Top Ten Reasons Why The Emoji Movie is the Best Movie of All Time

The Emoji Movie, labelled as the worst film of 2017... is actually better than you think. Sony has created a brilliant piece of work with beautiful story and characters. People who say this movie is bad in any way is a liar... they can't see what this masterpiece brings to the table. These points are very accurate, so don't whine about them being bad, or stupid. Here we go.

The Top Ten

1 Prevented Popeye From Being Disappointing

Yep, agreed a lot, just wait for people to take this list seriously - VideoGamefan5

I agree. The Emoji Movie is the best animated film ever! Screw The Lion King, Surfs Up, and every Studio Ghibli movie. The Emoji Movie is GOAT!

Compared to this even if the Popeye movie was disappointing it would still be a lot better than the Emoji Movie. - egnomac

If you don't know, a teaser for Popeye was released way back...soon after it was revealed the Emoji Movie would take its place.People were outraged, spewing insults at Sony.The Emoji Movie was chosen over Popeye - so what? If anything this prevented Popeye from being a bad flick and ruining the name of Popeye, and also giving a bad impression of him to younger generations...sure, it could've been good, I would've thought it was good, since it's Sony.But judging by everybody else's terrible tastes, it probably would not have done well critically. - DapperPickle

2 The Comedy is Hilarious

The emoji movie used comedy that actually worked, unlike most comedies out there today. Unlike horrible movies like thor ragnorok, a movie which also came out in 2017. These two movies show one movie which has no funny moments, it seems like it tries to hard and is a pointless terrible movie, then there is the emoji movie, the poop emojis always gave me a chuckle. Characters like the hand emoji and even gene's parents were just so funny. This movie tops all movies, some may say I grew up with "classics" as some say, like toy story and cars. I proudly declare back I grew up with the emoji movie. This shuts up all those millennials who think that they grew up with classics and trash on this movie. It just goes to show that some people see a movie young and hold on to the nostalgia never excepting that a master piece like the emoji movie could actually exist. Furthermore, I believe that the low scores for this movie were the work of evil communist scum trying to prevent such a master ...more

Facts - YoKid

People overreact with the Emoji movie but forget its just a comedy. A digital comedy.

Hilariously bad.

3 Jailbreak is an Inspiring Character

I want a spinoff based off her origins. At least one of the books and the shortfilm in the special features menu on the dvd of this movie will do.

A cliche "tough/smart" chick that must be repeatedly recognized for her independence, tomboyish personality and lack of need for a man. She has a crush on Gene but refuses to go out with him for the dense reason of being independent.

Jailbreak was a very lazily put together character who proves to be useless at the very thing she's suppose to be good at. - egnomac

The Emoji Movie is an anime masterpiece, and the characters sure do not disappoint. Jailbreak is one of the greatest female anime characters of all time.

4 The Character Animation is Fluent and Beautiful

The only thing many people praise about this.

Oh boy - YoKid

Whelp - PageEmperor

The character animation is very consistant, giving the characters a cartoony feel, which I think is just right for the movie.It is also very smooth and never feels too cartoony at all.The animation on the humans is better though, as the mixture of cartoon and realism fit the movie perfectly, don't ever change Sony. - DapperPickle

5 Sir Patrick Stewart as Poop is Amazing

I agree. - YoKid

I wonder how much money they had to pay him to voice a talking turd. - egnomac

Poop is a very simple character, but he sure does stand out in any scene he is in.His poop jokes are very smart and subtle, they don't go over the top at all, honestly.I love this character! Patrick does a brilliant job of all his character but this particular performance made me cry tears of joy because of how spectacular it was...hope he gets an oscar for this art. - DapperPickle

Patrick Stewart playing as poop = ruined my faith in Charles Xavier (classic X-Men)

6 It Contains Subtle Endorsements

Just Dance and Candy Crush were the two main endorsements for this movie...i could barely notice them! The candy world felt like it fit in with the movie other than just a obvious product placement.The scenes including the two worlds were very fun and awesome, they were one of the best scenes in the movie. - DapperPickle

They aren’t subtle, they are completely obvious

7 There are Tons of Relatable Characters

All of the characters are boring and void of any real personality. - egnomac

I loved the characters! - YoKid

The emoji movie restored my faith in god

I could relate the characters in this movie unlike any other.Gene is a generally nice guy, which is already a very relatable persona to have.Then, for the normies- I mean very meme tastic people we have Hi-Five, then for rebels we have Jailbreak, villains have Smiler...Alex is probably the most relatable character, he is sarcastic and a very funny dude! Overall, every character is very good in their own way, and it also makes them very relatable indeed. - DapperPickle

8 The Ending Dance Party (The Emoji Pop) is a Very Entertaining Conclusion

Kinda reminds me of fortnite. - YoKid

This makes me cringe

Fortnite sucks. I lost my sanity man


9 Very Emotional Movie

Oh yeah I cried my eyes hurt so bad when finished watching this piece of crap

Yeah my father almost cried while watching this.. - YoKid

Very good movie.

It was amazing and I cried.

10 It Features Beautiful Animation

The animation was truly beautiful. - YoKid


Everything is so fluent and colourful with this movie.The blend of colours is great, the character design looks great, everything looks beautiful overall.It has the best animation of any animated movie ever made, I just love it. - DapperPickle

The animation is good and very beautifu and the graphics is awesome...
But still the plots is bad.

The Contenders

11 Gene is a Very Developed Character

Yes gene from wreck it Ralph was very developed he hates Ralph and pressures Felix the innocent cinnamon bun into ooFing him *gets banned*

Gene goes from an unaccepted, very expressive character, and by the end of the film turns to an accepted, very expressive character, who has more friends! It one of the best character studies e-ever...PLEASE HELP ME! I'M RUNNING THIS JOKE INTO THE GROUND! DEAR GOD! - DapperPickle

Carbon copy of Ralph and Emmett

12 The Emoji Pop Is a Funky Tune For The Whole Family

What a great dance that is underrated. People should do this instead of the floss or hype.

Totally Groovy, Man

13 Very Romantic

Can Gene get married to Jailbreak in the sequel?

I love Gene and Jailbreak, they are so cute! They are my favorite emojis!

The passionate romance between Gene and Jailbreak had me in tears.

I love the love story between the main character 'unique' guy and the 'cool' emoji girl. Yes, I do. It is very good. Good job.

14 Smiler Is a Threatening Villain

Is threatning until the part where she says "Delete the two malfunctions! " After that, she is so lazy she does not even run away and she would have saved herself from defeat.

I was about to get a heart-attack of laughter when she tried to be scary

I have nightmares thinking about it!

15 Each Emoji Is Unique
16 The Scene When the Hi-Five Emoji Eats All the Candies in Candy Crush is a Work of Art... It is the Most Beautiful Movie Scene I've Ever Seen.

Amazing. When he eats all that candy away he eats it as if it's the last meal he'll ever eat in his whole life... he eats it with gusto and triumph.

17 James Cordon Is Hilarious as Hi-Five

He is - Sausagelover99

18 The Film Conveys Its Message In an Aspiring Way

It tries to tell the message about just being yourself while at the same time saying you should give up being who you are so you'll fit in with society. - egnomac

19 Does Not Have Any Fortnite References

The Emoji Movie 2 might have this. This movie had references to Just Dance, Candy Crush, Pong, Star Trek and The Beatles.

#Don't make Gene do Fortnite dances

(Like what the idiots who made this movie made Chuck the Angry Bird do the hype emote.)

And since Chuck hyped, Gene might hype also or floss instead.

Yeah. fortnite sucks.

20 Kids Like It

All the kids I know hate this movie

Yeah. it even entertained the kids so much! it was amazing! 😑

21 The Soundtrack Fits Into The Film Perfectly

The annoying music in the background gives it that perfect, annoying feel.

22 The Robot Designs Are Cool
23 Very Good Use of The Soundtrack

I hate this movie so much. But I enjoyed the soundtrack very well

24 The Poop Emoji Was Funny - It Gave Grandma a Heart Attack

I really didn't like her

25 Has a Wide Demographic Range

Like Trolls, Bad movie Conisours, and 8 year old dabbing edge lords

26 A Great Movie to Raise Up the Future Generations

Has great messages especially when poop didn’t wash his hands

I hope future generations will continue to enjoy such a masterpiece, especiallt.y it's subsequent sequels.

27 You Feel Sorry for Gene

I feel sorry for the people that had to work on this waste of a movie. - egnomac

28 Interesting Narratives

The story and plot are all very interesting and the pinnacle of theatrical and cinematic evolution. This movie represents todays culture and how creative todays movie producers and directors can be. Truly a masterpiece and does not deserve all the hate it has received. A must watch.


29 Best Animation Ever

The animation featured in this film is as amazing as Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon's Animation or Pixar's films

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