Reasons Demi Lovato Is Better Than Idina Menzel

It's time to decide who should have been in Frozen.

The Top Ten

1 Demi has a way better version of Let it Go

It's not that damn annoying

Good joke. - 445956

2 Demi sings better

Idina Menzel doesn't need autotune. Demi does. - 445956

3 Frozen would have been better with Demi in it
4 Demi is younger

Yeah, no. Older singers have more experience. - 445956

5 Idina is too old to voice Elsa

Which is why I blame Idina Menzel 4the existence of frozen

Idina was the right age to do it. It would have been a truly awful performance if she played Elsa. - 445956

6 Demi is actually a singer

That is too far. Idina has a beautiful voice and doesn't need autotune. - 445956

7 Idina is overrated

The movie, no matter how great it is, is overrated. Idina is underrated. Demi is one of the most overrated female singers. - 445956

8 Demi is Elsa's age

A princess's voice actor is usually older than the character. - 445956

9 Demi can hit high notes

Let it Go basically screams "high notes." Demi can but needs autotune to make them sound goodm - 445956

10 Idina has the fame Demi should have

You mean Demi has the fame Idina should have. - 445956

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