Top 10 Reasons Democrats Are Awful

I don’t care for either Republicans or Democrats personally and I don’t usually go into subjects like this, but out of the two, Democrats are by far the worst from what I’ve seen and here are the reasons why.

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1 They support abortion

They also support abortion after birth!

Do you realize how dangerous it would be if we ban abortion?

It's the mother's body, it's her choice - shadomatrix

Honestly what kind of sick individual would decide to murder their own baby? Only in extreme cases would this even remotely be acceptable. But most of the people who do this I have no respect for them. murdering innocent babies instead of using this thing called ADOPTION is unacceptable - Randomator

2 They're extreme feminists

Those darn femminazis. I forgot to say, but whenever something bad happens to them, they throw a fit and blame it on their vagina. - crazycat99

They are femminazi scums who think men are subhuman and they will force all the men to take estrogen - crazycat99

Not all of them are - DarkBoi-X

No, they are extreme femminazis

3 They constantly shove their political party down everyone's throats

Like republicans - shadomatrix

This is biased, repubican shove their agenda too - RoseCandyMusic

Republicans do the same but as I said both Democrats and Republicans should drink bleach. - DarkBoi-X

They spam comments on things that have nothing to do with political parties whatsoever telling everyone to vote for Democrats because they’re supposedly so much better than Republicans. - 3DG20

4 They're hypocrites

So let me get this straight. When a man murders people they protest and demand gun control yet they literally Support and Encourage women to murder their own babies! Explain that one to me - Randomator

They are. - Camaro6

They always talk about how you shouldn’t discriminate others when they do exactly that to Republicans. Not one Democrat I’ve come across so far has been respectful to anyone who DARES disagree with them. - 3DG20

5 They think they're above everyone else

Just like republicans - RoseCandyMusic

They think they’re the greatest thing that’s ever graced on to the Earth and they act like being in a stupid political party gives them the right to act like they’re better than everyone else. - 3DG20

6 They lie about treating everyone equally

They say they treat everyone equally, but what they really do is put themselves above everyone else. - 3DG20

7 They're idiots

To tell the truth, they are probably some of the dumbest people I’ve ever come across. - 3DG20

8 They treat Hillary Clinton like a goddess

Republicans treat Trump as Jesus - RoseCandyMusic

And Republicans treat Trump like a god - shadomatrix

She and democrats need to put behind bars!

She should be behind bars
#HilllaryforPrison #NotMyPresident - Randomator

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9 They get butt hurt if you disagree with them
10 They treat Barack Obama like a god

At least he's better than Hillary. - Userguy44

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11 They like socialism

Socialism killed 90 million people - CosmicSpacer

12 They believe that there's multiple sexes

Male and female are the only genders. Non-binary is valid but it's not a gender. - RoseWeasley

There only two gender and that s a fact! And if not then you're legally insane.

13 They tolerate pedophilia

It's just social justice warriors who did that - RoseCandyMusic

Hell no! - RoseWeasley

If you don't believe me, just look up “Desmond is Amazing.” But know that what you will find is disgusting and not for the faint of heart.

14 They straight up lie to on all good things there going to do
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1. They support abortion
2. They're extreme feminists
3. They're hypocrites
1. They support abortion
2. They're extreme feminists
3. They constantly shove their political party down everyone's throats


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