Top 10 Reasons David Brent Is the Greatest Character of All Time

For those American T.V. viewers, he was in the original version of the office, and he created it. So, yeah.

The Top Ten

1 He doesn't rely on jokes, just personality

He has never made a single joke, and that is what makes him like no other, - gemcloben

2 He is relatable

In the sense that, where ever you go, everyone knows a David Brent. - gemcloben

3 He is serious

And most characters rely on having whacky experiences, but he is just the boss of a little office, and no matter how boring the storyline, Brent makes you roll on the floor laughing. - gemcloben

4 He is believable

Most are over the top, but Brent you can just imagine working with. - gemcloben

5 His actor

Ricky Gervais, greatest comedian ever. - gemcloben

6 He was the originator of fake documentaries

Never before him did we have mockumentaries. - gemcloben

7 He is hilarious
8 He had a new way of comedy

Never seen anyone with quite the same comedy style - gemcloben

9 He has a distinctive personality

You can just realise when some one has the Brent personality. Stands out so much. - gemcloben

10 He is unique

Never seen a man like Brent. - gemcloben

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