Top 10 Reasons The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is Overrated


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1 Glitches

Whoever made this list deserves to die. Skyrim is the greatest game of all time.

I love this game but "bugs" sometimes make me... - GREYBOYY

Amazing game, but glitches, crashing, and all that take some of the fun away.

Overrated means you think a game is worth less than believed. It doesn't mean bad.

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2 Bad Plotline

To me it feels out of all the elder scrolls games the least rewarding at the end of morrowind you get a ring and the sleepers stop and you stop being attacked and everyone sees you as a hero and you get a great ring end of oblivion all the gates close and you get a nice set of armor and every one thinks your a hero end of skyrim you get a shout that all it does is summon some one to help you and what about dragons they are still around is there less of them nope are they weeker no so you just killed there leader and it did nothing do the people of skyrim know you're the dragon born and think your a hero NOPE they just think you just another person in town how about the blade they most be happy no they act as if you just killed a rat

Yeah, it sort of sucks, but SPOILERS!

I found it very shocking when you had to kill the Emporer in the Dark Brotherhood quest line.

Yea its not just bad its bland and genric Nords :ohh hey everybody were going to reclaim our land with war it belongs to the true leaders like us. 1 side is apparently corrupt while the other are freedom fighters It's SO OVERUSED! And there are a bunch of little ridiculous sub plot plus there is no real main quest because the main quests are all different and each side provides a sour conclusion - NintendoFan2047

3 Game Freezing

Me too I love the game but the freezing is annoying like after I bought a property and on the way there I was getting close then it froze so I had too travel there over again

I love this game to death but the damn freezing sucks

I'm with you. Skyrim is awesome but I sometimes have to turn my Xbox off and on again

4 Repetitive NPC Dialogue

Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh what am I saying? Of course you don't.

There was only so much you could do in 2011, even if it was Elder Scrolls!

At least you can talk to all the NPCs unlike the Witcher 3 where they stand in 1 spot and do umm, oh yeah that's it.

I used to be an adventurer like you.Then I took an arr...(Swordfight begins)Please shut up!

5 Annoying and Unwanted Dragon Encounters

What's wrong with it?

You could absorb Dragon Souls.

6 Repetitive NPC Models
7 Only Decent Gameplay


8 Annoying and Unwanted Wild Animal Encounters
9 Long Loading Screen

I may like Skyrim, but I really hate the loading screen.

Ok, so if you are playing on PC, like me, the loading screens really aren't long and sometimes don't even exist. But the consoles can have really long load times. - cdxtreme

10 Arrow in the Knee

I love this saying but it was over used. Thank god for the thunder mod. Hah, take that dude who took an arrow to the knee! You just took a thunderbolt to the body!

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11 Annoying and Unwanted Bandit Encounters
12 Terrible Inventory System

Its ok it just is annoying trying to get to an item through the list when its halfway down - NintendoFan2047

13 Autosaves That Don't Work Properly

It happens to me once I first bought skyrim

So I had to save manually because of this.I bought it for the PS3 but does 360 also had this kind of problem?

14 Cliche Beginning
15 The Dumbing Down

In order to pander to the Lowest common denominator... They have to get rid of certain Features namely the Attributes and certain weapon types from it's Predecessors like Morrowind and Oblivion (Or Daggerfall and Arena if that's your thing) Slowly but surely will you lose every sense of Personalization in the next Elder Scrolls and that you'll have a Voiced Protagonist like in Fallout 4 killing the Imagination. I still Like it and I can see how this can be a Deal breaker. I don't mourn the Spell crafting feature though.

16 Instant-Death Archers
17 All the Dungeons are the Same
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