Top Ten Reasons To Dislike the United States Soccer Team


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1 They are not smart

Well, I'm not sure why mental intelligence should have much of an impact on whether or not a soccer national team is successful or not. The USA has a good soccer history, a lot better than most other nations. Look at Brazil. They are the most successful soccer nation ever, in my opinion, but the country itself, honestly, is not exactly the most educated in the world. It is lower than the United States, but that hasn't impacted their success on the pitch, right? I mean, any team, any nation, regardless of intelligence, can compete. It always comes down to what's on the pitch. On it, intelligence doesn't matter as much as teamwork, or talent, or experience. The US soccer team is only getting better, and nothing is going to slow it down. ON YOU YANKS!

Wow, this is by far the most stupid list I have ever seen. I mean, the U.S. team is total trash, but some of these numbers have nothing to do with their ability to play. "They are from some weird states? " "They have some crazy people? " You sir, have officially made the worst list in history. Not trying to be rude, but you really did. Good job... - Alpha101

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2 They think they are the best

No! Great Britain, Italy and Brazil are better than them. - Connor360

3 They never score a point in some games
4 They just want to get it finished
5 They have crazy people
6 They are from some weird states
7 They play too rough
8 They think they have good people
9 Hope Solo
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