Top Ten Reasons Ebola Is Better Than Adventure Time

In response to an utterly absurd and infantile list made by a very unpopular personality on this site, I have concocted myself a list to share of why Ebola, the horrible disease predominant in Western Africa, is superior to the cartoon show airing on Cartoon Network, "Adventure Time." Now, this isn't a hate against people suffering from the disease, but I feel that science changes, and the person who made the aforementioned list should reconsider his previous discovery. I have no hard feeling towards the person in particular, but, again, there are certain things worthy of critic, which is what drives our civilization forward.

The Top Ten

1 Ebola has been known to only spread in West Africa, while Adventure Time has found itself on television on almost all nations on the planet

...So apparently this list exists. - NeoPolitan

This is an obvious reason Ebola has only been a epidemic in select areas of the world while Adventure Time has formed into a pandemic, worse than that of Ebola. Of course, both are working on a cure for these evil entities, but as for now, we wait for this.

Is it weird that I find this item racist?

So in conclusion adventure time has infected more then ebola - Nateawesomeness

2 Adventure Time fails as a weapon for biological warfare

Who ever made de liste has some assburgers that he/she falled to realize the show is already successful. (even thorugh the ONLY 2014 era is bad in my own opinion because its where the dying finn and jake crappypasta was started.)

This is the worst list ever. - AlphaQ

Like using Luigi as an insult, a telly programme (I'm American but want to be British), Adventure Time is a poor tool for biological warfare.

Does anyone even care about these lists? - TwilightKitsune

3 Ebola is a disease, but a disease that has gained international attention, and thus, increases its chance of being cured by scientist

That's right! mis-adventure time deserves no attention,its miniseries mi-stakes is too dangerous

This is why the ALS is better than cancer it might be cured soon. Later, we'll destroy cancer.

Adventure time already has a cure,and it has not gained international attention,making Ebola more powerful - Nateawesomeness

4 Ebola teaches you that some people are unluckier than you and you should care for them

This list is actually better than the other list of why Adventure Time is better!

It makes you feel lucky and so does anyone.

Adventure time doesn't teach anything,and Ebola teaches that some people just don't have good luck - Nateawesomeness

5 Only one list has been made about Adventure Time and Ebola, which received negative reception among users, thus making Ebola, the supposed worse of the two, underrated

It is logic that I cannot explain, as it is currently beyond our knowledge.

Since The first list is hated,and adventure time was the suppose good one.ebola is the real better one - Nateawesomeness

6 Ebola is not politically biased while Adventure Time has the potential to cause political uproar if given to the wrong writers

Ebola does not care about the ethnics, political and religious ideologies of oneself they care about infecting their victims and controlling them, albeit it does lacks a sort of brain or conscience. As for Adventure Time (and probably any show), it has the power to feed patronizing propaganda to a young demographic with impressionable minds and a soft nature. This can damage human development as that was how North Korea is running things. Thankfully, this hasn't happened yet, but if Mishell Obama or Ted Turner started to run a show...

Adventure time has the power to cause a madhouse if turned downhill,Ebola isn't biased And has already gained international attention - Nateawesomeness

7 Adventure Time is predicted by scientist that it will not share the same long lifespan as Ebola has

Adventure Time is currently on it's seventh season Ebola is currently on it's 384th season. Check your privilege.

Adventure time will live a shorter life then ebola - Nateawesomeness

8 Ebola is racially diverse

Who made this list?!?!?

But Adventure Time is since there is a yellow character, offending Asians.

Ebola doesn't have appearance in look so it can't offend anyone's skin or style,adventure time does have people,so it has the ability to be racist - Nateawesomeness

9 Ebola knows no bounds

Adventure Time is too computerized of an entity to not be taught it's limits, while Ebola is difficult, or impossible, to manipulate under today's technological advances. This, referring to item three, will make Ebola, along with other diseases, good weapons against the Commies of Bulgaria.

10 Ebola has only spread to America outside of Africa

Ebola has helped exposed American's flawed system, which, as many know, is something that shouldn't be much of a surprise from foreigners. It has also questioned the legitimacy of American doctors, causing uproar throughout the country.

Adventure time is all over the planet - Nateawesomeness

This is a stupid list. I don't care if it was made as a joke, it's still stupid. How can a disease be better than a T.V. show? Compared to this, the original list is better than this list by 2490108282900303367837+ miles. Seriously, you people have issues. I can tell this list was made by nostalgiatard American Hater. This list should be removed. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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