Top Ten Reasons Extreme Kpop Fanboys are the Worst

Forget Undertale fanboys. Forget Nintendo fanboys. Forget Five Nights at Freddy's fanboys. Forget metalheads. Simply forget any other annoying fandom. K-POP fangirls are the worst. I'll describe why.
NOTE - This list IS NOT BASHING EVERY K-POP FAN. I'm bashing THOSE K-POP FANS who are very annoying.

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1 They think western music is bad

Most of the time, pop is the only victim. But otherwise, every genre fall victim. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I once called Kanye better than BTS, and I was slaughtered. I'll admit, a couple of the BTS fans were very nice and understanding about the situation, but man, I got a lot of hate that day. - ProPanda

This is one problem I have with them - When they treat all western music as bad, uninspired, and often they give no reason into why. It is mostly western pop but rock and metal are also victims. - Swellow

2 They refuse to see flaws in K-Pop

I don't mind KPOP, but they tend to ignore that bad bands in their genre like Far East Movement exist. - Swellow

3 They bash other Asian countries to give South Korea a better name


Just because Chinese teens (esp. Hong Kong ones)like other music doesn't grant you the right to kill us! - MChkflaguard_Yt

Some of them even bash other countries just because they don't have K-Pop music. That's just plain rude if you ask me.

4 They get into pointless fights over which group is better

All groups are slaves. Wars over groups are stupid. - MChkflaguard_Yt

The EXO-ARMY fanwar explains this. - MilkTae

In my opinion all those groups are just mediocre.Not too bad but nothing special and just bland.And they put on plastic surgery.-DarkBoi-X

5 Some fans treat their idols as deities

How is kpop a religion? - MChkflaguard_Yt

Apparently some musicians have gotten married and fans have either killed themselves over it or try stalk them. They don't understand these idols have private lives and what they are doing could land them in serious trouble. - Swellow

I'm a K-Pop fan, but this is true based from what I saw from fellow K-Pop fans. They'd gush over the korean male idols' looks too much and insult our male classmates and call them as stuff like "You're just ______(Korean male idol's name)'s sweat". I have to admit I love the Korean guys a lot and one of the main reasons is their looks (although I also look at their talent and skills because looks aren't everything) but yeah, this item is really true, and this is coming from a K-Pop fan - MLPFan

"You're just SHINee's sweat" They don't know they are joking about sexual preferences. - MChkflaguard_Yt

6 They think they are contributing to South Korean culture

South Korean culture is not just Kpop. And this makes Asia classical music very underrated. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Kind of like extreme anime fans, they don't realize they're actually generalizing and disrespecting South Korean culture. - Swellow

7 They think normal people are racist or stupid for not liking K-Pop or for liking western music

K-Pop is not part of traditional Korean culture. Hating it does not make you racist. Same way as C-pop is not traditional Chinese culture. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Search up "normal people v. me k-pop" and you'll see why. - Swellow

8 They think everyone who doesn't like their idols' appearances are stereotypical or racist

BTS are aliens. They should stop degrading themselves with plastoc surgery in the name of k-pop.
*fan rushes in and kills me* - MChkflaguard_Yt

Honestly, as someone who thinks Asian girls a hot, South Korean idols tend to look the same due to an idealized plastic surgery look. No offense to any South Koreans out there, but it's the truth - A lot of K-Pop idols look the same because of it. They're no better than the avid Californian idol. - Swellow

I want music in my music, not looks and plastic surgery and autotune and all that BS!

9 They treat western music fanbases as bad

Western music fanbases are just as bad. Especially pop ones. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Expect to see a lot of hate towards Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj or One Direction fandoms. A LOT. And I'm not one to like those 3. - Swellow

@Visitor Please stop being pathetic. - Swellow

10 They are way too obsessed


The Contenders

11 They think you're racist if you hate Kpop
12 They hate on Korean fans for being annoying

Kind of hypocritical, seeing as the international K-pop fans are more annoying. - Swellow

This is so stupid,don't have to explain why. - PugsfromMoon

13 They bully people who don't like K-Pop but claim they're bullied people

I like K pop (although I'm not as large as most people), but I'm usually ridiculed by the rabid K pop fanboys because I don't know K-Pop as much as them. One even said that I'm not a genuine K pop fan just because I don't know GD stands for G Dragon for crying out loud! Yet these people claim that they feel that liking K Pop feels like you comitted a sin? Hello! You can literally walk in groups with your fellow K Pop fanboys and start doing stupid K pop fanboy stuff like starting fanwars, bash on non korean stuff, and bully people. Say whatever you want but K Pop fanboys are terrible, probably worse than weeaboos and beliebers combined - MLPFan

14 Even if something isn't about k-pop and it's mentioned, they just spam 'ARMYYY' in the comments.

This Applies To Army Fans More Than Kpop Fans - Stevenpenguin

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1. They think western music is bad
2. They refuse to see flaws in K-Pop
3. They bash other Asian countries to give South Korea a better name


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