Top Ten Reasons the Classic Total Drama Is Better Than the New One

I found total drama on Netflix and loved it, but this new one made me wanna rip my hair out. Worst series ever. What happened to the producers? Classic (including revenge of the island) is the best ever!

The Top Ten

1 The classic was likeable

I liked most the classic competitors, and they all seemed to have something about them, even Heather and Alejandro, and they were interesting. In this new one, they all are bland and boring, really strange looking, and the only one I like is Sky. - AzaleanGirl

I loved Harold, Cody, Noah, Leshawna, Beth, and Justin.Anyone else, I liked them, with the only exception being DJ. Roti didn't have any favorites of mine, maybe besides Sam and Scott. Everyone else was likable though. But Pakitew? I only liked Scarlett and that's it. That's why I think of it as one of the worst seasons, only beat by All Stars. - sdgeek2003

2 The classic (including season 4) wasn't totally insane

Sky, Samy, Jasmine, Scarlet, and Dave were the only ones that didn't belong in a mental hospital. At first it was funny, but it became ANNOYING the classics were pretty mental but not so mental (with the exception of Izzie) you wanted them to die! And when they lossed it, it made you laugh, not groan at how repetitive they are. - AzaleanGirl

3 There was more drama in classic

The point of the show is drama! Other then idiots falling in love, this show is boring and going no where. Who is the heather? We need a Heather? Someone bring in a Heather! The classic was interesting and made you wanna see what would happen, it had heartwarming moments and betrayels that would create strong feelings towards characters. - AzaleanGirl

I loved the Drama in season one! You can't beat it.

4 People didn't start dating in the first 5 seconds

How realistic does it seem you meet someone then all of a sudden fall in love when you are strangers fighting for money. In classic they seemed to start making out pretty early, but not in the first episode! - AzaleanGirl

5 Chris was more... Chris

I don't know what happened he lost his edge and isn't as funny and cruel and abusive to interns and his creativity isn't that large anymore what happened to the egotistical jerk who loved it when others suffer - AzaleanGirl

6 The challenges suck now

They used to be intense and cruel, and illegal if these were real people. Now they are like stuff I did at camp. Balloon fights? Wow. So dangerous. - AzaleanGirl

7 Not as funny

Some stuff, such as Bradley falling in love with everybody was funny the first couple of times, but then it kept being reused and you went from laughing, to groaning, to being annoyed. In classic, they didn't reuse jokes, and that made it funny and not bothering you. Like, when Lindsay cursed at Heather it was shocking because Lindsay never curses. But if she did that every episode it wouldn't be so funny. And in season 4 when they had to make a meal out of stuff from the island for DG, and Lightning was like,"think lightning think! Where does Steak come from? Trees! " That just made me die for some reason, but if he said that all the time, I'd just get bored - AzaleanGirl

I find it funny that Rodney was so forgettable to you that you called him Bradley! And yes, the steak give me trees was one of Lighting's best lines. - sdgeek2003

8 There weren't old contestants like Kelly

Gerry and Pete were useless in the competition. They could have cracked their backs.

Gerry, Pete and Kelly were all too old to be in the competition.

Don't forget Dwayne.

9 Characters from new are unoriginal

A giant? A beatboxer? A zombie apocalypse guy? - Yatagarasu

Sugar=Ann Maria
Ella= Snow White - AzaleanGirl

10 Classic is always better

The original was fine, everything else sucks!

The Contenders

11 The first season will always be the best
12 The lack of screen time Noah receives
13 The characters Lorenzo and Chet copy Drake and Josh

Stepbrothers that always fight and argue. Very unoriginal.

14 Duncan is a douche bag now
15 Bridgette was a more developed independent character
16 Eva used to actually have screen time

I haven't seem her since season 1. Jo better not be her replacement. You can't replace ever.

17 Noah's sarcasm
18 Tyler has been left out lately
19 Sadie was actually a contestant and not a sideline character
20 Lorenzo wasn't there to annoy us
21 Lindsay received more screen time

She's not seen as much anymore! It's pretty dissapointing.

22 People's hair didn't fall out all the time like Staci
23 People didn't get tortured like Jasmine did

Chris took her torture way too far.

24 Jo had more screen time
25 Dawn had screen time
26 Mickey wasn't there to whine and complain all day
27 Shawn had screen time
28 There were good looking guys like Justin

Justin is hot.

29 Sugar was a better antagonist
30 Ezekiel wasn't a zombie
31 Justin was an actual contestant instead of "The peanut gallery"
32 The torture wasn't as bad
33 Alejandro had more screen time

He was a good antagonist.

34 There were more couples/love interests/relationships
35 Taylor wasn't there being an annoying spoiled brat.
36 Trent was a contestant
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