Top Ten Reasons Donald Trump is Better Than Hilary Clinton

As the conventions are coming, it's time to compare the two loathed candidates. As a Republican and as me being me, I support Trump over Clinton, and this why I think so.

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1 Clinton is corrupt

For me, they are equally as bad. - cosmo

I don't support Trump, but Clinton is worse.

What Cosmo said, they are equally as bad. - Catacorn

If the Republicans wanted to make the moralistic argument, they should have ran a candidate with integrity. - marmalade_skies

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2 Trump has never been investigated by F.B.I., Clinton has

That can only mean his scams haven't been investigated by the F.B.I. yet.

What does this say, People? - Therandom

Well she has the FBI on her @$$ trump has more than 1000 lawsuits on his @$$. Both sound awful

3 Trump can run a business empire, Clinton can't even handle her own emails

Trump has filed cooperate bankruptsy 7 + times. That does not sound like running a good business empire. Or maybe u think tump university scam is how to run a good business?

4 Trump speaks his mind, Clinton does not

Because his ego's bigger than his towers.

Oh yes, by blowing up @ everything & being a bratty bigot, he does speak his mind! That won't cause any disputes with other countries /sarcasm

5 Trump would handle terrorism better than Clinton

I’m gonna have to agree on this. He did meet up with Kim Jong Un and sent airstrikes on chemical weapon storages in Syria. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Lol if I've learned anything from Brexit, that's not to believe all you've been promised. - IronSabbathPriest

Oh yea, by helping the terrorist he'd better handle teorrism alright!

6 Trump has never caused something like Benghazi

He was never able to. - marmalade_skies

But he'll be like bush jr. & get 2 terrorist going agaist the USA. Heck, possibly more

7 Trump would handle economy better

Protectionism, plus steep tax cuts for billionaires, plus not reforming the entitlement system, plus raising the already bloated military budget. I just don't see how that's going to help the economy. - marmalade_skies

Actually, no. While I agree with a few of his economic policies, the majority of them are disastrous. - Alpha101

By filing for bankruptcy?

8 Trump is more trustworthy than Clinton

The list on Politifact is biased and full of lies. It's a fake fact checker.

Trump universe yea... Trustworthy /eyeroll

No he isn't. - Powerfulgirl10

9 Trump doesn't base his campaign around one key aspect, Clinton does

I really haven't heard much about what trump plans to do besides "building Mexican wall & forcing Mexicans to pay for it! "

Which is being the first women president. - Therandom

10 Trump wouldn't screw America as badly as Clinton

WWI America vs everyone isn't screwing America?

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11 Trump actually cares about the country, Clinton only cares about herself

Last time I checked Trump cared more about his bank account than the future of America. - cutiepiestarlight

Cutiepiestarlight your wrong! 1! 1! 1
Trump also cares about ivanka, her daughters having big bewbz, himself, & hawtt woman who 'flirt with him unconsciously'!

12 She's a puppet that just wants power

And trump is a bully who just wants attention

13 Hillary Clinton is mean, rude, and racist

Isn't Donald Trump the exact same thing as Hillary Clinton? I mean they're both racist.

But the difference is Donald Trump is only trying to keep out the illegal immigrants. - 3DG20

14 Hilary Clinton is the worst person to ever run for presidency
15 Hilary Clinton tries too hard to make everybody like her, just so they will vote for her
16 Clinton Hates Democracy

And Trump loves Oligarchy!

17 Clinton Lost to Trump

2020. Elizabeth Warren for president!

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