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Capitalism Is Extremely Unequal

Inequality is required for wealth to be generated. If everyone gets an equal outcome regardless of effort, then few will make much effort. Capitalism has proved to be the best system for creating wealth by a large order of magnitude, and although this wealth is not spread evenly, generally the poorest in a capitalist economy are better off that most in a socialist one.

There is unequal outcome in capitalism, but that has more to do with the fact that if I produce more goods and services required by people, I get paid more and that's fair game

Let's say you were born homeless! You don't have much to look forward to because you have barely any of the basic resources that we need. Let's say you were born rich, you have a lot to look forward to and you don't have to even try to become somebody, because you already are!

So ruin the potential of a well functioning economy for a few default homeless people. WOW.

Yes, it is extremely unequal, but Socialism and Communism are too equal for my liking. A hybrid between the three would be my dream come true!

ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TALKING ABOUT EQUALITY IN SOCIALISM? That's not equality, that tyranny. I mean look at Cuba...$2 an hour for everyone.

Resources Are Distributed Equally

Wrong. In socialism, everyone ends up with the equal outcome. In capitalism, everyone is given equal opportunity, socialism is essentially using force to ensure that the general populace remains poor

Socialism isn't the horrible, evil, government that a lot of conservative republicans have made it out to be! The resources are not collected from a hard working people to be redistributed to the lazy! It just means that we distribute the resources that we have through out the people!

While this sounds great, would you really choose this over a system where although there is inequality, the poorest still have more that those under socialism?

But comments on this list are not distributed equally, the OP decides that if a commenter refutes his argument, their comment is deleted.

Okay, look at the bottom! It has like 4 extra ideas! They are distributed equally!

Money Barely Exists

Socialism essentially involves glorifying the struggle of the working class and romanticizing the idea of poverty by saying things like "money barely exists" while a dictator is having the time of his life in the socialist country

The simple fact is, you DO eventually run out of other people's money.

Under socialism, everyone is equally poor

Margaret Thatcher remarked that "The Problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money" But the simple fact is that economics isn't money, it's how we distribute the resources in general

It Works Better In a Country Like the U.S.

Ah yes, the "But real communism has never been tried!" argument; most nations in the modern world are capitalist, most countries who were formerly socialist are becoming more capitalist (with small exceptions) because communism is an idea that is essentially doomed to fail

So many people are confusing socialism and communism. Communism, in general, tends to be a more extreme, more violent and more authoritarian version of socialism. The hard left and dictatorships do not automatically go together. It's possible to have socialism + happy free liberal democratic countries. Just look at Scandinavia. The 5 countries making up Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden - go look them up) are an example to the rest of the world.

One of the many mishaps with socialism is that every time we see a socialist country, they are wrapped into dictatorship. But they have nothing to do with socialism. Lenin's USSR went well before Stalin, in fact, Stalin had nothing to do with the revolution itself. Hitler was just using socialism as another piece of propaganda to get more followers. Mao did the same except in China.

How did the USSR ever go well? Plus Hitler was a fascist and Mao really believed in the socialist ideals.

The reason you see socialism and dictatorship together is you must have a strong dictator to enforce confiscation of people's productivity in order to re-distribute it to those who did not produce anything.

You are confusing the idea, everybody gets a job and the stuff we collect is distributed equally. Without competition for resources. Socialism is just sharing all resources

Socialism Works Better With Industrialization

Listen up mate, "all jobs being taken by robots" isn't going to happen. Post scarcity is an anti-economical concept

Let's say it's the year 1000 BCE and a tribal guy comes across a vast grassland full of apples, mangoes and oranges extending across a very large swathe of land. He thinks "wow, there are unlimited resources to support the existing human population forever"; but that simply isn't true. The grassland is finite. This universe is finite. We won't achieve 100% energy efficiency due to the 2nd law of thermodynamics and as long as there is scope for improvement of human livelihood, humans are going to keep working actively in jobs, so you can effectively say that post scarcity does not exist.

Let's say that for some reason, there is post scarcity now. A machine is using some resource (which is hypothetically present in a very large amount) to continuously produce 1 burger per second. Now, if I eat 2 burgers per second, eventually there is a scarcity of burgers in ...more

Let's say in the future all jobs are taken over by robots, if it is capitalist, the people can't make any money to become customers which causes the companies to go down. If it is socialist, you don't need to have a job. You just grab your share and get out of there

Capitalism Leads to Depression

A capitalist workforce is largely depressed because they are told to go through intense arount of stress, they are supposed to go through intense labor and can be REMOVED FROM THEIR SOURSE OF INCOME to better fit a person that they hate.

Ah yes, getting very meager rewards for my work definitely won't lead to me getting depressed

Capitalism Leads to its Own Destruction

Let's say we have a scenario where the jobs that nobody wants are taken over by robots, then all of the sudden the jobs that some people are okay with are taken over by robots, this happens until the only one who is left are the economic giants, the people don't have the money to make a living so the giants don't make money off of them. Pretty soon, places like Walmart, HyVee, McDonalds, and Burger King are going down because they don't have the money to keep going on. Even if we put liberal regulations on them, those might have there own contradictions so they might make the situation even worse, what we need is to adapt to the information age that we are stumbling upon. Hence, Socialism. Socialism doesn't lead to it's own destruction when we are

But it hasn't and it won't. Capitalism is not communism

Should be at the top!

Socialism Makes Global Warming Easier to Fix

Not true at all. The problem is overpopulation, plain and simple. Socialist nations like the former Soviet Union and today's China were the absolute worst when it comes to environmental destruction. If the world population decreased by half, all of the climate change issues would vanish immediately.

Nope, there are carbon emissions that are being caused by mostly companies that make oil, we have a safer use for it but when ever we talk about it it seems like the whole thing is blasphemy.

Socialism is just saying "I don't know how to solve climate change so I'm just not going to do anything at all, at least I won't be harming the planet further"

I really do like the idea of the government doing something about obesity. The government should track and monitor what each and every person eats every single day. If you eat too much, or eat anything not of the approved nutritional value, there should be strong consequences.

Well, I don't think that it should have to be very strong consequences, just like a little beep that tells you that you are going to be a little to far out of your daily value

Also, there is no evidence that suggests that overpopulation is linked to global warming! It isn't even logically possible. More people= Carbon emissions? Solar power is possible but companies are not likely to ever put an investment into the replacing!

It Stabilizes the Economy

Without the government, the economy would frequently fall into depressions. Socialism stimulates the economy when a recession starts, stabilizing the economy. It also regulates businesses to improve cooperation and decrease risk-taking.

Makes Public Education Mandatory

That is pretty great but it isn't what socialism promises!

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Compare the Economics With Politics

Socialism and democracy are more about the people and keeping things fair
Capitalism and monarchy are more about the powerful and complete power

Provides Equality

Not everyone is equal, like a retard has the same job as a genius that is just not right

Equality is said a lot here! But it's kinda true!

Provides Equal Access To Healthcare

I guess that's acceptable but socialism is more about socioeconomic means of production instead of focusing solely on healthcare. I consider the whole "democratic socialism" thing more of a social capitalism.

But not just health care though. Food, water, shelter. You pretty much get everything that everybody else gets. No one gets a golden house while another lives under a bridge, starving.

That's a Welfare State but yes, pretty much!

The Political Tie-Ins Aren't Horrible

We hear Socialism as evil and big govnt. Nope! Socialism may have some political tie ins but they only make it stronger.

Nordic Code

No! Norway by itself has a population of over 5 million, while California has not even 4 million, meanwhile Sweden has a population of 9.5 million, Denmark has a population of 5.5 million, Iceland has a population of 300,000, and Finland has a population of nearly 5.5 million. You are not an expert on population and a simple Google search will prove you wrong in seconds. If they combined they would have, 25.8 million people, more than 6 times the population of California.

I'm not sure what this was trying to prove but California has a population of almost 40 million...

No! It is more than half, but that is not the point. If you can make enough product to give one person what would cost 350 million dollars, than you would be able to give 350 thousand people the amount of product that would equal about 1 thousand dollars!

All 3 of those nations combined have less than half of the population of the state of California alone. Individually, they are smaller than just Los Angeles County. Their system would collapse on any kind of large scale.

Because more people: more goods: everyone gets more... Tell me, how is this a bad thing?

Norway, Sweden, Demark, etc. All abide to a code that encourages "3rd Way" (Welfare State). So if we have a welfare state that's doing quite well. We probably can have a socialist state that is doing well too.

Socialism Collapses Countries

Socialism does not collapse countries. Look at Scandinavia.

Always happens...

Capitalism Is Very Primitive

Now I'm not saying that just because something's primitive means that it's wrong! It's just that socialism and communism are two economic systems that are created to be better than capitalism, to work without all of the things that make capitalism fail. Socialism is fairly new so we don't exactly know how to use it right but with the United States, we might as well just give it a try

GIVE IT A TRY!?!? Nearly every single one of Americas enemies are or were communist/socialist (Same thing really)

Freedom For Prosperity

Eh, it doesn't promise freedom or no freedom, it's more an economic ideology

Trump Lovers hate it.
Freedom to develop oneself

Capitalism has you always chasing your material self interests. It places too much importance on what you own, and much less on who you are as a person, especially for those at the bottom, who are expected to work, consume, and not think. The fact that the successful have an enormous influence also has a negative effect on the population, who are constantly pushed around to believe strange, unnatural, and irresponsible things. This sort of complacency gradually takes over other aspects of your life. In the end, no one has any cultural awareness, and we live a sort of nihilistic hedonism. Really bad.

The worst thing is that you can hardly avoid it. You're a teenager in the 21th century? Well, you're probably going to drink more coke than water, and when you leave school, you won't be reading very many books. Oh, yeah, and the entire western musical tradition is absolutely unknown to you, up until the 1960s maybe. By the time you're twenty, the behaviors are so far ingrained it's ...more

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