Reasons Democrats Are Better Than Republicans

This is a political list for mostly Democrats to vote on. In my opinion, the Democrats are better than the Republicans, and there are reasons for that. I want others to add more and vote on my existing reasons.

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1 Democrats Are Not Homophobic

Some are (my dad well at least I think he's democrat.) - Luckys

I'm republican, I have a bi friend, and I support the LGBT community... Talk about stereotypes!

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So what if its against moral values. I'm a Republican Trumper and I personally don't see why Old Bush Republicans care so much about Gay marriage. I mean Republicans care more about whether or not 2 gays can get married then they do about working class single mothers being able to afford food for their kids! P.S. don't bring up moral values, you old Bush Repubs support the death penalty and P.S.S. don't bring up the Bible either because Jesus never once talked about Homosexuality and you guys don't support stoning people who wore clothes with two different types of linen.

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2 Democrats Don't Try To Live In The Past

Exactly. We move towards the future and we consider it as well. We've abandoned old, tired, and bigoted beliefs of homophobia and racism that Republicans have so frequently adopted. We care for the future generations with our support of green energy and education, but also the elderly with retirment security. We're creating a safe country for women who are unable to proceed with their pregnancies, and we are dominant amongst the most financially successful states!

This list is so inaccurate

Blindly changing without any knowledge of history is only foolish. Especially when the change does not improve the situation. Simple common sense needs to be possessed.

Liberals are not all bible bashers, don't believe we are still living in the Wild Wild West era, not like early liberals, know that homosexuality, lesbians, bisexuality is just romance just like heterosexuality, are fine with transgenders the embryo is female. Feminism is not we hate men its gender equality. Its wrong to lock kids in cages. Now republicans go and talk about how much you love George W Bush because he was a republican president remember?

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3 Democrats Support Greener Energy

Agreed. Global Warming is very real, but many republicans think it's just another scam created by the "evil" liberals in order to make money and spread lies. - shadomatrix

Come on, I know we have gas prices as low as less than $3, but we shouldn't forget that we will eventually have to resort to other renewable energy resources once we run out of nonrenewable energy resources such as oil and coal. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Nuclear fusion (plasma energy) is our future... but the greedy republicans they only want to hurt our planet with dirty energies...

Republican here, I agree with Green energy. All that Fossil fuel Co2 is damaging the planet beyond belief. As the guy below me said, Nuclear Energy is the future. It even cleans up Co2 and it provides a lot of energy at a relative minor cost in comparison to the amount of energy created. - KimJongFun

4 Democrats Acknowledge The Separation of Church and State

The United States is supposed to be a country with religious freedom not a country with only Christianity.

Well, to you Commies that means everyone is atheist

America is not a Christian nation

Too bad, athiests

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5 Democrats Believe Healthcare Is A Right

Ya illegals can get it for free but war vets can't? - libtardsarebad

Most people end up paying less in the long run with Universal Health Care. Republicans just don't like it because "they aren't sick right now," but eventually they will need it.

To republicans it isn't even though dozens of countries have free healthcare

Heck yeah

6 Democrats Support Education Funding Over Military Funding

Donating to the military is the spread of Communism

Although both parties suck this is a good reason - DarkBoi-X

First of all our military is good enough. Our education is not. We are spending billions on our military which is already extremely powerful, & not enough on our education. No wonder other countries are calling us stupid. But instead of funding more important things, President Cheeto decides he wants to spend more money on our overpowered military, while calling our allies' leader's names & ruining relations with them. Nice going Trump.

I'm a Libertarian and I think both Republicans and Democrats are annoying but honestly this reason is one reason why Democrats are better.-DarkBoi-X

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7 Democrats Support Equal Pay For Women

Wage gap is a myth. If you correct for education level and time on the job, women actually make a tiny bit more. In many cases women have taken multiple years off the job due to childbirth, which affects their seniority on the job. In the past, men tended to have more education, though that is no longer the case with workers under 30. Also, men gravitate to more dangerous jobs, which pay more.

How stupid are you there is no such thing as a pay gap - libtardsarebad

I'm a democrat, but the wage gap is a myth. Most democrats don't know this. - Caleb9000

The gender pay gap exists, but not because if sextet reasons. It's because women typically work lower paying jobs that offer more benefits and job security. - Alpha101

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8 Democrats Support Minimum Wage Increase

Which will destroy the economy.

You do know you might lose your job as business owners will do anything not to get into debt, even if it means firing people? - KimJongFun

I think the giant companies can afford to pay a couple dollars more to workers and because they have more money they will spend more retard which will help the economy

This is one of the reasons why I’m thinking about voting for republican but for now I’m still independent - RawIsgore

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9 Democrats Support Stricter Gun Control

Only thing on here I agree with, guns are a big problem in America, there are other things than guns you can use for self-defense - darthvadern

Republicans are still living in the Wild Wild West era and they still think Democrats support slavery and the KKK

There is absolutely no reason guns even need to be sold to the common people. I understand that people are afraid of tyranny, but that has never happened (in this country) and probably never will. In addition, stricter gun laws would prevent people from selling guns as easily, and putting a fine on gun ownership, monthly, if we could not stop manufacturing would make it less desirable to have one.

There was another shooting this morning in Santa Fe High School, and 8 people have died. This comes 93 days after the horrific shooting at Parkland in which 17 people died. And there were 2 very bad shootings last fall, in which a combined 85 people died. And we STILL do nothing. - allamassal

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10 Democrats Know Military Action Should Be The Last Resort, Not The First

Unlike Donald Trump, who will destroy America if he resorts to military action first. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Then what should be first? Oh pleading to the other people that they shouldn't hurt us? Yea military action comes first dumbass. - tacoperson


Um America needs protection what if ISIS were bombing us?

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? Republicans are Rednecks

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11 Democrats Believe in Natural Rights


12 Democrats are Not Racist

Margret Sanger the one who started planed parenthood called poor people and black people human weeds. - libtardsarebad

What a dumb god damn reason. What did the republican say to you? The word black? Really democrats are way to emotional and stupid. It's all about their feelings. - tacoperson

Oh really? Because I'm pretty sure the democrats founded the KKK and support slavery - DoroExploro13

That's funny. The Democrats back then were conservative, just like today's Republicans. - Alpha101

That’s funny because The KKK wasn’t a racist organization at first but what happened was the poor subsistence farmers were pitied bu the generals that ran the KKK and were let in and all subsistence farmers had the same problem. Black people! The subsistence farmers were the minority and were Republicans. This is when Democrats backed out of the KKK.

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13 Democrats Don't Just Target The Upper Class


14 Democrats Believe In Climate Change

Republicans do to idiots - libtardsarebad

Science has already proved that climate change exists


15 Democrats Accept Immigrants and Refugees

Because you support Donald Trump who wanted to build a wall like the Wall of Berlin.

Illegal immigration is wrong because it takes spots away from legal imagrants who live far away like in India and don’t have a rio grande they can cross

So do Republicans. We just don’t support illegal immigration (keyword: illegal).

16 Democrats Believe in a Better Education
17 Democrats Acknowledge that They're Immature.

Do they though? - CartoonistKing

Really? Because I don’t know a single one that actually does. - 3DG20

Yes, at least they have devoted all their brainpower towards admitting immuriturity, No republican has done this becuase they aren't immature.

18 Democrats Care About Poor People

Its just like Labour in Britain got it?
I know what the words for American governments are. I learnt when I was little in The Simpsons (Citizen Kang) that you have just two parties.

19 Most Democrats Support Net Neutrality

Many republicans support Net Neutrality too. This issue isn't left or right. It affects everyone regardless of political ideology.

20 Democrats Believe that Everyone is Equal

No, Democrats believe that they’re better than everyone else all because they follow a stupid political party. - 3DG20

21 Democrats Care About the Environment

Liberals are very caring about the environment! Compared to the conservative party, they like to abuse everything they got.

22 Democrats Believe in Right to Privacy

Ex. Abortion is a right to privacy. (Roe v. Wade)

23 Democrats Don't Vote for Donald Trump

But they do vote for Hillary Clinton and treat her like a goddess, probably only because she’s a woman, so what’s your point? - 3DG20

My dad is a democrat and he voted for Trump.

If you're a Democrat, you most likely won't vote for a Republican, and vice versa. - wrests

24 Democrats Have Common Sense

Seriously? I honestly think neither do.

No they don’t. - 3DG20

25 Democrats Treat All Lives Equally

No they don’t. - 3DG20

26 The Economy Has Performed Better Under Democratic Presidents

Umm... the economy under the Trump administration has been the best it's ever been. However, the economy was terrible under the obama administration - CartoonistKing

27 Democrats Don't Get Mad Over Little Things Like a Gay Character in a Disney Movie

But they do get mad when someone disagrees with them. - 3DG20

My jaw almost broke when I saw this. Who's the one who says "Donald Trump shouldn't be president because he's a meanie." - og214

Well, who is president is MUCH more significant than something in a movie, so... - allamassal

Okay this reason is stupid. But there is a reason why people get mad cause of character in Disney movies...cause they shouldn't. - tacoperson

28 Recessions are More Likely to Occur Under Republicans
29 Democrats Don't Wave Around Their Hands

This one's stupid. You have to be kidding.

30 Democrats Don't Watch Fox News

I watch FOX, CNN, and MSNBC.
The people with the most accurate political opinions watch all, getting their sources from them all.

I bet republicans watch ONLY FOX news. - Solacress

At least, they get their news from multiple sources.

31 Democrats Don't Believe in Trickle Down Economics

Neither do Republicans. Trickle down economics isn't a real economic theory. It is a straw-man argument created by left-wing media outlets, journalists, and politicians to misrepresent and slander supply side economics (which is what actual conservative economic theories are based on).

32 Democrats Support Voting Rights

Well, as long as the votes are going to their greedy asses anyway. - 3DG20

I support voting rights and I'm a republican. - tacoperson

This one is a good one

33 Democrats Do Not Subscribe to Idiotic Conspiracy Theories Like Pizzagate

Yet you think Donald Trump pissed on the Presidents hotel bed? Hypocrites. - KimJongFun


...and then shoot up a pizza parlor like a methhead

34 They Give Citizenship to Immigrants.
35 Ajit Pai is a Republican

Justin Bieber is Canadian. He would vote for the Canadian government wouldn't he?

Yeah, one Republican out of the millions. Let’s see who the Democratic party has. Hillary Clinton? Kim Kardashian? Justin Bieber? Hillary Duff? - 3DG20

36 The Democratic Party is the More Diverse of the Two Main Parties

Isn't that racist to say that just because a party has more races it is better?

37 Republicans Hate Atheists More Than Democrats

Anti-athiest is unconstitutional, freedom of religion includes atheists

38 They Write Immature Top Ten Lists.

Democrats do too

39 Republicans Love George W. Bush

Democrats love Hillary Clinton. - 3DG20

40 Republicans Supported the Iraq War
41 Democrats See America as It is Today
42 They are Not Hypocritical About "Political Correctness."

I mean, seriously, Republicans love to whine about PC culture, yet they seem to be thin-skinned.

Many of them were outraged that a Canadian Donald Trump was "raped" in a South Park episode, as indicated in the Daily Mail comments, saying that South Park is part of the "liberal media." (Last I checked, the creators of South Park were Libertarians, and they make fun of everyone.)

Also, they actually believe that "white culture" is under attack. Whatever that means. At least halal is healthier than McDonald's and KFC.

Or how about that time when they are up in arms, when they are called, wait for it, "deplorable."

They’re hypocritical about pretty much everything else though, so does that really matter? - 3DG20

43 Republicans Put Corporations Over People
44 Democrats Don't Believe They are Still Living in the Wild Wild West Era America - The Country of Guns
45 They Care More About the Welfare of the People
46 Democrats Feel They Have a Right to Your Money

Yup you have to share, unless your them of course. - libtardsarebad

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