Top Ten Reasons Cheating in a Relationship Is Wrong


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1 You wouldn't want them to cheat on you so don't cheat on them

I honestly couldn't do this and to have this happen is soul-destroying.

I couldn't and wouldn't let myself get into a relationship with a man who was already in a relationship, however much I liked him. Why? If he could cheat to be with me, I know he wasn't trustworthy. I'd rather be in love with a man I couldn't have than to have him and know he cheated on the woman he made vows and a commitment to. - Britgirl


2 It is heartbreaking

Sure...A heart breaking thing, Some people feel estranged because they think they're being betrayed and then it's a piece of cake for those hallow humans to leave you, Look in your soul, It's the other way around. - Ananya

3 It is the ultimate betrayal

I think this has to be first. When you cheat on someone, you take a lot of their self-esteem from them in the process. - PositronWildhawk

I am a supporter of open relationships, polyamory and polygamy... but foremost there needs to be honesty. If your partner says no to that kind of relationship, then it's a no. You need to respect that. Honesty is the most important thing of all in a relationship. - Martin_Canine

4 It gives you / them a bad name
5 They will never trust you again
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1. You wouldn't want them to cheat on you so don't cheat on them
2. It is heartbreaking
3. It is the ultimate betrayal


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