Top Ten Reasons Donald Trump is Worse Than Hillary Clinton

There is a lot of reasons that Trump is worse than Clinton.

The Top Ten Reasons Donald Trump is Worse Than Hillary Clinton

He humiliated a handicapped man by imitating his disability

I have autism and I like him - Maddox121

Um, that didn't happen. He didn't know he was disabled.

Hillary Clinton started barking like a dog during the middle of a speech.

Seriously what does that have to do with trump making fun of a disabled person? - AzN8VWoman

Imagine a j@(k@$$ like him in office. He'd b representing the USA, then he goes & makes fun off the wrong person & pisses a world leader off...

He wants to ban Muslims just because of ISIS

Yes, the Muslims coming from terrorist countries. - Therandom

Not all Muslim are terrorists and not terrorists are Muslim or come from terrorist countries. - AzN8VWoman


He is embarrassing for the Republican Party

When he ignores what reps say & continues to say stupid stuff.

Aka the person winning in the polls. Even after Hilary's convention - Therandom

You need to stop believing the media - DoroExploro13

Donald Trump brags about everything

Nah, they are both equally as bad. Unfortunately one of them is going to win... And I don't want Trump. - cosmo

Neither are better, they both suck!

How does this affect Donald Trump's presidental performance to the point he's worse than Hillary? - Puga

Shows his lack of humility which indicates his lack of compassion... - AzN8VWoman

So? Doesn't make him bad. - Therandom

He will discriminate women for no good reason.

And Hillary discriminates blacks for no good reason. - 3DG20

He only likes women for their looks.

Again...Where's your evidence? Trump employs thousands of people, many of them women, and many of those women are highly paid professionals in management. Don't you think the media would have trotted out at least ONE woman who was "discriminated" by Trump if they could find one?

He "will"? Since he has not done this before, you must be predicting the future. If you can do that, you should be the one running.

He hates Japan and mocks it

A completely untrue statement, proving that Hillary and her supporters do not seem to be able to tell the truth about anything.

He has stated he respects Japan. He just said he wants profit from
Japan made good goods. Is that a problem? - Therandom

Trump disrespects veterans

That is NOT a good commander in chief!

He believes the country is not great, but he needs to make it great again, while Hillary Clinton believes the country is still great and can be made greater.

An interesting loophole in Donald Trump's campaign. If he says he wants to make America great again, that basically also means he's being pessimistic about America right now despite it still having some good in it. Meanwhile, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton believe that America is still great and that it can become greater. I don't necessarily think America is perfect, but I'm tired of Donald Trump acting like he's our only savior even though our country is still good in its own ways. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He will make America less terrible. And useless Obama and crooked Hilary are both wrong by the way. - Therandom

Trump is not "our only savior", he's just the only one running for president on a major party ticket.

His Trump University scam

In which someone lost over 60k, SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS from it. And he tells everyone 'he did nothing.' Oh yes, he will make America great again /eye roll

His wall won't help

We got a wall already. Besides that, the problem is not they r hoppin over it/breaking the wall, it's that they have underground tunnels they go through. So really, the wall would b just a waste of money... 'for the Mexicans'

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He doesn't care about gay people getting killed

In an anti guy shooting, he just went into hate gay speech instead of addressing the issue. How DISRESPECTFUL!

He tried to force someone out of her house for a casino parking lot

Now imagine if he was president he'd try & force his way with what he wants not caring about how illegal it is, nor about the care & safety of the people! Down with trump!

Hillary Clinton will keep America in one piece but Donald Trump will rip it up with billions of small pieces

In my view,Donald Trump appears to think the law and the Constitution are not applicable to him and might change them in ways harmful to the American people. That can cause a complete breakdown of America as we know it. I fear for our country because I believe all this will happen. I earnestly hope I'm wrong, but I'm heartbroken for America already!

Well put.

He blows up at any negative comment about himself

Like his while vinyetta against O'donnel? It's because she had an opinion she voiced on a talk show stating she thinks trump shouldn't have let a minior keep her title of miss America (I think? ) because she admitted to smoking & drinking when she was only 18 yrs old.

And in funnier news, he flipped out over someone commenting on his 'sausage fingers' & had to defend his fingers for no reason.

He hates African Americans
He hates women
He Treats Women like Objects
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