Top 10 Reasons Dimebag Darrell Was a Great Guitarist


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1 He Put His Emotions Into Playing Guitar

He Put Emotions Into His Guitar Playing - christangrant

2 He Was a Fun Loving Guy
3 He Made Great Riffs
4 He Was Loved by Many People
5 He and His Brother Vinnie Paul Made Pantera
6 He and Pantera Made Metal Popular in the 90s During When Grunge Was Coming In
7 He Helped the Rise of Groove Metal
8 He Helped Anthrax in the Late 90s

He Played Some Songs On Stomp 442 Volume 8 The Threat Is Real And We've Come For You All - christangrant

9 He Brought Back the Whammy Bar in Music

He was a very great dive bomber. But I'd say it was always in the music. Steve Vai was a prominent user for making whammy licks. KK Downing never left the whammy bar. Uli Jon Roth even had his own custom vibrato arm. Joe Satriani had been doing whammy bar since the beginning of his pro-career. Eddie Van Halen also used do dive bombs in the 80s. So, I don't think whammy bar uses ever went from music.

70s - Ritchie Blackmore, David Gilmour, Uli Jon Roth, Jeff Beck
80s - Eddie Van Halen, KK Downing, Joe Satriani, Kirk Hammett, Adrian Belew
90s - Steve Vai, Dime, Jeff Waters, Tom Morello
2000s - Herman Li, James Shaffer, John Petrucci, - zxm

10 He Created the Black Tooth Grin (Alcoholic Drink)

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11 He Made Great Solos

Ex. Floods. - Metal_Treasure

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