Top Ten Reasons to Dislike Ariana Grande

Top ten reasons to hate Ariana Grande or why she isn't as good as singing as you thought

The Top Ten

1 She says she hates America and Americans

She's like a terrorist. She hates America and causes public nuisance left, right and centre. - AGK

(Jose Gomez, Really Upset,)


Why Ariana, WHY!...

Why You Said That You Hate Americans,

Why Did You Said That,


Ariana Grande. You Are Also An American...

You Made A Apoligy Video.

You Love Your Country.

Just For Now On.

You Have To Start Being Nice To EveryBody!.

Man, that's racist!

Mario Bros. reactions: Oh-a no! You-a racist! A-racist!

I like how she hates Americans, but what she did was in poor taste.

You actually think her hating Americans is a good thing? You disgust me! - nintendofan126

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2 Shes always trying to make it seem like shes the innocent one
3 She breaks up with boys than lie and try to make them feel guilty
4 She thinks shes a queen at singing
5 She tries to compare herself with Mariah Carey
6 Trying to make herself sound cute by talking like Cat outside of Victorious
7 She's so disrespectful, irresponsible and rude
8 Trying to make herself look innocent by wearing kid-like clothes
9 The donut-licking incident

She picked up several donuts in a store and licked them, then put them back on the shelf and left without paying for them.

Who knows what kind of spyrochetes she left behind for somebody else.

10 Her ponytail

Why Ariana Grande didn't deserve to star in Wizards of Waverly Place, that would ruin things for me!

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