Reasons Eminem Shouldn't Be One of the Worst Singers

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1 He Is the King of Rap

Noo... He's GOD... Why be king when you can be GOD!

Nas, Immortal Technique, Big L, Big Pun, 2Pac, and The Notorious BIG put Eminem to shame. Heck, even Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp a Butterfly" is better than every Eminem album combined. - 445956

He's not a king, He's a GOD - DK

God is a bit exagerrated, but king is a good title for him

2 He's Not Justin Bieber

Laugh out loud this is a funny reason so I had to vote for it he is one of the kings of rap though - Totalbeasto001

Justin Bieber is the most hated singer ever! You can't compare Eminem and Justin Bieber. Anyways, this one was funny.

Eminem is Awesome, Justin is crap he sound like a 5 year with helium

Eminem makes Justin Bieber look like Roy Orbinson. - 445956

3 He Was Nominated for 10 Grammys In 2010

Justin Bieber got a Grammy too. Neither deserve one. - 445956

And he deserved every single nomination.

4 He Won Rap Album of the Year

Which is stupid - 445956

He won it 5 times for SSLP, MMLP, TES, Relapse & Recovery - DK

5 He Was First Called Slim Shady In 1997

What does that have to do with anything? - 445956

6 He Is One of the Fastest Rappers
7 He's One of the Most Popular Celebrities On One of These Lists

And that is a really bad thing - 445956

8 He's Been On a Rolling Stones Magazine

Who cares, Rolling Stone is the worst magazine ever. - 445956

9 Won 123 Awards

What other rapper has won 123 awards? Who else can act? Who else can win Oscars for his music? Eminem knew where he was going before he got there. He is the Greatest Of All Time, and there is no one else out there better than Eminem. From his ability to destroy careers, to his artistry. He is the best.

Awards don't matter. It is talent that matters, and Eminem has no talent. - 445956

He won 151 awards - DK

10 He's Not Even a Singer

Finally a good item. - 445956

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11 He Was a Star When He Was 14

16. And he was always the worst rapper ever. - 445956

12 He went through hard times in his life

And he still managed to be on top. No matter what happened in his life.

Yeah, so did Nicki Minaj. - 445956

13 His Song Stan Has a Very Powerful Message

Yet he also has made the worst songs ever. - 445956

14 He's Very Entertaining

If you think rapping about killing women is entertaining, see a doctor ASAP. - 445956

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