Top Ten Reasons Every Witch Way Sucks

The Top Ten Reasons Every Witch Way Sucks

1 It's just another dumb sitcom

This show sucks and the idiotic fans are also on this website - Flowerrose

You are wrong, we know it was a live action sitcom, but unlike the others, this one was plotted, which doesn't happen on the other modern ones, and it had suspense, yet the drama wasn't cheesy like that on the others or the modern Disney Channel shows, the characters' expressions were realistic, we knew how they feel, yet there are life lessons on it, while Disney Channel shows have some, they don't have comedy, they are not funny, this one had some real jokes that weren't gross or overused, it was a decent show.

Every witch way is a good show. If you hate it, don't say anything mean, dummy!

It doesn't have a laugh track.

2 It has terrible actors

Actually, not really true, this may be true for the first season, but the next ones got better, do you even know how hard it is to have that much acting skills? yet they believed the lines were real, because they naturally felt that way.

The actors suck

3 They keep flashing its one month events on and off

Because of the format, Make It Pop and Talia In The Kitchen have that format.

4 It tries to be cool but it just isn't

It was cooler than most of the live action shows Nick made, at least since iCarly.


5 People somehow like Nickelodeon because of it

People like Nickelodeon because of SpongeBob, and while Nickelodeon is going downhill, this was one of their last good shows left.

Nickelodeon does not even have much good entries!

6 It is a insult to all wizards everywhere

Harry quit his job because of this show - TheCokieDude

The magic effects suck

However, unlike the other wizards, their magic came from their hands and not from magic wands, big difference, Harry used a magic wand.

7 It is another stain on Nick's reputation

It really does suck

Actually, it was an improvement, it was better than the shows that overuse the laugh tracks and lack plots, acting and lessons, the others are boring, but the classic Nick shows were certainly great.

8 It caused another bad spinoff based on it

WITS academy sucks worse than the original

Not true, WITS Academy is the first spin off based on a show in a while that's good like it's predecessor, the others shows lately had bad spinoffs, yet just like it's predecessor, it's plotted, it's funny, the acting is better than that of other shows, it's suspenseful, you get hooked, and it has morals.

9 The effects in the show look like they where done by a 4 year old

This might be true mainly for Jax's magic, because of the color and outline, the other problem was the choppiness of the editing, as opposed to the realistic looking original footage.

10 No gay couples

So what?

The Contenders

11 It reuses Nick stars we have already seen

Technically it doesn't but the show still sucks

No it doesn't, except for that one girl at the restaurant, and the kid in that toy commercial, but still, each character on the show was someone we've never seen before.

12 Toxic fanbase

Remember Every Witch Way Wiki?! For some reason, I do not get recognition here. I also hate the straight teenage couples in Every Witch Way. I do love Every Witch Way for its South American acting, magic trips, three-dimensional characters and witty story. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Lest we forget that the Demma/Jemma/other Every Witch Way pairing fanbrats are fans of the recent Dan Schneider Nickcoms like Sam & Cat. :(

13 All the characters are super annoying

Remember Dottie, Maddie Van Pelt (in the first season of Every Witch Way) and Talia in the Kitchen characters?! They are way too one-dimensional.

14 In the Every Witch Way universe, a character's best friend is not the different gender than him/her
15 Negative stereotypes such as love triangles, catfights and sexism
16 Emma Alonso acts stupid

Her brain probably isn't connected to her mouth. In one episode, she tells Maddie where the hex book is even though she knows Maddie is the enemy. I mean, what?! - TwilightKitsune


17 It's a rip-off of Wizards of Waverly Place

So true.-Tomboyish 107

18 It feels more like an over the top soap opera than a kids show.

The acting SUCKS. The fans of this show need to watch shows from other channels. Someone said tgat it takes skill to act like tgey do on the show. Their acting is HORRIBLE. If you want serious: watch Pretty Little Liars. If you want to watch funny: watch Brooklyn 99. Neds Declassified was a good school format without a laugh track and it was great. This show should've never been made.

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