Top Ten Reasons Fat Women Are Better Than Skinny Women


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1 More Cushion for the Pushin'

Yes so much more I am not light at 300 plus pounds but my honey is like 390lbs and we broke several beds and the neighbors all complain cause we do create a lot of motion during sexual intercourse. We checked into a motel and broke their bed also so we moved to the floor but this made the people below us call the manager who actually let himself into our room while my girl and I were hooking up. He made us leave and charged my credit card for their cheap flimsy bed. I think I will get a lawyer and sue them he should have knocked first.

Alright, confession time.
I have a fat fetish but I don’t draw it. - pupcatdog

Meghan Trainor wrote this list. I just know it. - RiverClanRocks

But at least skinny people have a lot of space - Nateawesomeness

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2 Bigger Boobs & Butt

My first wife was super big. Her breast looked like a side of ham still on the hog. I can't even describe her ass but it would have been similar to an Elephants, or Hippo's is as close as you can get with maybe the Elephants butt being a bit more sexy. I don't know why I married het other than I was so desperate for some loving at the time. Now I am married to a really sexy thin woman who I love very much. Her knees are kind of nobby but that is better than Kankles or you know what I mean. My new wife saw a picture of my first wife and she asked me what the hell was I thinking. I was very embarrassed by the whole first wife thing.

What the - ElSherlock

Seriously? - BorisRule

Bigger boobs, wider ass, hugh thighs and larger belly with lush rolls; super big girls rock! My dream gal. I trade my skinny hag.

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3 They're Curvier

Short women are mostly of the time more curvy than tall women ( Jennifer Love Hewitt, Scarlet Johansson, Salma Hayek... ). I don't think it's true that fat women are more curvier. A fat woman who will do a diet and becoming thin afterwards will be curvier but I think it's still the height that counts. A tall fat woman will not be so curvy as a short fat woman after a diet to be thin.

It's different when their only curves are convex. - Entranced98

The term "fat" should be scrapped. I'm not fat, but I guess I could be called "curvy" I'm a healthy 9 stone but look a little more because I have curves. I have never felt the need to diet. I'm used to my curves. I'd rather be shapely than skinny. - Britgirl

Curves are sexy. Skinny is nasty!

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4 They're Tighter

Yes they are

They are tighter because there is a lot fat around vagina, so you need time to actually get into vagina.

What this list doesn't make any sense. How would you even know this. You're probably a little kid.

Surprisingly enough, this is true

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5 Enjoy Sex More

Yes they do. My big wife will have sex with lots of men. I like watching her have fun doing it with the mailman and the trash men. She makes them very happy.

I can't give her enough. Smaller girls complain that it hurts after two or three times!

You sound like a kid, oh I'm guessing you are. You have a lot of learning to do. First you need to go to college and get a job, rather than spending time treating people like objects, which I highly doubt larger people would want to be near you.

Too bad nobody else will enjoy it with her since she would crush his bones. - DensestPotato

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6 Better Orgasms

The idiot that made this list must be so shallow.

It's better to be a lesbian than date this creepy turd.

Wow, this list is bs.

During sex u try n hit the area of the G- spot n u hear the screaming n enjoyment waooo

7 They're Nicer

This list is 100% opinion based, therefore untrue.

This one is discrimination!

Not really,in my science class some weird fat girl told me to shut up like five times when I was being my original self(class clown when it comes to school),but the skinny girls always laugh - Nateawesomeness

Fat girls are actually really mean and discusting all the time. Skinny forever.

8 They're Easy to Talk to

If somebody made a list saying why being skinny is better than fat, than everyone will whine.

9 Their Hips are Fuller

My school ended girls sports and now the girls at my school are fat

I llke fat on women & fat on women loosk nice

10 Their Hugs are Warmer

Not really...

Because, Fatty girl have Big tits full of heat,

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11 They're Not on Diets

Hmm this list is so shallow. If you only want a woman for better sex, you don't deserve either. And all kinds of people can be on diets! How do you know a woman isn't trying to lose weight to be healthier? That maybe its just more difficult for her? Also, I have fast metabolism, not on a diet! I'm sorry, I just tired of all this. Both girls are beautiful! - keycha1n

Some can be on diets. Not everyone is though. They're just naturally skinny. Some larger girls are too. This list is really messed up. It's absolute sexist and disgusting. I'm a little bit overweight, and if we met, I wouldn't want to be near a jerk like you. Grow up.

Love to see a Lady enjoying her food, get stuck in girl.

Fatties are always on diets.

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12 Big Bellies are Fun to Squeeze and Sleep On

Round woman's belly= Nice comfy pillow!

My perfect idea of a perfect female belly to squeeze and make love to must be a freckled, orange haired babe with a big tummy who wears nothing but a t-shirt which reads 'I love my belly', and cute flip-flops that expose her big sexy-ass feet. She should also have sexy, squashy boobs and nice round butt with a sexy lighnting bolt tattoo and a sexy, hairy 'happy-trail' on her massive, sexy crater of a tummybutton!

It's like a big soft bed.

So big and soft.

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13 They Complain More


14 More Woman to Love

For real! And she can take it HARD! I about broke the last girl I was with!

That's just stupid. You mean "more fat to love"? If you like fat than I don't care, but that's just really nasty.

Yeah that's really gross,


15 You Don't Get Upset When She Leaves You

This is not true. If she really loved you gonna miss her no matter how fat she is...

16 They Look Better

Seeing bones through skin is not attractive

Um, no. To the one who said that seeing bones through skin is not attractive, I agree. But neither is being a landwhale!

They don't look better. Thin girls have flat stomach, tight gap, nice boobs and butt, without celulite and everything, you see muscles, and all pretty lines, and with fat girls you only see fat curves and fat legs and arms...

Cottage cheese thighs are nasty

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17 They're Sassier

Because, being fat and sassy is just a thing.

18 They Cuddle Better

Well, this can be true, based off your cuddling experiences... and what type of over weight you are talking about. Personally, I've cuddles with skinny.. and I MEAN SKINNY girls before, it's a little uncomfortable. I've cuddle with pretty big girls too, also a little difficult. But I feel like the best is 10-30 pounds overweight.

I agree, 8 to a healthy 14 stone is best for I self

19 They're Less Intimidating

Being thin doesn't make a girl intimidating! Nor does being fat make a girl unattractive. But being thin isn't a crime!

20 They have more estrogen
21 They Are More Filling and a Hand Full

More than a handful is a waste though

22 They Have Lower Standards Because Less Guys Want Them

Well gotta say this is true.

23 They Have Big Feet

A woman having big feet? It looks like a man's feet.

The bigger, the smellier, THE BETTER!

Fat woman have big feet it's so curvy and attractive

24 They Don't Make Fun of You for Your Weight

They always do. Every fuller girli ever met, was always making fun of my weight, and telling how skinny I am and that I should eat something. That really don't make any sense since I am a normal weight and actually eat like a elephant.

25 They're Confident



26 They Focus More on Your Personality

The thing about fat girls is that they do often get judged by haters, but aye haters are gonna hate, however because of this fat girls get to notice someone with a nice personality really fast. ( Big girls deserve respect they live through all the negativity of those who are very self centered. )

27 They Won't Whine About How Fat They Are, Unlike Skinny Girls
28 They Know How to Cook

Um, are you stupid? I am a thin girl and I can cook much better and tastier than a lot of fatties I know.

Thinner girls can also keep their man healthy

Lol yep

29 They Are Natural

So, if you're born to be skinny it means your abnormal?

What? This is hideous... Thin girls are totally natural and normal, much prettier and hotter than fat ones

30 They Explode

So see when they try to crap, they explode

He is so wrong

31 It's Easier for Them to Keep Warm

Everyone says I'm skinny but I am defiantly not skinny. - Catlover2004

32 They are Restless Lovers

Some have some insecurities so if they get one true love...they tend to love restlessly.

33 Their Butts are Big

There's nothing that turns me on the most is a big, bare, wobbly, femanine booty!

34 They make perfect belly dancers
35 They are more womanly

This is true because men natural have less body fat so more fat is more feminine

36 Their Belly Buttons are Bigger

Big female bellybuttons are like massive craters to stick your fingers in!

37 Their Bellies Gurgle Louder Than Skinny Girls
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