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21 Cats don't try to kill you when you walk in the doorway

Whenever a guest comes to my house, my dog will run to them and bark like crazy while trying to "greet" them (she looks like she's trying to ATTACK the guest, she jumps around the guest like crazy and try to bite their sandals/shoe or feet. Luckily, she's just a small Shih Tzu) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Just because one puny dog bites you that doesn't make all dogs bad.

Sometimes, yeah, Cats do. Dogs are friendly.

Except for mine. LOL. He is a weirdo...

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22 A cat saved a boy from a dog

You obviously are just jealous I HATE YOU WHO EVER SAID: More like: The Cat wanted all the attention and hated the Dog, so he/she pushed he boy away. The Dog was never dangerous.

More like: The Cat wanted all the attention and hated the Dog, so he/she pushed he boy away. The Dog was never dangerous.

Oh Please, then why did the dog come

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23 A lot of dogs don't try to catch lasers like cats do

That's a dumb reason. - GamingGoku757

24 Cats save lives

One day in my tiny condo, my cat Oreo was sleeping in my bed with me. I was asleep, and while I was, a smoke alarm was going off. I am quite of heavy sleeper but my cat wasn't. She scratched my face, so I would get up and get out of my house. If I didn't have that cat, I wouldn't be here today, writing this comment.

Still that's one cat dogs save life's by sniffing out bombs and sniffing out crooks. Plus dogs are used in the army and cats are only used for killing rodents.

Dogs can save lives, too. This is very ignorant. - Ku

Oh please, Dogs save lives WAY MORE than cats. - GamingGoku757

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25 Cats listen when you talk

Wow you need to learn your facts and read books dude. You probably watch YouTube all day and don't read books

Dogs do, too. There's a reason Dogs follow commands: they listen. And there's a reason Cats DON'T follow commands: they don't listen.

Cats will even give advice, in the form of nuzzles and purrs. Dogs just stand there, until you wonder why, and you find out they were busy pooping on your white carpet.

Stop it with the stereotype, and usually it's the owners fault because they didn't take the dog outside. - GamingGoku757

They do listen. But not in the way you would think. - Catsarah123

26 Cats clean up their own poo

Dogs poop everywhere, and expect you to follow after them, cleaning their dudes up for them. Cats, on the other hand, bury their poop, and never make you see it.

As if. Dogs can be trained, but you're just LAZY. You don't even deserve a Dog.


27 Cats love you

Dogs love you a lot more! Cats just hiss and growl and scratch and bite. They distrust you. All they care about is how much food you give them, not about you. Dogs, though; they love you! I can't believe all these jeleaus Cat Lovers are just twisting the truth. Tings like: Cats love you, Cats reduce risk of heart disease, etc., is actually Dogs love you, Dogs reduce risk of heart disease, etc., but a bunch of overpowered Cat People were so jeleaus and rude and egoistic that they took he truth and twisted it. Seriously; truth hurts, but this isn't the way to deal with it. Dogs deserve credit for beige faithful and loving and kind and a good companion, unlike Cats.

Dogs act like they love you; but if you do a bit of research, you'll find out why they actually act like that. Cats love you, care for you, and you hear millions of stories about how cats saved lives.

Whoever said that "Dogs don't actually love you", you are truly mistaken. Don't trust everything you see on the Internet. Perhaps, you should, instead of doing"a little bit of research", do a lot of research before confirming everything.
I have nothing against Cats, I just think they aren't meant to be pets, but are meant to be out in the wild.

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28 If you need a hug, cats are ready

Dogs are ready, too. They will let you hug them even though they dislike the feeling, but they love you, and will do anything for you.

Dogs are fat and weak cats are purrrfect and strong also fact cats are stronger as their stanima is higher

They're only fat if you over feed them, and they certainly aren't weak. - Ku

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29 Cats don't howl at 2 AM

THAT'S BECAUSE CATS CAN'T HOWL! They do, though, meow and constantly make unnatural, weird noises.

Okay, people. Dogs will howl all night and cats will yowl all night. Deal with it. It's the way these animals are.

They just snuggle with you and purr themselves to sleep. Dogs will howl relentlessly until you get out the gun.

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30 Cats care

Dogs don't. If there was a house fire, your cat would wake you up to get you out safely, but dogs would squirm out the back door.

Dogs only save other people. The cats will save you.

To the comment about the housefire - one of the reasons on top ten reasons why dogs are better is that but theother way around.

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31 Cats bring inner peace, joy, and hope

Dogs also bring inner peace, joy, and hope. Seriously, though; get your facts straight before you post. Cats are the ones who are just with you until you have no more cat food, or money for it. Then they just run away, after they've used you enogh. Dogs will stick with you in all your ups and downs.

Dogs just want to be fed their next meal. Cats will sit in your lap and console you until you're okay, and cats'll make sure you are.

Cats just eat then they leave to hang out with their cat friendss

32 Cats are better pets

If you aren't convinced, read this article again!

This is a terrible reason. It's not even a reason.

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33 Cats are less likely to run off

There have been a LOT more cases where Cats run off than Dogs. Dogs will stay faithful until the end, Cats don't even care about you: they will only go where they have more food. That's their goal. A Dog's goal, though, is to help you in both your ups and downs for as long as they live. So yeah, CATS RUN OFF, Dogs stay by your side. Again, twisted version of the truth. Made for desperate Cat Lovers. Seen so much of that. I had like, 2 Dogs, none of them ever ran off. I had one Cat, and he just ran away one day when we didn't give him a more-than-needed food amount.

One time, my cat got loose and the next day, she was sleeping at the back door. This happened with my other cat, but she was crying at my neighbor's door...

I disagree sure dogs run off but cats don't often stay near you as much

False my cat follows me everywhere I take her shopping because she sits on my shoulder

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34 Cats were once worshiped

I meant "There is a reason why they aren't worsted ANYMORE"* (Spelling Mistake)

There is a reason why they rent worshiped ANYMORE.

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35 Cats don't require as much attention as dogs, they are easier to take care of

True, it doesn't make us lazy. But the cats are lazy, though.

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36 Cats don't challenge you

Yes they do! Dogs look up to you, cats look down, therefore they challenge you

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37 Cats don't bark all night

That's because Cats can't bark. Logic, people! Dogs still make noises though.

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38 Cats don't make a mess when they eat V 1 Comment
39 Cats don't try to be bigger than they really are

Yeah RIGHT! Cats always think they're Queens and Kings and that they're the best, and that you're their slave.

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40 Cats don't try to kill you every time you pet them

I'm pretty sure you meant "Unlike Cats, DOGS don't try to kill you every time you pet them".

Okay Who is this biased person rejecting everything

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