Top 10 Reasons Fanbases Should Stop Whining Over Their Ships Not Being Canon

This list is dedicated to some special fanbases, HideKane Shippers (Tokyo Ghoul fandom), Zutara Shippers (Avatar The Last Airbender fandom), MikaYuu Shippers (Seraph of the End fandom), Dramione Shippers (Harry Potter fandom ), NaruSaku Shippers (Naruto fandom) and to shippers of any fandom that act berserk and harass authors over their ships not being canon. Get over it.

The Top Ten Reasons Fanbases Should Stop Whining Over Their Ships Not Being Canon

1 It's the creator's choice which shippings are canon and which aren't


Hey Froshai shippers, I remain silent. - Cyri

2 The authors aren't supposed to cater to you

I would have to agree. The author or creator should have every right to do whatever he or she wants with his or her series.

3 You can't force characters that aren't in love to love each other

*cough cough*true*cough cough*i've seen worse

Very true. I wish the heroxvillain shippers would see that.

4 There are more to stories than shippings, like plot, morals, character development

No, ships are everything

5 If you hate the canon shippings, then leave the fandom

Agree with this list so much. Crossover ships deserve to go burn, while same-series canon ships will triumph!

All shipping is stupid, just stop. - AlphaQ

6 Just because it's your favourite ship it doesn't mean it's going to be canon
7 They're just fictional characters
8 You should focus on your own love life instead of some characters
9 Instead of focusing on shippings, focus on the character's  friendships as well
10 In a few years you'll be over it anyway

Especially Pokemon anime ships. - yungstirjoey666

Hopefully. - Cyri

The Contenders

11 Ships are stupid and ridiculous
12 You can always appreciate shippings of other shows as well
13 Nobody cares
14 The fan-preferred ships are usually garbage, especially crossover ships
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