Pretentiousness of Deez Nuts

This list.... How much little effort did you take to research the topic at your own hand? Seriously!? That is a critical question you need to answer because the amount of logic and reasoning are less seasoned that a blind man's recipe on how to cook a Tex Mex chicken sandwich. In fact, I don't even need to go on about because I've just proved it right there....

You know what, FINE! I'll do it.

1. It Takes Zero Effort

"It isn't to record a sound, record another sound and put it together."

Can you give an example of how little effort it takes? Can you prove it to me? Also, the method of "recording sounds" isn't a requirement of making dubstep music, there's different ways of make dubstep music or in this case, tones. There is the the main one of the aggressive tone, which honestly the the only one you've listened to and the light ones. Even then, "the two sounds playing together" is an invalid statement because by that logic, every single music genre in existence takes zero effort because each on does the same method just in different ways of how it's done, like orchestra, that's tons of sounds being played at the same time, each being played in different style and tunes.

2. Computers Are Not Instrument

"Seriously, dubstep artists plays their computers, it is not an instrument. Guitar, Piano, Base, Cello, Clarinet, Flute and etc. are all instruments and dare I say, TAKES ACTUAL EFFORT THAN PUSHING BUTTONS!!!!!."

So what if it's not played on an instrument? Genre of music doesn't always rely on instruments and sometimes, not at all. If the music has substance of artform or matches the criteria of music, then it's music. Also, dubstep can be made in different ways, it's not just the "pushing buttons" technique. There are synthesizers, theremin and it's not just that, the technique in these type of genres can be hard because it starts out as just a silence and trying manipulate sounds to make it into music and how the rhythm goes, how to build up with the structure, even including these pushing buttons can be like that as well. Besides, piano is pretty much pushing buttons but as I said, it's more than of how the song goes and how it's done. HARMONIZE YOU PLEB!!!!!

3. It Is the Result of Nerds Messing Around In Their Garage

"That is pretty much how Dubstep was made. That is how indie was made, but at least they PLAY ACTUAL MUSIC!!!!!"

.........What?! How!? Do you even know how to research a plain subject?! By what sorcery did you've pulled from your own anus did you got this from!? Can you evaluate!? Give me an example, give me evidences! And also, you're comparing apples and oranges again because rock and dubstep are two different things. And you couldn't even back up anything at all!

5. The Artists Have Stupid Names

'Skrillex? Datsik? Is that something you puke?'

And? How does that even affect anything? It's pretty much just a subjective and only a small portion of what makes it bad or does it even debunk anything at all. At this point, you're just nit picking every single small point to try and sound like you've managed to pull off an 'amazing' rant.

6. It Is Just Bleeps and Bloops

'Dubstep song:

Bloop *crash sound* bleeep *siren* blip blop blip plob dingity *autotuned talking to sound like singing* yapaya *autotuned sounds made to sound like insturments*'

It's pretty inevitable that you've only listened to very selective dubstep artists and hell, you've even only listened to very selective songs from these people. In fact, why even generalize an entire genre just because you've stumbled into somes that aren't in your favour. You should know that genres are a very diversive thing, especially on the aspects of subgenre. And even subgnres are diversive, mainly when it comes to tone, tune and sculpture.... If that makes any sense at all. Also, some dubstep artist don't just make dubstep, that is the big thing that people always forget. Like all elecronic artist, they try to branch on other subgenres to try something new and expirement. Oh and before we go on the next one, the comment made me cringe in stereotypes.

7. The Artist Dress Like Idiots

"Ugh, no one wants to see you in pajamas."

Okay literally, you're literally making small pinches in these surfaces you're trying to break at a whole new level. Also..., Can you tell me which dubstep artist does this because the only thing you've mentioned is some geezer in pajamas or do you mean onesies because that's literally the only craziest thing that these artist have worn from what I've heard. Even if they did worn like a clown, how does this affect their music? I guess it's time to give the middle fingers to rockbands from the 20th century, screw Queen and David Bowie. And you've just made me do an argument on fashion!

8. It's Repetitive

"They do the same thing over and over again, mabye except 'ding' instead of 'dong'."

So "Abandon Ship" album by Knife Party is just the same as always.... In fact, that whole album was them out of the dubstep scene, in fact in one their song "Superstar", during the middle of that song it parodied some their fans that was outrage from lack of bass dropping. Wanna go far? Some of Skrillex songs like "All I've Ask of You" "Summit" "Fire Away" and "With You" was pretty different from his usual noisy and hard dubstep. That's not that much? Then what about Au5 or some other Monstercat artists that implements evolving on new skills and adapting each time or one of the best examples, Electus. Don't even need to evaluate on that guy, just ask Positron. Everyone of his music are so different and each one is like oxygen. Enuff' said.

There are two more items but I did think I did enough giving you the evidence like Phoenix Wright. So what's the lesson we all learned? When listening to a genre that's out of your comfort zone, it will sound like crap but get through that until you find a song you like, trust me it's way better than make an entire list about talking down to a music genre you don't know jacksh*t about.


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