A skinny bias

Ok this list doesn't make any sense. I don't know if the creator of this list was either seven, or if this is just a joke. Most of these facts about skinny girls aren't true. I'm not skinny though, but I do have friends that are. I'm not sure if they've seen this but I do know that they are NOT intimidating, they don't diet. Some people are naturally skinny ok?! They never say that they are too fat. One of my friends actually got bullied, they said stuff like, she was anorexic, or that she nobody will like her, and then she moved schools. I still talk to her, but I missed seeing her everyday in gym, she loved it. She was one of the fastest runners, and she got bullied for that. So please remember that telling someone to go eat something is like telling someone to stop eating. Everybody's beautiful in their own ways. And hey, I may be a little bit fat, but I still wouldn't go near an awful guy like you. As long as you treat everyone with respect and stop bringing down others, than it's fine.


You're right, I'm naturally curvy and even though skinny people may get praised, it's not like I actually care. I won't put down someone's body size to love my own. I know a skinny girl that cuts. It's really sad, she really wants curves. But I reminded her that people were just jealous and that she was beautiful. And yes, I don't like people who make lists like this. If one were to make a list saying skinny girls are better, it will probably get a tons of hate. - visitor

I am a boy and I am skinny at first I didn't want to be because I knew some people don't like it but I know not to change for anybody :). - visitor