Reasons Demi Lovato Is Better Than Ariana Grande

Reasons Demi Lovato is Better than Ariana Grande. Ariana is so overrated. It's about time people see who the real queen is.

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1 Demi loves America

Demi is a proud American! Ariana is a plastic terrorist

Demi is sexy and a badass, Ariana is ugly, annoying and racist!



2 Demi can sing

Ariana can hit the high notes...i'll give her that but she sounds like she has a cold all the time. Demi has a powerful voice that has a bigger range and is on a whole other level

Ariana has a grating voice. Demi has a strong, pure, better voice.

Demi has cooler music videos

YES! Which genius made this list and all?

3 Demi has talent

Way more talent than donut terrorist Ariana.

4 Demi worked harder

Demi had to work hard, while Ariana didn't have to work for her fame

She writes her own songs from het heart and soul. Ariana's songs are just about sex

5 Ariana licked a donut

That's why I don't like her. What if someone ate that donut? Ariana has no respect for anybody but her self. And if she does hate America, why is she living here, and make money here? - nintendofan126

Ariana Grande us a walking health hazard. Sometimes I hear about Ariana Grande scandals and I think to myself "is there any hope for this generation? " but then I look to Demi and I remember that there is still hope

6 Demi has better songs

Yes. The author of this list is a genius. Thumb up if u agree.

Liked! Demi's songs are catchy and energetic, Ariana probably can't compose her own crap songs!

Everyone with a brain would choose "Skyscraper" over "The Way'

7 Demi's show is better V 1 Comment
8 Demi can hit high notes V 1 Comment
9 Ariana is stupid V 1 Comment
10 Demi Isn't a Diva

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11 Demi was on Disney V 1 Comment
12 Demi Lovato's body is healthy

Ariana starves herself and looks like a twig. Demi learned from that mistake, and now she's loving her beautiful body, showing how much of an amazing role model she is

Thank you so much for adding to my list. It means so much. And I agree.

I watched the amas and Ariana was sooo skinny! My mom said she's too skinny, and she's a doctor.

13 Demi has a good fashion sense

Ariana's skinny body doesn't fit with sexy dresses like she did on stage...just like 10 years old girl wear sexy dresses

Demi's clothes are creative and memorable. Ariana looks like a four year old threw up on her

Ariana dresses like she's four

14 Demi has been through a lot with her life
15 Demi Lovato is a nice person

Again, thanks so much for adding to my list. So appreciate it. And I'm like, why didn't I think of that?

Ariana wished death on her fans, while Demi loves, appreciates, and even writes songs about hers.

16 Demi Lovato is pretty

I had no idea this list would be popular. Thank you for helping me make my point. Demi is beautiful. I love her. I like Ariana fine. But Demi is way better.

Arizona's plastic surgery was a fail

17 Demi knows how to keep a friend

True. Thanks for adding items to my list. It means a lot.

18 Demi is smart enough to write her own music

Demi writes beautiful, inspirational songs. Thank you for adding to my list.

19 Demi sings with passion and hits us with her high notes at unexpected's always expected of Ariana to scream every time she sings
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