Top Ten Reasons Donald Trump Should Burn in the Deepest Darkest Corner of the Seven Hells, His Soul Roasting, Screaming Endlessly

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1 He is the modern day Hitler

I was going to ask why this list was a pile of garbage, but then I realized M4j0r45 made this list. Anyways, this list is offensive. You are comparing a political candidate whose ideas you don't agree with to a man who slaughtered 6,000 Jewish persons.

You're a disgusting individual. And anyone who agrees with this list ought be ashamed of themselves. (I'm sure most of you don't, but you never know these days...)

Edit: Okay, I'm kinda overreacting here. The ENTRY is offensive rather than the list. And he's not actually that disgusting - DCfnaf

I like the Game of Thrones reference in the list title. But the list itself is unnecessary. Winter is coming for us all anyway. - IronSabbathPriest

That's Kim Jong un. - Puga

People who think Trump is anything like Hitler are delusional, uninformed, brainwashed idiots, who have bought in to the lies spread by MSM. I'm not going to apologize. This needs to stop!

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2 He made fun of a disabled person, which is something we tell five year-olds not to do

He's a bad example for 5 year olds. - Catacorn

3 He is a liar

Hillary Clinton is 10x the liar.

4 He criticized the parents of a deceased soldier

That was awful of him - TwilightKitsune

When Hillary criticized millions of Trump supporters, saying most of them were "a basket of deplorables." Uh hu.

5 He wants to have a holocaust with Muslims

No he wants to eliminate Isis - bobbythebrony

6 His hair looks bad
7 He is immodest
8 He rubs Cheetos on his face

haha! lol - leafstar

9 His first priority is getting back at anyone who has insulted him

True. He attacked the press recently, so this item is kind of true in a way. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 He is dumb

Is that how he turned one million dollars into several billion dollars? - bobbythebrony

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