Top Ten Reasons Cats Should Rule the World


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1 They Are So Cute

No, dogs should rule the world. They're cuter, nicer, and overall way better. GO DOGS!

Yes they are cute but cuteness doesn't solve why the cats should rule the world XP - CerealGuy

They could use their cuteness to manipulate people. I mean, who'd go against a cute cat? - IpodSwagger

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2 Humans Do Not Have Fur

So humans not having fur means cats should rule the world?! 😏 I don't think so.

3 Because They Do Not Know What War Is

I have to agree but when cat becoming more smart from generation to generation it would unlikely to know war XP - CerealGuy

4 Because They Do Not Steal

Cats steals like all of us human steals and bear steals well don't you know cats steal like some random cat stole a fish so the reasons are invalid XP - CerealGuy

5 They Are Less Violent Than Us

They are of course less violent than us humans. But in my opinion, it's the birds who should rule this world. - Kiteretsunu

Good reasons, but I don't think they should though. - funnyuser

I think the wolves should be the ones, who rule the world - BorisRule

Hell naw Stick figures must rule the world XP - CerealGuy

6 The World Would Be a Better Place

Yeah right. If Dogs ruled, definitely. Cats? Never!

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7 No Pollution (Accept for Cat Hair)

Speaking of cat hair, cat will poo so that's a downfall XP - CerealGuy

8 Death Would Only Be Natural
9 They Do Not Know How to Drive

That just means there will be less ways to get around

10 Miley Cyrus Would Never Exist

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11 Cats Are Nocturnal

They like have no bed times

12 Cats are Strategic
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