Top Ten Reasons Donald Trump Should Win the 2016 Presidential Election

Everyone on this site hates Trump, but here's why he is the best choice.

The Top Ten Reasons Donald Trump Should Win the 2016 Presidential Election

1 He doesn't back down when criticized

Actually, Alpha101, you do have the right to say whatever you want, and Trump has advocated for this. What he doesn't stand for is rude activist babies shoving you off a podium at your own rally, like a bunch of crybaby brats. If they wanted to speak, they should have held their own rally, they had no right to shove Bernie off his podium. The difference is that Trump held his ground while Bernie backed off like the pansy he is. THAT is the kind of leadership we need in these unsure times.

Trump doesn't back down because he thinks everybody else is inferior to him - peashooter

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un do not back down when their enemies revolt, does that make them worthy of praise?

When you have unpopular opinions, it's best to fight for them bravely. This is something I like with Trump, though I certainly don't want him to win the election.

Bernie Sanders was thrown off his own podium in Seattle by black lives matter protesters. They tried the same thing with Trump and he had them immediately kicked out of the rally. He stands his ground when opposed. - Jackamalio

2 Trump will destroy ISIS

I bet he thinks that Indonesia and the Philippines are filled with ISIS members, because you know, they are non-white foreign countries. If he destroys these countries...

... then we're not in big trouble, as Trump isn't as stupid as you think he is. ISIS is obviously not primarily located in the Oceanic region, and Trump realizes that. - NoEntranceHere

I think the opposite would happen instead. I hate ISIS, but America's in big trouble if Trump becomes president.

He'll also execute isis members wives and children...

"I have a secret plan to destroy isis in 30 days" Its been like a year and a half now dude come on - Yatagarasu

3 He isn't afraid of the liberal media

Trump has been the butt of ridicule for years, so some CNN correspondent calling him a racist doesn't even phase him. Republicans have a history of backing down before the leftist media, but Trump tells them to get lost. What a boss. - Jackamalio

That still hasn't changed. He still is the butt of many jokes and for good reason. - peashooter

He is totally brilliant. Let's just attack everyone and then play the hurt feelings card when they swing back. - marmalade_skies

I mean, he does get the most airtime on the news networks. In truth, media companies are happy that they are raking in the cash from their 24/7 Trump coverage.

I don't think this or "he doesn't back down when criticized" aren't really relevant to being president. I do think he backs down when criticized, too. He fired Lewandowski over the Michelle Fields "incident" and just last week, after the left criticized the healthcare bills (which he formerly praised), he did a 180 and said it was "too mean".

4 He will remove Common Core

This is the reason I want Obama out of office and Trump in.

Yes! Common Core is tearing ALL children and students down. It tells them that they are not as smart as they should be and deceives them into thinking they are the way to be smart, even though grade levels have plummeted since it came into operation!

Yeah, once I'm out of high school and already dumbed down by Common Core. - PianoQueen

To be honest, almost all the Republicans want Crappy Core removed. - TheYoshiOverlord

5 He knows how to manage money

He's filed for bankruptcy four times.

One can't deny he has more financial experience. Also keep in mind that running a business is different to running a country. In business you can take a lot more risks which depending on how they play out can either be big money or complete failure. When running a country though you can't really make the same kind of risks.

He's not all that successful... He got a lot of support from his family and still managed to file for bankruptcy four times. Besides, many people can run a company successfully without leaving so many people hurt, broken or harmed in its wake.

He has run his own business for years and years very successfully. He has real financial experience. AND WHO THE HECK CARES IF HE INHERITED HIS FORTUNE?!?! He's still used his money to the best of his ability.

6 He will build a wall

Yeah, but illegals could just use a boat, so the wall is pretty much useless. - RoseWeasley

I don't want an actual wall, but strengthened border security, no Syrian refugees, and less illegal immigrants. - ryanrimmel

Yep, and belive that a wall made of trash (literally) will actually repel Mexicans. Like if planes didn't exist

What? That is not a good idea at all! - Neonco31

7 He is a shining example of capitalist success

I mean sure, it's easy to be super rich when you're born into a billionaire's house. Geez people, wake up. This isn't some funny game anymore, if Trump wins, America will become an utter embarrassment!

Hard to take you seriously when your username is random numbers - AgentofAnarchy

Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump University, Trump Mortgage, Trump Water. Real success people, this is how you do it!

And all of the things you just said were complete failures not to mention he went broke twice! - GrimmShady

He is a shining example of wanting to bang his daughter

Please, he was calling his daughter all of these things because she's his daughter and because he was joking. - DCfnaf

And because you elected this greedy capitalist clown ( his staff are only billionaires. He doesn't want to work with non-billionaires ) you all voters think that you will become rich and a succes? Get real! He replaced American democracy to an oligarchy.

8 Many of the other candidates are all clowns

The Republican party is in shambles right now. You have to at least admit that. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Hillary is easily the best candidate. John Fugelsang, a Sanders supporter by the way, called her the most qualified candidate since Jefferson. She's been taking slings and arrows from Republicans, the media, some Sanders supporters, sexists, and Clinton haters and she is still leading the polls. She is, by far, the toughest candidate. If Trump tries his insult routine on her, he'll have a rude awakening.

So will Trump if he becomes president. And I'm sure democrats like myself, get really offended by your comment Nintendo. Of course, I don't want Hillary to win either. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

HAH! Trump and all the republicans are the biggest clowns I've ever seen! I admit hillary sucks but dang! The republicans argue about who has a bigger penus during political debates! Idiots...Bernie Sanders for the win!

People don't know, but Hillary wants nuclear war with Russia.

9 He will repeal Obamacare and replace it with something even better!

Actually, he's just said he would repeal the ACA. He doesn't know what to do after that.

He said we should allow private insurers to sell across state lines to increase competition and to reduce costs. They can already do this. Many do. I don't understand what he wants here.

He also said we should block-grant Medicaid to the states. This sounds great, but this usually means that it will eventually be cut, which means many would lose their Medicaid.

The main bject of the ACA is to get more people insured, including those with pre-existing conditions. Before, they would have to pay very high premiums for insurance. Now, they pay around the same as everyone else. Trump said when he repeals the ACA, he would find a way to get those with pre-existing conditions health insurance. He has, of course, nor said how this would be done yet.

So the 22 million people who bought insurance from Obamacare will lose their insurance, and also a large number if people on ...more - Alpha101

He's too incompetent & inconsiderate to even try to come up with something better. I mean, he made fun of a disabled person. Why would he care for those hurt & sick?

This entire list is saying things he would do. It says nothing about how he would do it. Awful list.

Basically a modified version of Paul Ryan's plan which nobody cared about. But now Trump is doing it and it's hot stuff. - marmalade_skies

10 His savage burns

Cause, you know, roasting people just makes you the best president. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

My 7 year old sister has more common sense than this orange thing

Yes, and if she became president I couldn't wait to see the new Cookie-Flavored Ice Cream laws she would put in place. We really need them. - NoEntranceHere

Yeah, because an orangutan with a dead snail on his head is totally savage, and being savage totally makes you a better president. *Obvious sarcasm*

No. I guess making fun of disabled people and roasting others is legal then. - Powerfulgirl10

The Contenders

11 He's hilarious

He posts memes to his Twitter... finally a President who has some humour and is different to his predecessors! - micahisthebest

So he should be president because he's funny? What has America come to?

Donald trump is an idiot, so bare some of his supporters

Linda is a spice boy

12 He'll strengthen the military

Even the have the best military in the world already, and we spend more on defense then the next ten countries COMBINED! We need to cut our spending, and our military should be one of the first things to be cut. I'm all for a strong national defense, but we need to put our economy and people first. - Alpha101

He wouldn't know how to run an army, and I hate to say it but it doesn't really sound like Sanders would either. That's one of the main reasons I'm for Hillary.

Maybe this is right. They'll get stronger & smarter on their will to assassinate the moron insulting them & the guy thinking that they'll commit a war crime because he told them to.

If anything he will scare them away, I'm sure the military will say screw it and leave America - cheygirl02

13 We need racist people as president

Name one thing that he actually has said that is racist? Sending illegals back isn't racist. Muslims aren't a race. Looking over from the UK and seeing how people will easily support war criminal Hillary because she's a woman really just sickens me while all these lies and slander are claimed against the person who has done less wrong than the Democrat candidate

This is coming from a British citizen. Trump is a complete embarrassment, and the fact that he has gotten as far as he has indicates America can not keep up with race and gender equality.

Thank you for your comment! Trump supporters seem to be stuck on the false thought that "Trump is so strong and will be respected by everyone! ". - GrimmShady

Okay, this list is getting on my nerves. First of all, racist people are bad people, like Trump. They're super mean and they make fun of skin tone, races, and other stuff like that. Second, Trump is a stupid id to who should not be president since he'll start World War 3 and build a wall. - Powerfulgirl10

This proves how stupid trump supporters are.

14 Donald Trump likes Boku no Pico

I read this at work and almost burst out laughing.

Now I just don't know why this list exists. - UltraGamer

Donald Trump probably likes Boku no Pico since he is a pedophile. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

No he's not. That's just slander and libelous, regardless of whether you like Trump or not. - aj2005

Donald Trump probably watches Boku no Pico in his fancy basement. I swear, this should be a meme by now. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

15 He can't be bought

He's a billionaire, why would he need to take bribes? - Jackamalio

Another great thing about Trump is he don't care what he says, he doesn't have a politicians filter and just talks like a normal guy. (maybe that's why so many blue collared workers voted for him)

Because he needed a small loan from his daddy in the form of a million dollars?

He will probably reward Big Oil and Banks though, despite not being lobbied in doing so

16 He isn't politically correct

Trump is a breath of fresh air and what America needs to get everyone to shut up, get along and move the country forward instead of people being offended every day by every little thing.

Only anti-PC if it offends minorities. Forget it, Trump blows up if you insult him.

That is a good thing

He isn't correct on anything

17 He's stupid

The stupidest presidential candidate ever. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He's smart enough to know that your sentence isn't grammatically correct. - ryanrimmel

So we need stupid people to become president? - Powerfulgirl10

I died laughing at this one! - Neonco31

I may be wrong...but how is this a GOOD reason? Well, at least it's the only one that's true.

18 He's the only one with a real plan

He has been criticized for his nonspecific rhetoric, but that's his playing to the crowd. His rallies are a celebration of America. On his website he has outlined his plan which includes lowering taxes for everyone and closing many of the tax loopholes available only to the wealthy. He also explains how he will get Mexico to pay for the wall as well as other policies such as healthcare, job growth, education, the military, etc

And he's the only one who wants to bang his daughter

Except all this time he tries to get all the hate on him and do something like Zero Requiem(like what they did In Code Geass), I hardly doubt It. He'd be a bad president. - MLPFan

And that plan is garbage, so...

19 Trump isn't a professional politician

I really don't understand this concept of "Trump is not a politician, meaning he is the best! " This is a country that needs someone who actually knows what they're talking about. Trump is probably going to have other people do the work for him if he does win. So dumb.

Which means he is also the least qualified and prepared for the upcoming role of possibly becoming president. He has no experience. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Having a president that isn't politically experienced is the equivalent of having a family doctor with no medical experience.

Politicians who do politics as a job can become corrupt and ignore. The needs of the people. Trump doesn't have an experience in politics, so he isn't likely to use it for money, becuase, you know, he's a BILLIONAIRE. - Jackamalio

Would you hire someone with no experience to build your house or would you want a pro to build it? - peashooter

20 No experience in an office

Yes, the ideas would be fresh. They would also be naive, unworkable, uninformed,
poorly advised, not well thought out, and unable to be passed. Since he's taken so few stands on issues, I'll use his Mexican wall and his Muslim ban as examples. Neither one would stand a prayer of making it through even a very conservative house, and certainly not the Senate. When he starts debating Clinton or Sanders (meaning an intelligent, experienced candidate) you'll see Trump's flaws fully on display.

Yes, like Obama had loads of experience as a "community organizer".

But he does have experience with being a pedophile

No experience = Even worse than Hillary.

21 His honesty

Donald Trump? As in, "The President of the United States of America named Donald Trump" is "honest? " Since when was the last time he was honest? Who knows!
Donald Trump is THE MOST HONEST MAN that has EVER LIVED (sarcasm).

Honesty of being a pedophile?

Hillary is the most deplorable and untrustworthy person I ever herd - RyanMtheGamer

Hahaaakahahajsshgadfjjg LMFAO!

Right. And I am the goddess of the whole universe! What a great joke!

22 He will make Americans look like dumb blondes

I'm not a blonde person myself, but that is very mean. Donald Trump should realized that NOT all blondes are dumb! I bet that even most of the blondes are more smarter than him.

I'd rather have Johnny Bravo run for president than Donald Trump. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Donald Trump wants to bang his daughter and blondes

And that’s a reason? No, it’s not. This list is so dumb it speaks for itself, but I’m going to keep criticizing it.

23 Has a history of being Bipartisan

You have some very good points on this list. Whether people support Trump or not, at least this might be the only list on the subject that is rational and mature - Billyv

He has a history of changing political parties about every five years. How can he have a history of being bipartisan when he's never held public office? Do you mean he's fired both Republicans and Democrats from his reality show, or what?

This could make it so Trump can work together with both parties, finding compromises and such. - Jackamalio

He also has a history of wanting to bang his daughter

24 He isn't Clinton

Best reason. - ProPanda

And Clinton isn’t Trump.

25 He treats women equally

*Trump and paid model filming the apology for sexist comment #445*

"Man I sure do respect women! "

*pulls model closer and starts touching all over her body while "hugging"

model's smile slowly fades away* - ProPanda

He has taken a lot of flack for being mysogynistic, but he only fights back when attacked, regardless of the gender of his attacker. His company hires and promotes more women executives than almost any other, and his daughter holds an equal position in his company with his sons.

The things he says about women prove this point wrong.

Also wants to bang all children equally as woman

26 He's actually a good guy

Yeah, because bragging about filing for bankruptcy unnecessarily six times and making fun of disabled people and also being a pedophile is nice.

He made fun of a disabled guy do you think that's nice

Alignment of donald john trump is lawful evil

By all accounts from people who actually know him, he is generous and caring. There are numerous stories of his charitable acts to strangers over the years.

27 He's a living meme


So is Obama, and he was a phenomenal president. Trump sucks, and he’s a living meme.

28 If he wins the presidency, ISIS will be coming for his head

As will all world leaders and politicians

And so will the rest of the world leaders

I would be okay with that. I'd be okay with Clinton or Sanders. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Good. Get him out of here. Mike Pence would be terrible, but not as bad as trump.

29 It will be fun to rebuild civilization after his term is done.

That would be fun, I gotta admit... - RoleplayerR

That’s not a good reason.

30 His combover

It's rubbish

31 He is so ugly he will scare away terrorists.

This is so ridiculous...

If you think "Allahu Akbar" is racist, understand that it's Arabic for "God is Great"... So you're saying that if you think God is Great you're a terrorist.

That would be awesome

Hey! - RyanMtheGamer

32 He's so racist that the Klan will want nothing to do with him and leave the country.

Heh good

33 He likes Katy Perry

& likes to bang his daughter

I don't think he like Katy Perry, just to tell you the truth. - Babygirl7

34 His surname is slang for "fart" in certain parts of England
35 Denying Muslim refugees was a good idea.

He did it because he didn't want USA to end up like Germany.

36 He blocked a North Korean bomb and told Kim Jong Un he had a bigger button
37 He will make America look ridiculous to the rest of the world

I know Hillary Clinton isn't the best option for president, but if it was between her and Donald Trump I was choosing, I would have to choose her since she at least has experience in politics despite having questionable ideas. But I do think Bernie Sanders should win. As for Republicans, at least choose a candidate that isn't Donald Trump! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Actually, Obama did a pretty fine job of getting the rest of the world to respect us, after the maniac left office, also known as Bush. He isn't perfect, but he is a HUGE improvement, and one of the best in recent years. Give me five reasons why he's a terrible president. - Alpha101

Obama was a good president, he helped a lot of people so just stop, and trump is a clown that will go down as worst president in history, have you guys not seen the stuff he done. - cheygirl02

And this will make us better as a whole how?

38 He will destroy America

If he runs America like he runs Trump University...

He will because he won't stupid people so he becomes rich so he will only wont money

He already is.

WWIII, 2nd Great Depression, going back to how things were in the 1950's... Please don't vote for him America!

39 He's the worst candidate ever

Wrong List. - RyanMtheGamer

40 He will annex Mexico and turn it into a gigantic hotel and casino.
41 He will unite all the countries of the world against him.

Even America? Yep.

42 He has memes made after him
43 He claims his IQ Is 157

Who knows his actual IQ because I heard from some supporter of his that he believes it's past 300. Lol NOT!

So what? Because he has a high IQ doesn't mean that he is a good person. Many NAZI leaders had higher IQ"s than 157 ( their IQ's were measured at the Nuremberg trials ).

I don't think his IQ is passed 10

His IQ is -5 - MLPFan

44 His bravery

Bravery? LMAO He can't even debate Bernie Sanders! So much for being so tough. If "Comrade Sanders" was so bad, you would tear him a new one, right? Guess not. #ChickenTrump

He is brave amitting he wants to bang his daughter

45 He is not racist

He is Racist and he should not win. Hillary Clinton will win

But he is a pedophile

First, Mexican is not a race. Second, he objects to illegals coming here, not all Mexicans. He has actually said he welcomes anyone who wants to come in through legal channels.

Yes he is.

46 He's incredibly smart

He went to Penn State and then graduated from Wharton, one of the most prestigious business schools in the country. Since then, he has built a multi billion dollar international industry and is extremely well respected in the business world. He also knows people. He knew he wouldn't win if he came out like a politician. Instead, he came out as an average guy who understands why people are frustrated with the system. He chose to be a wild card, and against all predictions, he beat out the competition.

"The blacks..."
"Anchor babies..."
Mexican wall & how it will be paied for idea.
Globle warming = invented by Chinese

Oh yes. Smart. Riiight. /sarcasm

47 He's a team player

Many people think he's arrogant and just wants to be in charge, but in fact he knows his strengths and his weaknesses. When he lacks knowledge of a situation he seeks out qualified help and educates himself. There's a story about a skating rink in NY that was falling apart and was visible from his home. He got tired of watching the city try and fail to renovate it, so he stepped in. But he didn't know anything about skating rinks. So he researched and found an expert and the skating rink was restored. He didn't have to do anything at all; it was the city's responsibility, but he stepped in to help and procured the people needed.

Yes team player kicking all the Mexicans & Muslims out of the USA lol /sarcasm

Yes a big team player making all our allies hate us and starting WWIII!

48 He looks like Guy Fieri
49 He will put an end to political correctness
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