Reasons Demi Lovato Is Better Than Selena Gomez

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1 Demi can actually sing

She has a wide vocal range. Selena, though claims she's not a great singer, is actually a sucky singer

Demi's voice is more pleasing and better than Selena.

Yes Demi is way better sing than Selena, but Selena is super bad singer

Selena Gomez can't sing! She uses autotune. Demi has the best voice in the world.

2 Demi is prettier than Selena

Selena is just about good camera angles. She's actually a chipmunk-face

Although Selena is really pretty, Demi is much prettier. Selena is adorable and has that innocent look but Demi is a real beauty

Demi is a real woman, sel is still a kid

Selena just has a bébe face. Demi is plain grosero and looks way too viejo for a child.

3 Demi has better songs than Selena

Of course yes Demi are better songs than Selena, Selena actually worse songs

I love all her songs, Selena has bad songs.

Confident is better than Good For You.

Selena's songs give me ebola

4 Demi doesn't use people for fame

Selena Gomez uses people.

Yes, selena used jb, demi and now taylor

5 Selena sucks

Super sucky

6 Selena is overrated

I'll admit she's really overrated. Honestly, I like sine of Selena's songs, but Demi Lovato has way more originality and range. Strangely, Selena and Demi seem to release new singles at the same time () and I always like Demi's more.
"Confident" and "Same Old Love" just came out, and I love Confident A LOT. Same Old Love is really catchy, but it wasn't original at all, and the lyrics weren't great. Confident is amazing and I've never heard much like it. Go Demi!
~T.A.W. OUT!

very overrated

7 Demi uses her voice for good

Demi is more pretty, sweet, respects her fans, & is a role model helps people by writing songs about recovery she inspires people all her songs are about struggles and how you can get through them all her songs are helpful and like Selena Selena songs are all about love and romance like no one need helps people by writing songs about recovery she inspires people all her songs are about struggles and how you can get through them all her songs are helpful unlike Selena Selena songs are all about love and romance like no one cares about her love life tell me does not use her past boyfriends for fame Selena is so overrated because she dated Justin Selena kissing so I know that's not know how to act SELENA SUCKS! Ugh I hate when people say Demi has no talent and Selena does like no she doesn't then we can hit high notes Selena can't all the high notes or moans

While Demi speaking about mental health, (cyber)bullying, sexism, racism etc...
Meanwhile Selena is..Selena

8 Demi is funny

Love ya Demi.☺👍💕💖��� -

9 Demi is sweet

So sweet. Love my girl.

10 Demi loves her fans

That's why I like being a Lovatic. I know Demi loves and appreciates me.

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11 Demi is more inspirational

Demi is so brave. Selena Gomez is a coward.

She writes her own songs and she fights against bullying

Yes That's Right She is a coward...

Check out her songs. you'll see what I mean

12 Demi is modest
13 Demi is more independent

Demi doesn't need anyone else to be happy. Selena is dependent on Taylor, Justin, etc. Demi is a strong woman.

I love that about Demi.

14 Demi isn't stuck up
15 Demi is mature

Selena is a brat and a bad singer.

16 Demi is confident
17 Demi is a better actress
18 Selena Gomez depends on her boyfriends like some damsel-in-distresses
19 Demi's voice is so beautiful and can be recognized immediately

Definitely. Lovatic forever


20 Demi doesn't use people

That is right, she do not use people like selena does, she used Justin Bieber and she is using taylor swift, and demi lovato would never change her friendship with selena for other person like selena did, she left demi for taylor swift.

Selena uses people. Admit it. Demi however, is awesome.

21 Demi has a way better personality

Demi Lovato has the best personality.

Her Best Friend Is Way Better Than Her!

But Demi Is Like A Jerk...

Best Friends Not Cool

22 Demi didn't date Bieber

Demi is smart enough to stay away from that jackass.

Demi is smart enough to stay away from that idiot

Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson Are Best Friends!

Taylor Swift & Her New Friends.EwwwGross...

23 Heart Attack is better than Come And Get It

Not to be mean but I just heard Fetish without music and my ears are bleeding..Heart Attack is very difficult song even Demi has to struggle to sing live...All Selena songs are so easy that a even 4 years old can sing them... Demi's songs are better and harder

When you're ready come and get what? Not you I hope, stfu Selena

Come and Get It song like Indian


24 Cool For The Summer is better than Good For You

Cool For The Summer is the best song of the year. Good For You is boring.

Selena is pretty bad

25 Demi acts her age

Selena Gomez acts like a little kid.

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