Top 10 Reasons Cats Rule and Dogs Drool

I've had both and love both. Currently, though, I only have one old and very sweet kitty...

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1 Cats aren't needy

Cats suck.

They don't need to be walked. They don't need to be boarded when you leave for a few days. They don't need your attention every second. They don't need to come every time someone calls them. They only need you to understand that you should be grateful they are letting you live with them. - Blue_Devereaux

Whether you are struggling to find friends, or even if you are thriving at finding friends, a dog will be your BFF for life! Dogs are loyal to you; they don't care if you got a terrible grade, they don't care if you messed up at school, they don't care if you got a new weird haircut! They will be your best friend, through and through! Cats don't care either, but they just don't care about ANYTHING that happens to you. If you're sad, dogs will come over to you and comfort you. They can tell how you feel. Cats don't care if you're happy, sad, or excited. They just meow at you until you pet them. Okay, cats don't need to be walked, so what? Who wants a pet who just sits there and does nothing? I think a cat is the PERFECT pet... for someone who is to lazy to get out of the house and take a 5-minute walk. Come on; I have heard this a BILLION times, and it annoys me. "Cats aren't needy." Why is that? Because cats are independent; they don't want anything to do with you, except ...more - DragonLists

You shouldn't need to be grateful that cats let you live with them, they should be grateful that you provide them a home!

One of my cats is VERY NEEDY. It's unbelievable how stereotypically dog-like he is. - PositronWildhawk

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2 Cats have better toilet skills

They don't go on your floors (unless their litter box is dirty or they are mad at you, and then only if you really deserve it). - Blue_Devereaux

3 Cats don't bark

Some talk to you, but none make as much noise as dogs. In fact, cats seem to like peace and quiet whereas dogs like chaos and mayhem. - Blue_Devereaux

My dogs Taco and Cha-Cha never bark! And Taco is a Chihuahua and Cha-Cha is a Pit Bull. Taco only barks when he is tired and it is only one quick, little bark. Cha-Cha will never bark! Also, meowing repetitively is VERY annoying. My cousin's cats, Mocha, Snickers, and Moe are SO annoying. They will mew/meow and never stop. I have also been to the animal shelter to adopt my bunny Yeager and the cats there WOULDN'T stop meowing/mewing - Hawkfrost

Possibly the number one reason I prefer cats. Second would be self-control, but the two are closely related.

Cats don’t poop

Yeah so, your mama talks a lot but does that make her bad?

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4 Cats don't attack your guests

Clearly no has seen My Cat from Hell before

The only thing a cat will do to your guest is maybe purr or sit in their lap. - Swiftdawn

I love cats, but this is a lie.

Most likely, a cat will ignore your guest and certainly will not jump them at the door or try to hump them or try to lick them or try to bite them or bark at them. Occasionally, a cat, sensing one of your guests isn't very keen on felines, will try to improve relations with said friend by sitting in his/her lap, but this is for diplomatic purposes only. - Blue_Devereaux

My favorite that happened to me when I walk into a friend's house is their dog licking my face. I walk in, and BAM! I feel surrounded by love! A loving, kind sweet animal is standing there at my feet happily, as if they'd known me for years. If you prefer walking into a house, and having a cat that doesn't care if you exist stare at you from 50 feet away, that's fine with me. But I certainly love being welcomed than having to go over and try to get a cat to look at you. - DragonLists

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5 Cats think hygiene is very important

Shiba Inus care about hygiene, too

And they do not deliberately roll around in the most foul thing it can find like mud or feces or something dead and putrefying. - Blue_Devereaux

Oh, yes! Cats are TOTALLY hygienic! They don't lick themselves 24/7 or anything... NOT! Come on, that's gross. Any fish, dead animal, whatever, that they had just eaten, gets mixed with their saliva and put into their fur, making them smell like someone just puked on them. - DragonLists

Very funny list blue devereaux

6 Cats are better at killing

That's a bad thing

No, it’s good. Without cats, we would be living in a world infested with rats and bugs. Sorry dog lovers, I did my research~!

Any creepy, crawly things in your home will be dead once your cat is on to it. Dogs can't catch spiders or moths or roaches. - Blue_Devereaux

Exactly! I love finding dead, rotting, half-eaten mice in my backyard. It's my favorite thing in the whole world... NOT! I have a cat, and I would much rather have live mice then dead ones. Gross. - DragonLists

My cat and I make a great team. I set the trap, she kills the mouse.

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7 Cats will bring you gifts

My cat brought us a dead mouse from the basement. Ha, ha...

Cats like to bring its co-habitator tokens of affection like a dead rodent or bird. The only thing a dog will bring you is something you threw for him to go get in the first place. - Blue_Devereaux

8 Cats are discriminating

I don't know which I prefer, cats or dogs, but I will say here that dogs are more social animals. I did at one point have three of each, before one of my dogs died five months ago. The night before his death, one of my other dogs, I think, was first to know he was dying. And she gave him her bed, and despite the fact that he threw up on her a few times, she didn't respond dramatically, and just licked him clean. She did all what she could for him, and was, of course, devastated the next day; she stopped eating for a few days afterwards. My cats, although they noticed his abscence, did not appear emotionally affected. They carried on. That's why, in terms of social behaviour, I prefer dogs. - PositronWildhawk

Exactly! Why doesn't anyone realize that? My beautiful, amazing, sweet black lab, had to be put to sleep 2 years ago. I still cry every night thinking about him, and sleep with a black lab stuffed animal in his memory. Dogs are just amazing. "The world would be a better place if every dog had a home, and every home had a dog." Dogs are a man's best friend. - DragonLists

Dogs will slobber on or show affection to most anyone including its owner. Cats, however, show affection to those deserving of it. If a cat tries to nuzzle you or purrs for you, then you know you are something pretty special. Cats also show their discriminating and refined tastes by letting you know which type of food it absolutey under no circumstances will eat. Dogs eat anything including cat poo. - Blue_Devereaux

Dogs only show affection to those they love and trust

9 Cats are entertaining

You can watch a cat play or try to catch something like a laser beam; the cat will perform for as long as it deems necessary. With dogs, on the other hand, once they catch you watching them, then they are all up in your face wanting you to join in. It's like going to a show and the obnoxious performer tries to drag you on stage to do something assinine. - Blue_Devereaux

Dogs are, too. I've had both Cats and Dogs, so from personal experience, I know that both can be entertaining, Dogs even more so.

I never thought about it, but this is true.

10 Cats are cuter

This is an opinion. This does not prove anything. Some people think dogs are cuter or cats are cuter. And for most people, it depends on the dog or cat breed. You can not prove if Cats are cuter or Dogs.

Yea Boi! - RealUprising



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11 Cats don't turn on their co-habitators

Ever hear of a cat murdering its owner or mauling some little child? No, you haven't, which is why letting a cat live with you doesn't make your homeowner's insurance go up. - Blue_Devereaux

Ever hear of a cat saving a drowning kid? Ever hear of a cat leading a blind person down the street? NO. And by the way, there is NO SUCH THING AS A BAD DOG, only a bad dog owner. Dogs don't attack nice people. The only dogs I have ever heard of that hurt their owners were either abused, underfed, or treated poorly. If MURDERING is YOUR experience with dogs... wow... are you feeling okay? - DragonLists

Sure right about that! Cats are more nice!

They do.

12 Cats are trustworthy

They are more trustworthy to be left alone than a dog. They are also very loyal once you get their trust. One of my cats tried to bite me and the second I said "No" my other cat, who was watching the whole time, ran over and attacked the one that tried to bite me, which happened to be her sister. Her sister never tried to bite me again.

You can leave your cat in the house when you are out and pretty much guarantee it won't have wrecked the place when you return, including kittens!

Yeah right. You probably never owned a Cat. - Blight

Yeah right

13 Contrary to popular belief, cats are proven to do many things that dogs do. They can be taught tricks, fetch, or even walk on a leash. Cats are rewarding. They will not jump all over people like idiots

Yea that's true you can teach cats tricks and things like that I think cats should rule

14 Cats are more dignified than dogs

I so agree with "Since when was wanting affection bad? ".

Since when was wanting affection bad.

Ever saw a cat beg for affection?

15 A cats brain is smarter than an iPad.

Um it is hard to compare machine and organic intelligence but if a cat is smarter a dog would be as well dogs are generally smarter than cats.

Is there any proof of this - Doge4lifeGaming

Yeah! Apple sucks! (No offense) - RealUprising

16 Cats do not chase people who are walking, running, or riding a bicycle

My cat claws the heck out of whoever is holding him when a car drives by and we're outside. He's scared of eveything...

17 Cats aren't messy

Ok cats can be messy it depends on the behavior but they don't poop everywhere

18 Cats are affectionate

Indeed, they also like to rub my legs - RealUprising

19 Cats are in multiple internet memes

Same with dogs. - Doge4lifeGaming

Well, there's nyan cat, lolcat and much more tacocat, bannana cat etc.

20 Cats can be trained, if you give them a chance!

Totally agree.

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