cat's poop

Oh yeah, sure. You don't have to. You know, you CAN just leave the Cat's terribly awful smelling business inside the litter box in your house. Feel free. And also, Cats' pee smells TERRIBLE and you can't get rid of it. But, sure! Get a Cat!

Ya, but the litter box makes the house stink! It only takes two weeks of training to train your dog to poop and pee outside. When they are inside and need to go potty, they just bark at the door telling the owner to open it.

Wrong. Cats use the litter box. And you also have to buy kitty litter. - nintendofan126

You have to clean a cats litterbox, there! - Gingerbobo

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22 Cats have 9 lives

At least they SEEM like they have nine lives. Did you know that cats if they fall from a tall height( maybe normal house ceiling height. ) They are able to turn around and land on their paws absorbing the fall. - Catsarah123

Cats have 1 life like dogs and whoever think they have 9 life's should really start reading some books and not wasting time with cat videos and computers 0,0

Realistically, Cats have 1 life. But, yeah, this is a cool myth to be known as x3

Cats have one life... SAD. And the nine live thing is fake, fake FAKE - Gingerbobo

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23 A cat saved a boy from a dog

You obviously are just jealous I HATE YOU WHO EVER SAID: More like: The Cat wanted all the attention and hated the Dog, so he/she pushed he boy away. The Dog was never dangerous.

The dog was never dangerous? The dog left extreme bite marks on the boys leg and had to be rushed to the hospital. - BlueberryCatfish

Dogs save more lives than cats. It is true. Unlike cats, they make sacrifices! It is actually true! They care more about their owner than anybody!

More like: The Cat wanted all the attention and hated the Dog, so he/she pushed he boy away. The Dog was never dangerous.


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24 Cats are more agile
25 You don't find toys of cats all over your house

I like finding Dog Toys all over the house! But if you don't, then don't get 1000 toys and then complain! It's you who bought them, right? And plus, you CAN'T say that you, as a kid, didn't leave a message. You can't. Dogs have a childish spirit. It's what makes them unique. Don't complain about it.

But you find dead birds and mice I don't mind having dog toys everywhere, but I'll pass on the road kill.

The real problem is that dogs leave disgusting chewed up and spat up toys everywhere

But you find died mice over the house isen't that worse? - Gingerbobo

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26 Cats have better books

I mean the warriors series id the only good. Everything else is a god awful picture book about a random internet cat. - ClovertheAverageCat

None of you ever cared to look up Dog books, did you? You can't prove they have better books if you don't even know the Dog books. I tried reading Warriors, not so into it. I LOVED "All because of Winn-Dixie". I recommend it, it's about a Dog, and a Girl that rescued him. It proves the awesomeness of Dogs.

Warrior cat series is amazing. But I think that dogs have more books than cats do. My personal favorite dog book being 'The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein. - BlueberryCatfish

So? Not like CATS rought the books, have you serched up Where the red fern grows? OR Winn- Dixie? OR old yeller? HUH, Stop caring for Warriors because when cats die in the series, you call that good book, what bout Survivors? - Gingerbobo

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27 Cats are smarter

Just because something is domesticated does not make it smarter. Do you even WANT to know how many times I have had to say that? "They can learn tricks." Cats can too. I taught my cat to shake my hand, stay (Only if he's not being stubborn) and almost to roll over, and it isn't even a certain breed. Dogs have been dumbed down by humans, while cats have independence and pride. So what if they attack you? They have a reason to be threatened, while a dog follows the order of whoever buys it first. Just because something has a bigger brain does not mean that it is smarter, it means that it can hold more information. A Neanderthal has a bigger brain than a human according to science, but did they have civilization? No. Did they known how to cure diseases? No. Having a larger brain only means that you can hold more information. Plus, we are talking about EVERY breed of dog, not only big ones. You know, the dogs that were bred with close family members. Hey, remember when everyone ...more

Nope, wrong. Dogs are smarter. They can sense when you're down, when you're happy, when you want to be left alone, etc. They can also actually understand your commands, they can smell cancer in humans, and they know that some Cats WILL NOT HESITATE to claw out their eyes if they get too close to each other, especially if the Dog is small, like a Maltese. Dogs can also smell and dig out bombs and explosives. Cats? Nope. Maybe it's because they're stupid, or its because they just simply hate everyone but themselves, and maybe SOME other animal or two. But more likely, it's both. Sorry if you consider me a hater, but this was bubbling inside me for so long and now that I FINALLY found a way to let it out, I did. I'm probably overreacting.

It's simply because a majority of people can't understand cat's body language. Everyone knows about dogs wagging their tails when they're happy, and tails drooping when a dog is sad. - ClovertheAverageCat

Dogs may have bigger brains, but do they use them? No. Have you ever seen six cats pulling a sled? Of course not, because they're too smart to get pushed around, just like humans.

BEEP, wrong serch up - Gingerbobo

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28 Cat's will make your house roach/rodent clean

I agree. But, then again, don't forget that Dogs hunt, too. The only difference is that Dogs only hunt when they need to. Cats, on the other hand, hunt for sport.

Dogs, can also hunt well. Like my havanese hunts beter than Midnight, my tabby she cat. - Gingerbobo

This is true, unless your cat doesn't like to or whatever. When we had my calico at our house, she caught 1 lizard inside. Outside, she's caught 5-7 lizards, 1 cardinal, 1 mouse, and 1 mole. She left the mole at our door as a little " present. " This way, you won't have to call pest control every time you see a roach or rodent.

29 Anything a dog can do a cat can do better

I agree that cats might be better at some things than dogs but honestly this is unlikely. Because dogs are more useful in a situation. Cause cats can protect people but dogs can be more useful since dogs look up to you more. Lions may be more dangerous but house cats are only dangerous with claws which I usually the problem. Dogs can also sniff out bombs, drugs, and crooks. But it usually depends on the breed. Cats are better at killing rodents. I've been around both pets and they are both lovely. I'll have to chose dogs because they usually tend to be more affectionate. I respect your onpinoins. I didn't make this to hate or be defensive just to share my thoughts.

WRONG. Both Dogs and cats have skills of their own, and skills they share. Like, Dogs can smell and dog out explosives and not die, but Cats can't. And yet, Cats can groom themselves, Dogs can't. Dogs can guide blind people, Cats can't. Cats can sheathe and unsheathe their claws, Dogs can't. But both can until very well (if you deny that Dogs are good hunters, look it up. Wolves and Foxes are actually also Dogs, and they're good Hunters, even better than Cats are), both can be trained, both can be hilarious, both can be cute, both can be ugly.

I'm sorry, my bad. I meant Dogs can smell and DIG out explosives. Spelling mistake...

No, tell a cat to save you from a fire, to guard you from villains, To swim, to pull a sled, to guide you, to dig a buried person in deep snow, to catch a thief, to snif out bombs, drugs, And to fetch fresh kill... Can your cat do that? - Gingerbobo

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30 Cat's are cleaner

Cats ARE cleaner because they groom themselves with their tongue. They have a tongue that's like a comb.

Try rubbing yourself with your tongue and call yourself clean.

Well You don't get wet random biased person

31 They don't smell as much
32 Cats clean up their own poo

Dogs poop everywhere, and expect you to follow after them, cleaning their dudes up for them. Cats, on the other hand, bury their poop, and never make you see it.

As if. Dogs can be trained, but you're just LAZY. You don't even deserve a Dog.


No they don't

33 Cats love you

Dogs love you a lot more! Cats just hiss and growl and scratch and bite. They distrust you. All they care about is how much food you give them, not about you. Dogs, though; they love you! I can't believe all these jeleaus Cat Lovers are just twisting the truth. Tings like: Cats love you, Cats reduce risk of heart disease, etc., is actually Dogs love you, Dogs reduce risk of heart disease, etc., but a bunch of overpowered Cat People were so jeleaus and rude and egoistic that they took he truth and twisted it. Seriously; truth hurts, but this isn't the way to deal with it. Dogs deserve credit for beige faithful and loving and kind and a good companion, unlike Cats.

Dogs act like they love you; but if you do a bit of research, you'll find out why they actually act like that. Cats love you, care for you, and you hear millions of stories about how cats saved lives.

Cats eat your food then leave

I love cats, they are my life. I was crying because my first ever cat died. And I was 6 Years old! I cried non stop for about half a day plus most the night from 1:00pm - 3:00am! Cats are WAY better than dogs, a dog almost made my leg rip off. the only dogs I like are the ones my family has. Cats are lovable, amazing things you should love. and you never know until you get one!

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34 Cats don't try to kill you when you walk in the doorway

Just because one puny dog bites you that doesn't make all dogs bad.

Neither do dogs!

My dog never kills but GREETS visitors by gently licking them while my FRIENDS cat Tiny bites you on the toe. - Gingerbobo

Except for mine. LOL. He is a weirdo...

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35 Cats don't try to kill you every time you pet them

I'm pretty sure you meant "Unlike Cats, DOGS don't try to kill you every time you pet them".

Okay Who is this biased person rejecting everything

Shut up, do you have bees in your brain? I bet the “Top ten Reasons why dogs are better than cats” list is FLOODED with much more compliments! That’s because no one cares about cats anymore, except the people who do. So just leave us alone since you’ve already said so much bad things about cats!

36 A lot of dogs don't try to catch lasers like cats do

That's a dumb reason. - GamingGoku757

37 Cats save lives

One day in my tiny condo, my cat Oreo was sleeping in my bed with me. I was asleep, and while I was, a smoke alarm was going off. I am quite of heavy sleeper but my cat wasn't. She scratched my face, so I would get up and get out of my house. If I didn't have that cat, I wouldn't be here today, writing this comment.

Still that's one cat dogs save life's by sniffing out bombs and sniffing out crooks. Plus dogs are used in the army and cats are only used for killing rodents.

Dogs can save lives, too. This is very ignorant. - Ku

ya right - ShebaDaDog

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38 Cats listen when you talk

Wow you need to learn your facts and read books dude. You probably watch YouTube all day and don't read books

Dogs do, too. There's a reason Dogs follow commands: they listen. And there's a reason Cats DON'T follow commands: they don't listen.

Cats will even give advice, in the form of nuzzles and purrs. Dogs just stand there, until you wonder why, and you find out they were busy pooping on your white carpet.

Stop it with the stereotype, and usually it's the owners fault because they didn't take the dog outside. - GamingGoku757

They do listen. But not in the way you would think. - Catsarah123

39 If you need a hug, cats are ready

Dogs are ready, too. They will let you hug them even though they dislike the feeling, but they love you, and will do anything for you.

You just can't hug a dog.

Dogs are fat and weak cats are purrrfect and strong also fact cats are stronger as their stanima is higher

They're only fat if you over feed them, and they certainly aren't weak. - Ku

40 Cats don't howl at 2 AM

THAT'S BECAUSE CATS CAN'T HOWL! They do, though, meow and constantly make unnatural, weird noises.

Okay, people. Dogs will howl all night and cats will yowl all night. Deal with it. It's the way these animals are.

They just snuggle with you and purr themselves to sleep. Dogs will howl relentlessly until you get out the gun.

They yowl at 6. Much better - Catsarah123

41 Cats care

Dogs don't. If there was a house fire, your cat would wake you up to get you out safely, but dogs would squirm out the back door.

Dogs only save other people. The cats will save you.

To the comment about the housefire - one of the reasons on top ten reasons why dogs are better is that but theother way around.

As if.

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42 Cats bring inner peace, joy, and hope

Dogs also bring inner peace, joy, and hope. Seriously, though; get your facts straight before you post. Cats are the ones who are just with you until you have no more cat food, or money for it. Then they just run away, after they've used you enogh. Dogs will stick with you in all your ups and downs.

In your dreams - ShebaDaDog

Dogs just want to be fed their next meal. Cats will sit in your lap and console you until you're okay, and cats'll make sure you are.

Cats just eat then they leave to hang out with their cat friendss

43 Cats are better pets

If you aren't convinced, read this article again!

This is a terrible reason. It's not even a reason.

Wrong. - Doge4lifeGaming

44 Cats are less likely to run off

There have been a LOT more cases where Cats run off than Dogs. Dogs will stay faithful until the end, Cats don't even care about you: they will only go where they have more food. That's their goal. A Dog's goal, though, is to help you in both your ups and downs for as long as they live. So yeah, CATS RUN OFF, Dogs stay by your side. Again, twisted version of the truth. Made for desperate Cat Lovers. Seen so much of that. I had like, 2 Dogs, none of them ever ran off. I had one Cat, and he just ran away one day when we didn't give him a more-than-needed food amount.

One time, my cat got loose and the next day, she was sleeping at the back door. This happened with my other cat, but she was crying at my neighbor's door...

I disagree sure dogs run off but cats don't often stay near you as much

My old cat, Lucy, we let her go out and take a walk.
She would always be back home before nighttime. That's sorta cute, it's like a child who wants to go outside!

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45 Cats were once worshiped

I meant "There is a reason why they aren't worsted ANYMORE"* (Spelling Mistake)

There is a reason why they rent worshiped ANYMORE.

And whats that reason

46 Cats don't require as much attention as dogs, they are easier to take care of

True, it doesn't make us lazy. But the cats are lazy, though.

You're lazy. Period.

47 Cats don't challenge you

Yes they do! Dogs look up to you, cats look down, therefore they challenge you

Maybe. But neither do Dogs.

48 Cats don't bark all night

That's because Cats can't bark. Logic, people! Dogs still make noises though.

I mean Cats still make noises*

49 Cats don't make a mess when they eat

Cool. Neither do Dogs.

50 Cats don't try to be bigger than they really are

Yeah RIGHT! Cats always think they're Queens and Kings and that they're the best, and that you're their slave.

As if! And even if they don't, Dogs don'tmy either.

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