Reasons Dream Theater is Better Than Tool

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1 Dream Theater doesn’t remove their music from streaming services for no reason

I feel like I should be offended by this list being the big Tool fan that I am, but I'm not. Although I will gladly say Dream Theater is the single most overrated band in prog metal and Tool is a close second. - cjWriter1997

2 Dream Theater is a more intelligent and technically proficient band

Third Eye is easily in my top 10 Tool songs :/ - cjWriter1997

Here’s an example: Dream Theater’s longest song runs 42:03. It’s so long because it tells one story, and it reached that length organically. The ending is stretched out because it continues into the beginning of the next album. Tool’s longest song runs 15:47. That’s because most of it is obnoxious noise and static. It’s not even a good song.
See what I mean yet?

3 Dream Theater is more active

Can't argue here sadly :/ - cjWriter1997

4 Dream Theater has better lyrics

Calling a prog band pretentious is like calling water wet. - cjWriter1997

Hate to say it but Dream Theater are pretentious some times. That's not necessarily a bad thing. By the way I love both bands, I just prefer Tool more. Dream Theater are still quite the band. - cjWriter1997

The meaning of Lateralus’s lyrics: A song about examining life in general that shows the bands pretentiousness rather than them being a good band
The meaning of Octavarium’s lyrics: Everything moves in circles and ends where it began, and also probably about examining life in general, and also shows off the band’s intelligence and is far more complex and meaningful when Tool just wrote about something anyone can write about without being intelligent.
Just because Lateralus uses a sequence of numbers doesn’t mean it’s intelligent and it doesn’t mean it’s good.

5 Dream Theater has better vocals

LaBrie's voice can get a little dry for my tastes but he's not terrible as some say. Maynard is actually a really good singer, with a lot power in his voice. The ending to Vicarious is a good example. He's a tenor singer so he's not going to always be heavy sounding. I can't imagine any other singer that fits better for Tool. - cjWriter1997

6 Dream Theater is more creative

Tool has 4 albums, DT has over 10. What do you expect? - cjWriter1997

Creativity is something that really can't be ranked or scaled to a certain objectivity level, in my opinion, as that completely goes against what being creative is all about. Everyone has ideas, everyone executes them differently. It's down to the listeners to what type of execution they prefer. - cjWriter1997

You don’t even have to look past their names to realize this!

7 Dream Theater has better albums

Lateralus (and as well as 10,000 Days) beats any DT album, in my opinion. But that's okay if you prefer otherwise. - cjWriter1997

Octavarium or Lateralus?
Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence or 10,000 Days?
Metropolis: Part II: Scenes From A Memory or Ænema?
Black Clouds And Silver Linings or Undertow?

8 Dream Theater has better guitar work

Okay I can agree here but Tool isn't always about the crazy guitar solos. They're more about the overall sound and atmosphere. Reflection barely has guitars until near the end but it's full of atmosphere. - cjWriter1997

I think this one is self explanatory. But I’m going to give an example anyway.
Listen to Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence and then Schism. Just because Tool has good riffs doesn’t mean they’re a good band, and it doesn’t mean they have good guitar work.

9 The members of Tool are jerks

Maynard especially. - cjWriter1997

10 Dream Theater doesn't take up over 10 minutes of their albums with pointless noise and filler interludes

Disgustipated is literally more noise than music.

In the case of Lateralus, the interludes makes sense given the concept around the album. Ænima is really the only guilty one of abusing their interludes. 10,000 Days has Lipan Conjuring which is more of a break between Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned and The Pot and Viginti Tres is actually part of a hidden track (look up 10,000 Days secret song to know more about it) - cjWriter1997

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11 Dream Theater is more mature

Okay this point made me laugh. It's true the band loves to use dirty jokes and sex acts as metaphors. Stinkfist anyone? - cjWriter1997

They never made a set of tools look like a penis. Enough said.

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