Top Ten Reasons Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are Both Bad

I'm a Trump Supporter, but I have to admit that both Candidates are horrible.

The Top Ten

1 Donald Trump is a business man, not a politician; and Hillary is a proven criminal

Yep, they both suck. Although I find Clinton to be worse than Trump.

YES! BOTH ARE AWFUL! - TwilightKitsune

This is a great list. They r both terrible. I don't understand y we got it to where one of them is pretty much likely to become president :(

2 Both candidates lie
3 Trump is a loose cannon; Hillary is a coward

Thanks for making this list I agree with the premise.

4 Trump made fun of an autistic person; Hillary defended a rapist

She defended him because it was her JOB to at the time. She was a lawyer. She would've been fired and had nowhere else to go at the time if she wouldn't have defended the person, even if that person is a confirmed rapist. This proves how Trump fans never research anything about the person they're against before they whine about Hillary. They make fun of Hillary fans whining (it is annoying being the only group in the entirety of the country to even know basic politics, so I don't blame the Hillary fans at all for whining and also Trump and his fans are running the country to the ground and they are looking proudly at their work) but at least the Hillary fans know why they're whining while the Trump fans don't. - LemonComputer

I agree both r terrible, but people whinny about that case is stupid. Lawyers are supposed to defend to the best of their ability any person they r assigned, & Hilary was a lawyer back then

5 Both candidates are racist

Trump is not, he just wants to keep ILLEGALS out, while Hillary called all blacks super predators.

How was Hillary? - LemonComputer

Calling At-risk Black Youth Super Predators and she called Robert Byrd, a former KKK member her friend and her mentor - OnlyFoolsAndSlayer

6 Both are not trustworthy
7 Trump can't shut his mouth; Hillary can't stop lying
8 Both are hypocrites

This is why I like Barack Obama way better.

9 Both are snotty
10 Both are corrupt

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11 Both are not proven to be good presidents yet
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