Top Ten Reasons to Colonize the Solar System

This is a list of reasons why we should colonize the Solar System

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The world is predicted to peak at 9 billion in 2050 with most new people from India and Nigeria, although the population density needs to be evened out so like the densities of London and siberia are evened out or something.

Yeah! Our world is so overpopulated! By 2100, we might need to find another planet because of the 13 billion people living in the world!

To much people on Earth, could lead to a big crisis or even a plague in the next 20 years - GeoffTheThrasher

There aren't too many people. Just too many people demanding too much stuff. - keycha1n


Something the USA would rush to do.

It would be so cool if the solar system was colonized but we need the resources for living in space. And a majority of the planets are not safe for living in. - RiverClanRocks

We are wasting resources, need to find others to work with - GeoffTheThrasher

Already Working On It

Organizations including NASA and MARS ONE are looking towards making it to Mars, Mars One itself is looking to colonizing it! - GeoffTheThrasher

Farther Distant Nations Lead to Less War (In the Long Run)

Let's be honest, if you are millions of miles away from another country, you probably aren't going to fight it. - GeoffTheThrasher

Hello there could be wars over the new areas like there were when many parts of the earth were colonized. And if you talk about nations being on other planets war with them from here or vice versa would be planet ending - Billyv

Photosynthesis Could Keep a Man On Mars and Reduce Greenhouse Gasses

If we figured out how to take Mars' atmosphere and make it better for us, we could use this same technology to change the atoms from waste at the dump! - GeoffTheThrasher

We Can Make Trade With a Future Mars Civilization

With growing technology we can make bigger ships to haul stuff very cheap - GeoffTheThrasher

We Are Beings of Wonder

We are an exploring species of monkey! - GeoffTheThrasher

We're Good at Global Warming

At first it would be cold but if we made carbon emissions in the air we could raise the temp, melt the ice caps and make it have water - GeoffTheThrasher

I-uh-don't think it's that simple.

But dang right, we're good at global warming! - keycha1n

Were good at overheating earth, so it would be easy to overheat mars.

Terra Forming

So when you get access to those necessary resources, you spend them all on making another Earth, but then we're in another scarcity crisis. Think before you do. - PositronWildhawk

Imagine, Mars looking like Earth, Terra forming would help us be able to live on Mars. - GeoffTheThrasher

NASA is a Pretty Safe Organization to Rely On

NASA has had some mishaps but compared to MARS ONE, you have a pretty good chance of living as an astronaut, MARS ONE however has a 40% chance living conditions so I'd chose NASA. - GeoffTheThrasher

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