Top Ten Reasons Dubstep Is the Worst Genre of Music

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1 Computers Are Not Instruments

So what if it's not being played with an instrument? There are many excellent and legendary pieces of music which have been recorded without traditional instruments. It's not detracting from what music is defined by, it's simply developing our technologies. The fact is, it's still music, and for one thing, it better qualifies as music than the autotune junkies that dominate the pop and rap industry. - PositronWildhawk

So? Combining synths and making good progression can make up for the difficulty of playing actual instruments. Electronic music also takes talent, and also Dubstep!

I love dub step! - Therandom

What did I just tell you? Dubstep for the win! - DynastiSugarPop

2 It Takes Zero Effort

Yes, because Skrillex is a lazy dweeb that doesn't put effort into his music, yet Nicki Minaj is a lyrical genius.

How to play a dubstep music live:

1. Have a bunch of kids on drugs stand in a crowd
2. Press a single button on a new-looking laptop that plays the song
3. Do some lame dancing and tell the crowd to get "pumped"
4. Oh don't forget the ugly seizure lights!

Well why don't you do it then?

It isn't hard to record a sound, record another sound, and play the two sounds together. - ToptenPizza

3 The Artists Have Stupid Names

Rock bands and jazz crooners also have bizarre names, but is that good reason to attack the genre? - PositronWildhawk

Damn, I guess this means I shouldn't listen to Jefferson Airplane or the Strawberry Alarm Clock anymore. :( - PetSounds

And this effects their music because? - gemcloben

Don't see what this has to do with the music, but it's true. - IronSabbathPriest

4 It Is the Result of Nerds Messing Around In Their Garage

That's what most Hip Hop and Rap do

That is pretty much how dubstep was made. That is how indie was made, but at least they PLAY ACTUAL MUSIC! - ToptenPizza

Um...anything can be an instrument,banging on anything is an imstruments - Nateawesomeness

5 Takes No Talent to Make

Honestly, I'd like to see you try to make anything on the level of Electus, Gemini and Fractal. If you actually just mash lots of noises together like you think you're doing it, I'm sure it'll sound nothing like it. Commercial dubstep may be bad, but a lot of undergrounded dubstep is mellifluous and often meaningful. Dubstep is not just messing with computers, it's a pioneering art form. So stop posting ounces of nonsense about something you know too little about. - PositronWildhawk

Anyone with internet access can press some buttons and make a series of sounds. - ToptenPizza

It isn't just pushing buttons,it also takes the right fingering,because of the diffrent pitches and tunes made, - Nateawesomeness

6 It Is Just Bleeps and Bloops

Is it? If it was just bleeps and bloops, and not ordered into a progressing rhythm with a mix of dark and subtle sounds, it wouldn't have been classed as a genre of music, now, would it? Admittedly, some of it does not pick up on these rhythms, but in the bigger picture, it's a fluctuative variation of bass, whether heavy, chilled or progressive. Its subgenres have often been mixed with and influenced by elements of similar genres such as trance, or highly different genres such as classical. It just goes to show that dubstep musicians are, in fact, highly intuitive and diverse, and that's why it can't be generalised. - PositronWildhawk

It's just a production technique. The repetition criticism in relation to one track is not as condemnable as it's ubiquity among many, many tracks and artists. Only because it has been reproduced ad nauseum that it has it somehow managed to get itself labeled as "genre". I mean, hell, there's more sonic variation in tecno brega. Eat that PositronTonyHawk, CaptainProton, whatever you call yourself. How can anyone listen to same trick on 30 "songs" in one day? ugh

Well, I could make the same arguments for your ever-hated rap, Pos. - keycha1n

But it takes the right fingering,pitch,tune.and note,etc - Nateawesomeness

7 No Creative Hooks or Rhythm
8 Dubstep is killing music industry

Lier,Justin Bieber,Miley circus,and nicki Minaj is,and the Beatles(jk for the last one) - Nateawesomeness

9 The Artists Dress Like Idiots

Van Halen wears better clothing.

Other artist have weird costumes too

Ugh no one sees you just stay in your pajamas - ToptenPizza

10 It Is Repetitive

Well Hip Hop is repetitive. Same as heavy metal and rock.

They do the same thing again and again except maybe "ding" insead of "dong" - ToptenPizza

So it is the ONLY type of music that has repetitiveness? Is that what you are telling me? Also "ding" and "dong" hardly do credit. I know this entire page was meant to be a joke and I don't care. - ROBO_SPARTAN

So what,stepping is repetitive,and yet we all step - Nateawesomeness

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11 Metal Is The Best


The second best,dubstep is the best - Nateawesomeness

Only a few metal genres are good.Dubstep is better.Yes I have a different opinion,deal with it.-TheCoolGuy1

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