Reasons Donald Trump Should Not Ban Mexicans

I am not mexican myself but this mexican hate needs to stop

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1 Not all mexicans are bad

He only bans the bad ones - Maddox121

He doesn't want to ban Mexicans. He wants to stop them from illegally coming into America and causing trouble. It seems like everyone plays the race card nowadays. Do people ever use their brain? - bobbythebrony

Like everyone else, some Mexicans could be very good people, but however, some Mexicans could also be very bad people. - dingodile2603

I don't find Mexicans bad, they're just innocents to me but not everybody is a innocent

2 Mexicans are judged unfairly on stereotypes

What about drug cartels? - FerrariDude64

3 Mexicans can make great friends
4 Mexicans are human beings

We are all human, it doesn't matter what race, color, gender, sexual orientation, etc. - Pegasister12

And Mexicans are all different like normal people. I have met a number of a**es but also a lot of nice Mexicans. - AnonymousChick

5 Mexicans don't say they want to ban us

Actually, yes they do. It is MUCH harder for someone from the US heading south wanting to settle in illegally, you will get caught and kicked out or worse pretty quickly. For illegal immigrants heading north into Mexico from Central America, if caught, the treatment is extremely harsh, including prison and deportation.

Even legal immigrants going from the US, going down to Mexico for retirement or work get harassed very badly by police and government regulations. If you try to go to Mexico illegally, your property will be confiscated, and you will be fined and deported.

Ha! Even to be a long-term resident alien in Mexico, you must prove that you have $1700 in the bank at the end of every month, and show a direct deposit work income or Social Security check of $1200 every month, or Mexico will make sure you are immediately deported.

There is a penalty for someone from the US going down to Mexico - FerrariDude64

6 Mexicans are suffering

Yeah, Mexico has poor people over there, that's why my mother and father moved here. There's also the problem of pollution, since they use old trucks over there. - Pegasister12

If you hate poor people and people who have old trucks, you are a horrible racist.

7 Mexicans are better than Donald Trump

Did you know Donald Trump's hair is fake. I like innocent people

Bugger did you know trump is almost 60 year old - gummysniper

8 Mexicans treat you like their family

Not all of them. Most of them treat us like an enemy.

9 Mexicans do not hate on Japan

Japan created anime, anime is great, so Japan is great. I love their sushi too! - Pegasister12

The Prime Minister of Japan just made a totally racist remark about Obama, and how he never expected a black or slave to get to be president, its in the news, though Japan is best known for being badly racist toward Koreans.

Mexico was officially "neutral" during WW2, they really did not care one way or another if Germany and the Nazis took over Europe.

What's wrong with Japan? They never did anything to us after World War II. They're close allies with the US. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 That's racist

Like are you an Native American?

The Chinese also said they can't trust America, so they are racist toward us, I guess it evens out.

He was also racist to Asian people, saying that we can't trust China. - Pegasister12

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11 Mexicans did no harm

And that is why 10,000 military/police were dispatched today, February 16, 2016, to protect the Pope as he visits Mexico.

Oh please no matter where the Pope goes he gets an escort! He's the Pope. - GrimmShady

Even those that brought their families should have stayed and done so in Mexico. If the Mexican way is so great, why not just stay there, and if the Mexican system is bad, then stay and work to change it. The USA allows over 1,000,000 "legal" immigrants each year, more than any other country.

Most of them actually come here to raise their families, not bring drugs. Donald trump should study his facts before judging.

Um, what about these drug problems and El Choppo? - LunaFrost

12 They make up more than half of our workforce.

This is totally false, just like the rest of the so-called "facts" on this list.

13 Mexicans are not ugly

In fact,some are really beautiful.

People judge them by the natives. There are more diverse looking Mexicans, some could even be naturally blonde. I am Mexican and I am not fat and have light skin, so don't judge.

When did Trump say this? He never did.

Trump never said this, either.

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