Top 10 Reasons Dean Ambrose Is Better Than Roman Reigns


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1 At This Point, Ambrose Is A Better Wrestler

These reasons are all FACTS - KingSlayer93316

2 Ambrose Is More “Over” With The WWE Universe

He’s more over because Roman sucks - KingSlayer93316

3 Continuation Of The Feud Of The Year (Ambrose vs Rollins)

This Feud was so good with many good matches and promos. Roman just had impromptu matches every week - KingSlayer93316

4 Ambrose Is Completely Unpredictable

That Monday Night Raw when Rollins was about to put Cena's head through cinder blocks and when Kane lifted up the table DEAN AMBROSE JUST APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE. NOW THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL UNPREDICTABLE! - DK

He can do a bunch of crazy stuff. He’s called the “Lunatic Fringe” for a good reason - KingSlayer93316

5 Ambrose Is Better At Cutting Promos

That ILL promo Ambrose cut on Rollins the week after he turned on The Shield IS BETTER THAN ALL OF ROMAN REIGNS PROMOS - DK

6 Reigns Has Become Predictable

He’s so predictable. It’s like looking at very dark clouds and saying it’s going to rain. - KingSlayer93316

7 It’s Easier To Get Behind A “Lunatic Fringe” Than A “Lone Wolf”

€The Lone Wolf” is Baron Corbin, not Roman Reigns. Roman is called “The Big Dog.” But, it’s still easier to get behind Ambrose - KingSlayer93316

8 Jon Moxley Had A Following Before Dean Ambrose
9 A Smaller Champion Has Been In Vogue
10 Injury Concerns For Reigns

Has Dean ever injured anyone (besides himself)?


Has Roman Reigns ever injured anyone?

YES. - KingSlayer93316

The Contenders

11 Ambrose Doesn't Complain About the Crowd

Thank you. Roman always bitches about the crowd, while Ambrose corporates with the crowd. This is why I like Dean. - KingSlayer93316

12 Ambrose Has Respect for The Undertaker

This yard doesn't belong to Reigns

13 Ambrose is Not Shoved Down Our Throats Like Reigns
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