Reasons Democrats Are Better Than Republicans

This is a political list for mostly Democrats to vote on. In my opinion, the Democrats are better than the Republicans, and there are reasons for that. I want others to add more and vote on my existing reasons.

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1 Democrats Don't Try To Live In The Past

I cringe at my past reactions to this list. I'm liberal, but now I realize this list has shallow reasoning. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Dang, this list has so many points I could debunk IF I wanted to. - Therandom

'Lincoln is the best president, he was a republican, so I guess me being a republican makes me a better person' - typical conservative.

Jesus Christ I 100% wish they would do this! Especially when it comes down to their religion! I have nothing wrong with believing in a religion as long as that religion DOES NOT FORCE everyone on this planet to reverse back into the Dark Ages! NOR does anyone of that religion wish/want anyone else down into Hell for not being just like them NOR kill the followers of a religion whom don’t like that religion or is just of another religion! Manly Christians and Muslims and Catholics...I’m watching you guys!

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2 Democrats Are Not Homophobic

Neither are republicans. We just don't like gay marriage(I actually don't care, has no effect on me, I wish we'd get over it) - Therandom

This is one of the reasons why I think democrats are better. - Pegasister12

Republicans: I'm not homophobic I just don't want them to have as many rights as I do

True. Most democrats support equal gay rights and stuff. - Lucretia

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3 Democrats Support Greener Energy

Come on, I know we have gas prices as low as less than $3, but we shouldn't forget that we will eventually have to resort to other renewable energy resources once we run out of nonrenewable energy resources such as oil and coal. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Republican here, I agree with Green energy. All that Fossil fuel Co2 is damaging the planet beyond belief. As the guy below me said, Nuclear Energy is the future. It even cleans up Co2 and it provides a lot of energy at a relative minor cost in comparison to the amount of energy created. - KimJongFun

Nuclear fusion (plasma energy) is our future... but the greedy republicans they only want to hurt our planet with dirty energies...

4 Democrats Support Education Funding Over Military Funding

First of all our military is good enough. Our education is not. We are spending billions on our military which is already extremely powerful, & not enough on our education. No wonder other countries are calling us stupid. But instead of funding more important things, President Cheeto decides he wants to spend more money on our overpowered military, while calling our allies' leader's names & ruining relations with them. Nice going Trump.

No they don't really compare the last 2 presidents Donald Trump and Obama both different parties. And, Donald Trump funded more than Obama ever could. - tacoperson

First off we have the most powerful military so cutting funding is not a big deal

I agree with this by a landslide - MrVing989

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5 Democrats Acknowledge The Separation of Church and State

One of the most important parts of the Constitution.

And where exactly is this mandate specified?

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" - RecklessGreed

6 Democrats Support Equal Pay For Women

I'm a democrat, but the wage gap is a myth. Most democrats don't know this. - Caleb9000

Shut the hell up with this crap! Most of the time women today think they should earn money by coming into work without doing anything! - tacoperson

The gender pay gap exists, but not because if sextet reasons. It's because women typically work lower paying jobs that offer more benefits and job security. - Alpha101

7 Democrats Support Minimum Wage Increase

Which will destroy the economy.

You do know you might lose your job as business owners will do anything not to get into debt, even if it means firing people? - KimJongFun

I think the giant companies can afford to pay a couple dollars more to workers and because they have more money they will spend more retard which will help the economy

Which'll cause the taxes to raise, and companies to go out of buissiness, or just put the U.S in more debt than its already in

8 Democrats Know Military Action Should Be The Last Resort, Not The First

Unlike Donald Trump, who will destroy America if he resorts to military action first. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Then what should be first? Oh pleading to the other people that they shouldn't hurt us? Yea military action comes first dumbass. - tacoperson

Um America needs protection what if ISIS were bombing us?

True. When NK launches a misile do we nuke them? Do we turn them into a parking lot? - Lucretia

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9 Democrats Don't Just Target The Upper Class


10 Democrats Support Stricter Gun Control

"Liberals aren't that bright." Is that why they believe climate change is real, while conservatives plug their ears so they don't have to deal with the truth?

I'm pretty sure the founding fathers didn't want people to have an easy way to shoot and kill people for their own bigotry. - pandagirl

Stricter gun control to help prevent mass shootings and other cruel acts of violence that are not civil in this country!

Ban guns at once - ----------

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? Ajit Pai is a Republican
? Republicans Put Corporations Over People

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11 Democrats Believe Healthcare Is A Right

To republicans it isn't even though dozens of countries have free healthcare

Heck yeah

12 Democrats are Not Racist

What a dumb god damn reason. What did the republican say to you? The word black? Really democrats are way to emotional and stupid. It's all about their feelings. - tacoperson

Oh really? Because I'm pretty sure the democrats founded the KKK and support slavery - DoroExploro13

That's funny. The Democrats back then were conservative, just like today's Republicans. - Alpha101

Um the KKK endorsed trump and 36% of trump suporters still want slavery

@DoroExploro13 around the time teddy Roosevelt became president, the titles "democrat" and "republican" switched meanings. This means anyone before that time who was a republican (like Lincoln) would now be considered a democrat, and vice versa.

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13 Democrats Acknowledge that They're Immature.
14 Democrats Don't Vote for Donald Trump

My dad is a democrat and he voted for Trump.

If you're a Democrat, you most likely won't vote for a Republican, and vice versa. - wrests

15 Democrats Treat All Lives Equally

Is this some black lives matter... I am liberal and black lives matter is laughable - Lucretia

16 Democrats Don't Get Mad Over Little Things Like a Gay Character in a Disney Movie

My jaw almost broke when I saw this. Who's the one who says "Donald Trump shouldn't be president because he's a meanie." - og214

Okay this reason is stupid. But there is a reason why people get mad cause of character in Disney movies...cause they shouldn't. - tacoperson

17 Democrats Have Common Sense
18 Democrats Don't Wave Around Their Hands

This one's stupid. You have to be kidding.

19 Most Democrats Support Net Neutrality
20 Democrats Support Voting Rights

I support voting rights and I'm a republican. - tacoperson

This one is a good one

True. - Lucretia

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