Top Ten Reasons that Donald Trump Could Be the Worst President in History

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1 Healthcare Prices are Predicted to Rise

Trump would completely repeal the ACA. I would be all for this if he actually had a plan. He doesn't. 22 million people will lose their insurance. Also, he wants to cut funding for Medicaid, which means lots more will also lose coverage. This means higher prices for everyone.

And you thought our healthcare system was bad now! - Alpha101

2 He is Projected to Add Around 5 Trillion Dollars to the National Debt

Because of his massive tax cuts, the country will add an estimated 5 trillion to the national debt over the next ten years. - Alpha101

3 He Would Risk a Trade War

Trump wants to add huge tariffs to Chinese and Mexican imports. He claims by doing this, more people will buy American goods, and there will be more jobs. This works only in theory. If we place a tax on Mexican and Chinese imports, those two countries will most likely place even higher taxes on our inports. This will lead to higher prices for consumers overall, which means a worse economy. - Alpha101

Plus, if the " theory " would work it's still a short-term sollution. After his four years ( I hope not eight years ) of presidency all the countries he is taxing now will take on their turn revenge by demanding higher import prices again.

4 He is Comfortable with Russia

It's better to have Russia liking us than hating us. Besides, it could lead to greater relations with our nations and perhaps an alliance with our former enemy in the future? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

He has constantly said that he is comfortable with Russia, and even proposed fighting on their side in Syria. I shouldn't even have to explain why this is a horrible thing. - Alpha101

5 He Has Little Respect for Women

If you've been following the news for the past month, you know what I'm talking about. - Alpha101

6 He Wants to Build a Wall

A wall wouldn't necessarily work but tighter restrictions on the border could reduce illegal immigrants (sorry if I don't know too much about this subject) also wouldn't it be better if we can just have easier access to becoming a citizen? I mean Mexico does have it rough but that doesn't mean illegally crossing the border to another nation. I know it takes years to be an American citizen but maybe an easier way for people like them to become citizens would be okay - SirSkeletorThe3rd

A wall would be costly and will have, most likely, little effects on Illegal immigration. Around 40% of illegal immigrants come to the country on planes, so the wall would only affect around half of illegal immigrants. Also, more immigrants are currently leaving the country than coming in, so I dot really see why a wall is necessary. I'm all for policies that will deter illegal immigration, like increased funding for boarder security, but a wall is just a bit too far, don't you think? - Alpha101

7 His Personality is Bad

He's said things that no other respectable politician would even dream of saying. He's said that we should kill the family of terrorists, even if they are innocent. We should punish women for having abortions. We should impliment stop and frisk, which is a basic violation of our constitutional rights. Do I need to go on? - Alpha101

8 He Wants More Nuclear Weapons

He wants to let Saudi Arabia and South Korea have nuclear weapons. First, a little history. Many years ago, many countries signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty. This means that all the countries that signed the treaty agrees to never try to obtain nuclear weapons, in order to reduce the amount that we currently have. So far, only one country has broken the treaty, and that's North Korea. If he allows those two countries to get nukes, he is effectively breaking the treaty. This not only means more nukes, but it also means that if a country were to attack and defeat Saudi Arabia or South Korea, they would gain all of their nuclear weapons. Scared yet? - Alpha101

9 He Has No Political Experience

I get the appeal of an outsider to the presidency, but almost every single president has had at least a little experience. Trump has none. - Alpha101

10 He Acts Like a Child

Earlier, he said that the election was rigged. Now that he won, he's quickly reversed his opinion. If he would stand by his word, he would be okay with having another election. Of course this wouldn't be possible, but I'm just trying to be consistent. - Alpha101

NO! I have the biggest! Not you!

If you really wanted to "be consistent", you would have said that the Democrats laughed, rolled their eyes, and scoffed when he said the election was rigged. Shortly after that, it was proven that the Democrats DID rig it against Bernie Sanders. Ever since the Democrats lost the general election [more than four months ago], they have been whining, crying, and complaining that the election was rigged, and demanding an investigation. Funny and ironic.

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11 He is Removing Laws that Protect Animals

Should be number one animals mattter way wayy wayyy wayyy wayyy more than people - ihatetrump

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